The gaming industry is growing rapidly and is being used to a significant extent from global economic recovery, but especially because of the greater stability of the euro area. Unrealized gambling potential on the net. The global online gaming market is growing rapidly. It is estimated that in 2022 worth billions of dollars. The projected growth of the industry translates into a complex annual growth rate. We believe that this growth rate underestimates the potential growth of online games and games on the market because it does not take into account the break-through blockchain and cryptocurrency.

However, the industry is still dominated by physical casinos and casinos. Online gaming is just a few of the world’s gaming markets (which is different from country to region), suggesting that Digital transition comes much later than other industrial games. service and entertainment.

First of all, a casino is, of course, a job, but it is also a community that lives and breathes. The main goal of the casino is to act in such a way as to allow online casinos to occupy most of the betting market. This goal will be achieved through two key strategies: first to pursue only transparent practices, mainly through Blockchain technology, and secondly, to provide a real human experience for online players through effective social networks and VR experience.

Alive Casino is named because, as business and organizational, everything is about keeping things alive. The Alive team is seeking, as a mission, to create a lively, prosperous and secure alternative to games for game lovers.

Alive Casino is a platform for online games designed to flawlessly integrate Blockchain and exploit the latest advances in VR technology. Online casinos enter the traditional gaming community by offering gamers all the games and guarantees that a physical casino can offer while retaining anonymity and promoting comfort, convenience, and convenience. In addition, Alive has developed several partnerships and has adopted the necessary technology to offer a wide range of player capabilities, including virtual reality games that can be played. The player feels like a real 3D casino where players can spin and discover truly interactive machines. The experience of virtual reality continues with the ability to enjoy live games that flawlessly integrate into VR Casino. , The player can not only communicate with his real-time merchant but even talk to him, just as he would do in the casino and plaster.

The winnings will be distributed in any currency that is accepted by Alive Casino and Fiat Currency, which will be distributed in Tether, USDT format. The distribution will be proportional to the percentage of gambling items received in each of the currency related to toys.


Technology and fair play Alive will devote substantial resources to the development of advanced, decentralized and RNG games, with the development of cutting-edge games and fun features, providing unparalleled transparency and trust between casino and users. , Developing Free Comedy Games is also planned to meet demand and to participate in a new dynamic relationship between online casinos and players.

Alive Casino will start as a very personalized implementation of proven online gaming platforms. Over the course of a few months, the BlockChain-based full payment system will be integrated into Alive Casino by completing, but not replacing the traditional payment system and offering gamers more security and payment options. Blockchain’s integration will make withdrawals instantly and transparently, enabling users to fully control their assets at any time

Alive works extensively to follow the industry’s best experience, keep the same level of security issues as it develops and opposes the possible exploitation of the zero-day vulnerability. Integration of complementary Blockchain processes will bring the platform more security and response.

Alive Casino, social experience is a priority and therefore social networking features are integrated into the casino at all levels. A combination of social interaction, meeting new friends, and communicating with distributors will stimulate social experience at the next level. Through the integration of proven social networking features, proven games and advanced VR technology, Alive strives to provide the ultimate gaming experience.


Alive Values and Privileges Token Basically, the Life Business Casino model is to provide strong demand for an Alive token. Alive Casino sales team recognizes that one of the major benefits of Casino is its decentralized model. Coach holders, though not in any way a shareholder, have no real interest in making the company successful. The successful business means a precious stream as well as an excellent portfolio and opportunities for investors.


This phase includes the projects and goals required for the long-term sustainability of the project, the continuation of the token value and the permanent return of investors to the benefits.

1st quarter 2018: Designing Alive Casino and Website Design and Creating ALIVE tokens through the Ethereum Network.

Q2.2018: Solve a Contract with a Software Provider Living for the implementation of Alive Casino through back-end vendor technology and establishing a central community that will test and provide feedback on the platform before it is released to the public.

Q3,2018: Exclusive private sale offering with many benefits for first investors. Initial development of an interactive online casino (Alive Casino). Offer private sales to our growing community. Start Alive Casino’s video prototype and develop normal social experiences that are typical of the physical casino through the integration of virtual reality technology.

Pre-sale and testing, launching of the available AL shares through the search for a dedicated and committed investor, the trial phase of the platform will be open to the community. The test community can earn free chips to provide feedback for that time. The final development of Alive Casin’s final version, taking into account contract terms and community comments, ICOs and additional tests, the release of most of the AL offer by the public ICO, the exhaustive tests Alive Casino has implemented using all the major currencies of fiat and Token Alive, token unlocking, unlocking all the chips 14 days after the final public sale of AL, through which chips will be negotiated and portable to private.

T12019: an announcement of exchange where Token Alive will be transferable. 7.3.4 Integration and Release of Blockchain • Hold MVP wallet before its full development • Multi Wallet MVP system. • Public presentation and official launch of Alive Casino. Initial payment support will be limited to currency currencies and AL tags • Initial countdown to first-time earnings for AL owners • Developing support for migration of features and major Blockchain casino systems • Develop and implement Alive Keep Portfolio. Hold Portfolio is a web-based portfolios system where users have to keep their live chips in order to get their share in the profit distribution.

Q2,2019: Multi-Wallet Development, which will include all the coins that can be used on Alive Casino platform. About Integrating Different Public Blocks for Crypto Currency Gambling Allowed in Alive Casinos (ETH, AL, BTC).

Q2 2020: Last Blockchain Multi-Wallet Test


Alive Casino is an ambitious project that has been built by a team of innovators. That said, as an organization, the casino recognizes that it is a job and must set clear goals in the short and long-term to succeed.

The advantage of the first mover is very important. Just as Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, Alive Casino will be the first online casino to integrate the two fastest growing technologies.

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