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Cryptocurrency has become the currency of people who love simplicity and transparency. With its introduction in the year 2008, it has come a long way. Being able to present solid real-life applications for the users across the world is the ultimate aim of the many of the platform working in the cryptocurrency space. It has become the next billion dollar idea for venture capitalists to invest in the cryptocurrency based startups. And, mainly people are the biggest driving force in the community. But, many of the challenges are still present in the industry and they have to be overcome before the real story of cryptocurrency can begin.

WHAT IS AligatoCoin?

The e-commerce market in Poland and the world is growing at a dizzying pace. Very quickly, it is absorbing new technologies to make life easier for everyone using e-commerce platforms.
However, these few companies, which are the leaders in the global market, introduce the required improvements too slowly, or not at all. At Aligato, we think that it can be done better.
The foundation of the Aligato 2.0 platform on top of the blockchain will ensure safety, stability and transparency at a level unattainable by the solutions available so far. The Pay via Eye payment system, operating through ordinary cameras in smartphones or computers, will additionally strengthen the security of buyers.
Artificial intelligence will facilitate shopping, searching for items and any interaction with the platform. Autonomous delivery drones automate the final stage of product delivery to the customer, and the entire system will be based on the existing infrastructure. Its introduction will therefore not be long-term.
Artificial Intelligence
The simplicity of service, especially from the technical standpoint, is important to Aligato, therefore, they plan to become a very intuitive platform. The user, starting to work with the system, will be guided by an automated management system. At the same time, this system will observe the user’s behavior and learn to work with them.
The AI system will also be responsible for automating the sales system through suggestions generated based on previous user interactions with it. Depending on one’s preferences, the process can be performed manually or with the help of AI.
Blockchain technology has the potential to solve many problems that not only the e-commerce industry is struggling with on several levels of its functioning. It has often been proved that the currently functioning e-commerce business model is insufficient, and the lack of its evolution may have negative consequences for all participants of this market all over the world – for example, last year’s data theft from the Equifax website took over 143 million Americans.
Existing companies have more and more difficulties with explaining details of supply sources or hidden costs of a product or service.
One of the main assumptions of the fully functioning Aligato 2.0 platform is creation of delivery system using autonomous drones. The system is to operate on the B2C (business toconsumer) and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) lines, delivering shipments up to one hundred kilograms to the customer’s door.
The created system will be autonomous and collision-free. In order to ensure optimal conditions for the possibility of flying drones, the existing real estate infrastructure will be used. Each of the selected relocation locations/points will have its own ‘transmission station’, which will be integrated with the coinomat. In addition, the “Drone Link” system will allow you to physically take over the shipment in case of technical problems or drone failure.
The AligatoCoin token is created with the ERC20 standard in the Ethereum network
Token Name: AligatoCoin
Token Symbol: ALC
Platform: Ethereum (ERC20)
Distribution Process: The ALC tokens will be delivered once the ICO has closed
Cryptocurrency Unit (Token) Price: 1 ALC = 0,50 USD
Minimum Amount of the Cryptocurrency Tokens to Buy: 1 ALC
Pre-ICO Opens on: 20.04.2018 (12:00 CET)
Pre-ICO Closes on: 29.07.2018 (12:00 CET)
ICO Opens on: 30.07.2018 (12:00 CET)
ICO Closes on: 30.08.2018 (12:00 CET)
Soft Cap: 1,000,000 ALC
Goal: 35,000,000 ALC
Maximum Cryptocurrency Release Volume (Hard Cap): 70,000,000 ALC
Protection of Investors: If the Minimum Goal is not reached, the funds will be paid back to the investors once ICO has closed
Maximum Cryptocurrency Supply: 100,000,000 ALC
Token Distribution: Aligato 30%; crowdfunding investors 70%
Payments Methods: BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGECOIN, ATB, ( PLN & USD )
More Information Visit The ALIGATOCOIN Link:



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