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The use of the internet has become an ever increasing activity. Most people use the internet for various purposes. Digitalization is the most significant factor in increasing internet usage for various aspects of life. The internet has made everyone connected without knowing the time limit. Everyone with an internet network can communicate well and even make transactions. One aspect of digitalization that continues to increase its use is e-commerce. This digital market concept attracts attention with various attractive facilities and offers. E-commerce has brought the market in new ideas to increase efficiency in shopping.

E-Commerce offers the best solution for unlimited time shopping. Everyone can buy anything anywhere and anytime. Increasing use of e-commerce certainly needs to be accompanied by an increase in the system. The problem that often occurs in the e-commerce market is the payment system. The payment system needs to be balanced with various aspects to be able to meet the needs of using e-commerce services. One of the countries with the rapid development of e-commerce use in Poland. The growth rate of e-commerce use is proof of maximum utilization of technology. Ease of e-commerce platform facilitates aspects of life, especially regarding product acquisition. As a digital platform, e-commerce certainly needs to experience a system upgrade. One concept that will build a new dimension in the world of e-commerce is Aligato.

The Aligato 2.0 platform will be formed to support the ease of product marketing through e-commerce with a decentralized system. The concept offered by AligatoCoin will use the system from the adoption of blockchain technology. This technology is one of the best ideas used because it has a high level of security for every transaction that is carried out in it. In addition, blockchain also supports transparent transactions so that it can support transaction convenience. Aligato 2.0 will guarantee the stability of every operation that occurs in the ecosystem. The concept of payment with Eye will be built to improve buyer security. The system will be run through a camera that is on a smartphone or computer or a device used by the buyer to make transactions. You can get the concept of Aligato 2 ecosystem development.

New Concept of Aligato 2.0 with Artificial Intelligent as a Shopping Facility

Interactions built from the application of new ecosystems certainly have advantages compared to systems that have been implemented previously. Aligato will provide an interesting concept where the system will involve artificial intelligence as a facility for ecosystem users. Interaction carried out on the ecosystem will use an interesting idea because it has involved artificial intelligence. Every aspect will be more interactive both from product search, product delivery, and every service available to customers. Delivery with autonomous drones will also help a more automated system to provide the final stage of product delivery to customers. Customer satisfaction is a top priority in ecosystem development for the use of new ecosystems.

Aligato will offer a variety of e-commerce facilities that promote customer satisfaction. The best technology solutions have been tried to be implemented by the Aligato platform to provide new concepts in e-commerce. Every logistics and legislative rights section will help everyone to find their comfort when shopping. Various needs can be filled with the idea of systems involving artificial intelligence. The logistics solutions provided by the platform will be made with the most innovative ideas for users. Team support will also be made more professional to provide maximum service. Systems that can be accessed globally will no doubt make it easier for customers to access the ecosystem anywhere.

Application of Blockchain Technology for the Aligato Ecosystem in Mission Increases Transaction Reality and Security

Blockchain technology is one of the many system concepts applied to decentralized systems. Blockchain implementation is one of the best solutions to create a transparent ecosystem with guaranteed transaction speed and security. The blockchain technology system will be implemented using smart contracts for every transaction that occurs in the ecosystem. For the use of an agreement, an agreement is required between the seller and the buyer. Applying a reasonable contract is also a form of improving the security of digital systems. The system can run more efficiently because it can save transaction time. Everyone will be able to complete payments quickly because payments are made in crypto currency.

Decentralized databases on blockchain technology systems will also help data security with limited access rights. Not everyone can access the database available on the network. Only authorized users can access the database contained in the system. In addition, for transaction security, every smart contract that has been agreed upon will be properly stored to be used as proof of transaction. Every person both seller, buyer and supplier will use a new concept system with transaction convenience. Cryptocurrency payment systems are also the best solution for providing ecosystems that can efficiently complete transactions.

Aligato Offers the Use of Commercial Drones as Delivery Solutions

One problem with the application of e-commerce systems is the timeliness of products to customers. Conventional shipping systems that are carried out by third parties who send shipments with existing transportation can sometimes not meet the delivery speed. Not infrequently also the case of sending the product incorrectly or lost during the shipping process. No doubt it will be difficult for buyers and sellers because loyal buyers want products that are owned quickly in their hands. Responding to this problem is undoubtedly the best shipping solution. Increasing users of e-commerce platforms to shop must be accompanied by a better system, especially in the product delivery section.

You might think that shipping with drone technology cannot meet the high shipping costs which are always a big problem. Shipping costs sometimes far exceed the prices purchased by residents. This will be a challenge for Aligato in providing cheap, fast and quality shipping services. The use of drones will be one of the new solution applications by utilizing technology for product delivery. Testing of the shipping system with the use of drone technology will also continue to be carried out to improve the implementation of technology to increase delivery speed. Aligato will be a system that provides facilities with the latest technology applications to realize a new dimension of the e-commerce market. Various problems in e-commerce before will be solved by the application of the latest technology and innovative ideas. The convenience of using the e-commerce market will continue to be improved for the satisfaction of every digital platform user.

Aligato Develops a Payment System with Eyes

Aligato is one of the platforms developed with high technology solutions to improve its services. The previous platform might not have imagined the concept of payment using the eye. This makes this system an innovation that will be developed and applied to Aligato. Eyes are part of the unique human senses. Everyone will have a different structure. That would make human identification easy to do by the system. To apply the ID concept, artificial intelligence will take over with the ability in image processing. Every eye that will make a payment will be taken, and then the system will detect the individual.

Individual detection will be done by photographing the iris. Each retrieval result will be automatically saved in the database. The identification process will begin by extracting the iris area and then normalizing. For single detection results that are carried out efficiently, barcode coding data is created. Every human slice is a unique key where no one has the same iris structure. The use of iris as an identification is the right thing because it will improve the security system. This will quickly identify the same person so that it will facilitate the verification process carried out by the system. Iris will be a form of biometric security. The implementation of PVE technology is also carried out by the ecosystem to provide the best payment solution.

Aligato uses the Proof of Stake Concept as an Applicable Economic Token

Most digital currency users are indeed familiar with the proof of stake concept. This concept has been used by several platforms that aim to check transactions distributed on the blockchain. This solution has also been applied to bitcoin transactions. Aligato considers some of the benefits of implementing this concept to improve ecosystem services and security. Aligato will use ownership evidence to carry out activities with two types of nodes. As a confirmation node, PoS will be performed for startup nodes with 3000 Aligato Coin (ALC). The annual results of commissions made during transit and stalking wallets are part of the use of confirmation nodes.

Full node activity with PoS will also be carried out for 25,000 ALC startup nodes with annual returns of up to 7% as commissions from transactions. In addition, swallow staking will use the Linux ALC wallet. Aligato chose to use PoS because this system will be more comfortable in security needs so that it requires less energy in its implementation. The use of PoS also strongly supports the concept of decentralization brought about by blockchain technology. That will indeed facilitate the implementation of PoS in the system with the adoption of blockchain technology like Aligato. The application of PoS technology is also important, making it easier to implement and does not require constant monitoring when the system is run on the ecosystem.

Get AligatoCoin to Join the Ecosystem

The tokens used in the platform have ERC20 standards on the Ethereum network. The token used is AligatoCoin with the ALC symbol. The number of all tokens available is 100,000,000 ALC. The stamp set for the total total token sales is 1,000,000 ALC. The purpose of selling tokens is 35,000,000 ALC with a hard cap of 70,000,000 ALC. The distribution of tokens will be sent to all investors after the ICO ends. ICO is a token sales event that is most awaited by all token buyers. You certainly need to buy tokens to participate in the ecosystem. Token sales usually have a period of time considering the limited number of tokens. You also have to buy according to the schedule.

Pre-ICO and ICO ALC schedules have been set up from April 20, 2018. Phase 1 to 3 of the ICO Pre-sales have also been successfully held with the acquisition of sales of 6,000,000 ALC tokens for each event. ICO 4 pre-sale has also been carried out with a total of 6,000,000 ALC ready for sale. The sales phase has ended on July 29, 2018, which means that only the ICO is left for you when you want to get a token. The ICO starts on July 29, 2018, and will expire on August 30, 2018. This is your last chance to get a token with a total of 46,000,000 ALC ready to be marketed. The ICO will be closed on schedule or as soon as the hard hat is met. Get the latest information through social media accounts from Aligato.

Aligato is a platform that makes new concepts in e-commerce development. Using the same operating system for the e-commerce market, Aligato combines the use of the latest technology to perfect the e-commerce market. An increase in orders must also accompany the growth of digital market users. Because of this, Aligato will start using new concepts in e-commerce systems. Aligato will use the adoption of blockchain technology to facilitate transactions. The application of blockchain technology will also lead to the use of digital currencies, and smart contracts on every transaction carried out in the ecosystem. Decentralized system methods will indeed facilitate everyone. With the adoption of a new system, everyone who joins the ecosystem will have the opportunity to benefit from the transaction.

In addition to updating the system, Aligato will also use new technology in the development of digital markets. This is the key to making Aligato bring the digital market to a new dimension. Aligato will use the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a system that is run. AI will be used to facilitate the payment system. Not only implementing AI, but Aligato will also use drone shipments. The use of drone technology will make the ordered product reach the buyer immediately. The combination of AI and drones will bring everyone to have a new experience in the e-commerce market. The combination of adequate systems and technology will also bring a new era to the digital platform. Aligato can also be integrated with a smartphone so it will make it easier for you to get everything in one hand. Real evidence of the adoption of digital systems with more advanced technology. You can see the Aligato development concept on the official page.

Payments with Eye Detection as Artificial Intelligence Available in Aligato

Technological progress is running very fast. Improved features in technology are constantly updated to facilitate human activities. One technique that can replace human roles is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technological concept is beneficial for humans because the machine will replace human parts in certain aspects. At present, the idea of AI has begun to be applied to various aspects of life. Although its use is not optimal, AI will be a concrete manifestation that technology can be improved to replace human duties. AI development requires more time and resources. However, AI remains an interesting field to use in digital systems. Aligato will develop the latest technology in payment verification using the AI concept.

Eye identification will combine the concept of image processing. The eye is one part of a unique human body. The role of the eye that can be used for identification is iris. With AI technology, eye detection can be done quickly through features in Aligato. Identification systems will be easy to use on mobile or laptop devices. This system will be run with the help of the camera, and then will catch the iris. Unique eye slices make each person identified as one person even though trying to enter with various accounts. Identification with iris will undoubtedly improve the security system. That’s because everyone only has one slice for identification. The slice that enters the system will be changed in the form of a unique code that can be used for computer identification.

Aligato with Blockchain Technology

The digital platform has recently been developed using blockchain technology. The concept of decentralization is one of the ideas used for various digital platforms. Appropriate assessment has been used by blockchain technology to improve transaction quality on every digital platform. Decentralized systems offer concepts with distributed ledgers. The purpose of distribution is the limited access made by the system so that operations can be accessed by people who have authority only. Not all activities can be carried out by everyone without authorization. Each transaction will be stored in a block where data will be locked securely in the cloud. Stored data will be easily accessed again when needed. Ease of obtaining data will also facilitate the system when checking.

Blockchain also supports transaction transparency which is one of the technological advantages. Most of the previous platforms did not prioritize transparency in transactions. Speed in transaction settlement will be carried out using digital currency or cryptocurrency. The use of cryptocurrency requires each user to have a wallet that will be used for transactions in the ecosystem. Digital money will also be used as an exchange between sellers and buyers. The cryptocurrency that will be used in Aligato is Aligato Coin (ALC). This token has used the Ethereum base. Then in its use, it will require a smart contract so that it will facilitate transactions. The cryptocurrency goal will also speed up operations so that every purchase will be more efficient.

Why Must Aligato?

With the latest technology concepts, you are faced with a new dimension of e-commerce. The use of e-commerce with the use of AI certainly makes every transaction easier. You need to support the use of the latest e-commerce technology. This is the advantage of Aligato as a new dimension carrier in the world of e-commerce.

  1. Present with the
  2. presence of Aligato Blockchain Technology with blockchain technology will undoubtedly support the improvement of the quality of transactions carried out. Purchases made with blockchain technology have advantages related to speed and cost. Transaction speeds are very important for e-commerce platforms. In addition to operations that can be done quickly, blockchain technology also supports the use of lower prices because it reduces the involvement of third parties in transactions. The security system is even better with the use of blockchain technology.
  3. Involving Artificial Intelligence
  4. AI’s participation in Aligato became an innovation that had not been implemented on the previous platform. The accuracy of the development team in choosing AI is motivated by the habits of humans who always want things to be done quickly. The concept involving AI will no doubt facilitate and accelerate the identification process. This artificial intelligence can reduce human involvement with a more sophisticated system.
  5. Using Eye Identification
  6. Everyone has a different eye iris. Eyes can be captured with camera features available on each device used for transactions. Everyone’s eye detection can be identified in the system created in the code. This code will be read by the system and unique. The use of iris in identification is a smart thing because of its uniqueness and ease of identification.
  7. Delivery System Using Drones
  8. Delivery is the last problem in running e-commerce systems. Shipping products to buyers will undoubtedly support shopping satisfaction. When the ordered product arrives on time, the buyer will receive an award. Drones are the latest technology that was originally used for shooting or video recording. Enhanced technology for making drones can be used for various purposes. By using drones, it will reduce the role of third parties to deliver products. Delivery accuracy is a new challenge for making drones have the right delivery.
  9. There are various interesting features of
  10. Aligato will continue to be developed with barbecue features and facilities that benefit everyone. The seller will have the ability to market products globally. Unlimited internet access also supports 24-hour transactions that must be done. Buyers also get ease in getting their needs in a fast time. Speed and security will continue to be improved by adding various other features to maximize system performance.

The concept offered by Aligato will become a new dimension in the e-commerce market. The digital market is one of the things most demanded by the whole community because it can help meet a variety of needs in just one click. A secure payment and delivery system will help every buyer to have a new experience in shopping.

Token sales are awaited event to participate in the ecosystem. The use of digital currency requires everyone to have access to the system using ALC. There are several periods that you can use to get several digital tokens. Token sales will usually be limited. It is also related to the limited number of tokens sold. A limited number of tokens will help stabilize liquidity when making transactions. At present, pre-ICO has finished, and you can join the ICO. The ICO program has been started since 29 July 2018 and will run until 30 August 2018. You can get one token at a price of 0.50 USD.

The number of tokens that are ready to be distributed at this stage is 46 million ALC. But sales will end soon when the amount has been met. You need to buy within a predetermined time period. Buy tokens immediately to join the Aligato platform. To get information, you can also connect with Aligato social media. Don’t miss your chance to participate and benefit from every feature offered by the ecosystem.

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