Alive Casino – The First Cryptocurrency Casino in the World Which offers RV gamming

What is Alive Casino?

Alive Casino is the first casino cryptocurrency in the world that offers RV gamming, your chance now for review reviews LOG IN reviews for MORE reviews The initial exclusive private sales will be open soon.

Alive Casino is named, As a Business Organization OR Serve As Well, Singer ABOUT Keeping Everything Still Alive. First and foremost, the Casino is Singing Of course, Business, But Dynamic Spending and Life of the Community. The Life Team Strives, As Its Mission, Creating Alternative Games for Life, and Safely Develops When the Enthusiasts Begin.

The main purpose

Casino for reviews Google How to operate allows the Casino to get an online review for MORE reviews of reviews of reviews that review market share. This Goal Will Be Achieved through Prayer Development Development Development Development Development Main strategies: First, Only by following transparent practices, especially through Blockchain Technology and secondly, by enabling online gamers to operate operating operating through the Human Experience for Real Digital through Social and Experience reviews. VR game.

The Casino Development Team Live with the System will hold a heart of several portfolio platforms that allow to spend different money through the Blockchain.

Top of the line VR technology will provide the best experience. Don’t have a headset? We Rated Having Many Non-VR Games!
The Alive Casino dealer works for you! Folder tokens and community players will be in full contact with internal dealer teams and their managers. A pleasant, safe and transparent protection guaranteed.

40% of Alive Casino profits will be distributed to token holders every three months. Alive Casino is a community, not just business!

Alive Casino is the world’s first cryptocurrency casino that integrates VR technology. In addition to our traditional online gaming options, for the future Alive can enjoy live games in HD and VR videos. Don’t have a VR headset? Do not worry! You will be able to get one in life.

Virtual Reality Casino

Life will provide an opportunity to visit a land-based casino without leaving someone’s home. After VR Casino is set and launched, players get a 360-degree view of the full interactive slot and direct dealer table. VR technology allows players to play rolls, engage with direct dealers, and play other VR games.

>R Slot machines
> Live R Dealer
> R Sports bar
> Social space R Multiplayer
>R Real bets with 24/7 payments immediately


Symbol: AL
Soft stamp: $ 10,000,000
Hard cab: $ 30,000,000
Total supply: 1,000,000,000 AL
Current token price: $ 0.015
Technical specifications: ERC20 token
Decimal: 04



Fair Technology and Games

Beyond the development and well-known entertainment features, Alive will spend a lot of resources to develop a decentralized and sophisticated GHG, which allows unprecedented transparency and trust between casinos and users. Free for all requests and to take part in a dynamic new relationship between online casinos and gamers.

Development and deployment of Blockchain Life

An industry that is indispensable for the speed and transaction costs needed for smooth operations. In the long run, you will be asked to develop a special Blockchain gambling. Although AL tokens are based on the Ethereum Blockchain, this is not a permanent solution, and the ultimate goal is the development of an all-new Blockchain. This blockchain will reflect various things related to the environment and games.

Development of Original Virtual Reality Games

Life will partner with VR service providers to develop new games and further enhance the virtual reality gambling experience. Even though Life will be launched with the VR experience already in it, Alive is clear to develop a better game than the Alive Casino system and that is customized for Live customers.


Q1, 2018

Market Analysis

Life Project Design

Website design

Q2, 2018

Software partnership tool

ICO site

Whitepaper release

Q3, 2018

Kickoff development platform

Exclusive sales

Personal Sales

Casino Video Platform Casino

Wallet Hold MVP



Platform client phase


Multi MVP wallet

Q1, 2019

Official launch of Alive Casino

List of exchanges

A new VR game development kickoff


Hold release wallet

First account

Start the construction of Live Games Studio

Q3, 2019

AGRO Distribution

Equipment set in the Live Games Studio

Employ and train Life dealers


AGRO Distribution

The final stage of the Live Games Studio

Introduction of dealers and Life staff members

Q1, 2020

AGRO Distribution

Test out the live game dealer Alive Casino

Q2, 2020

AGRO Distribution

Multi Wallet system integration




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