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Hello, not cheap guests, friendly comrades and systematic readers! At this time, a significant number of people are starting to adapt to the habit of purchasing different goods, services and products directly via the Internet, as this carries convenience, and there is no need to go straight to the point of sale.

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It also helps people with disabilities to buy everything they need, home delivery, performing all the impacts through a laptop or application on their personal phone to the phone. And everyone already liked to order sushi or pizza, when there is no great desire to cook.

Thanks to this, both small and medium-sized enterprises, online shops, online services, global sites with a very large range of propositions are developing, in a way similar to Alibaba or Taobao, that the opportunity gives you literally everything you need for some number of clicks.

But at the same time several disadvantages are revealed, and in fact: when you do get it, you need to pay a credit or debit card, and this information information can be stolen by rogues, since the favors have a centralized basis for information. you can not quite notice the ducky and easily get to the phishing news reports, since an important commission itself accepts intermediary brokers in the form of banking and electronic payment constructive orders.

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Until now, not a very large number of online retail outlets are introducing innovative modern technical means into their infrastructure, although blocking and digital currencies have quite good merits over the cash tradition that has become traditional. And this situation will change the program calculation of Aligatocoin.

The team of this project is the guys from Poland, and they set themselves a goal in creating a global and, in the final analysis, a global decentralized market for the electric business, where payment can be performed using digital tokens. In addition to this, introduce the use of artificially made minds on resources that will contribute to the optimal choice of products, remember its preferences, recommend other temptingly interesting varieties of versions.

Merchants of the same product will simplify the emergence of a more relevant marketing proposal, so that it can attract more people with a high probability of interested customers. All this will greatly help save time, money for advertising and give more conversions.

Compared with traditionally accepted delivery methods such as mail, courier, road or railway main road, software calculation will make this process more rapid and more unmistakable, using unmanned automatic unmanned aerial vehicles that will gain energy from renewable sources and sources of energy activity. In other words, the team in addition to taking care of nature and the healthy being of real human beings.

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All transactions will be conducted using their own digital marker Aligato Coin (ALC), which will promote reliable security and time tested payments, store all data secret and write to the combined register. Now they are implemented elementary, and it will last until August 30, 2018, for the time being, almost 4 million tokens have already been given away for money, which is more than the index of the declared Soft cap.

In my opinion, this synergy of the technical means of blockchain, the use of digital tokens in payment rates and the introduction of an artificially made mind will greatly enhance the enthusiasm and flow of fresh in novelty buyers, yet remove the problem with the obstacle of a good attitude towards a more safe and colorless system. All this will have a beneficial effect on the improvement of some small and medium-sized production associations, and the use and acceptance of cryptotermin in daily life.

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