Cryptocean is a platform that wants to combine financial and technological services to work with crypto currency, digital financial assets and traditional fiat money.

The platform will meet all the requirements of AML and KYC. The project offers a universal service for buying, selling, exchanging and integrating crypto currency into real life. The user will be able to purchase a crypto currency with his bank card or account, get his fiat inside the service, and legally transfer it to a card or bank account. The user can also order on the platform a classic plastic card (cryptographic card), issued together with partner banks. This will allow the user to create deposits and withdraw cash from financial and crypto-currency accounts, at regular ATMs using Cryptocean services, and to pay for purchases – goods and services – with the help of a crypto currency, as if an ordinary bank card were to be paid.


Cryptocean has a mission to create an ecosystem through which the fintech services will be combined in order to meet the needs of business and users.

Cryptocean will have no competitors – it will be more profitable for them to become business partners.

Services for individuals, sellers and others, such as plastic cards, escrow accounts – will work at a better level. This architecture will allow the company to offer the best conditions for customers and partners. One of the innovations created by Cryptocean is the integration of crypto-currency accounts with a bank account. Thus, this project will create a flow of crypto currency and money fiat between these two worlds. All this will be done in accordance with all financial laws.

Cryptocea n users will have a plastic crypto-currency card that will link to their application. This will be used to withdraw funds from ATMs.

Using the application, users can convert crypto currency into fiat, send money to others and even pay taxes and bills. Also automatic payments will be introduced so that people can make payments at specified intervals, for example, weekly, monthly and so on.

Users will receive emails, SMS or push notifications when making an automatic payment. All the processes of exchange of crypto-currency on exchanges, transfer of funds from exchanges to a personal account, maintenance of established limits, will be automatic. The user will also be able to pay for goods and services without a crypto-currency card, through a mobile application using a mobile phone with an NFC chip, or directly through an online store that included Cryptocean as a payment system. The presence of auto payments in Cryptocean makes the payment of services even more convenient. Integration with multiple systems that accept payments will allow the user to establish payment of bills (in fiat).

For example, the user will be able to automatically pay for electricity, television, the Internet, mobile communications, rent, taxes and much more. Commission and tariff platform is lower than most services on the market. The project chooses partners with minimal commissions and, above all, initiates a transaction of exchange within the system and, if possible, satisfies it on the basis of counter orders.

Yuri Myshinsky is the founder and general manager. Alexander Volkorezov is the chief operating officer. Andrey Fedotov – technical director. Ilya Sorokin is the managing director in the field of business partnership. Igor Romanov is a developer of blockchain. Roman Dagaev is a developer of the front-end. Hu Jie – the developer of the blockchain. Lu Thing is a specialist in business analysis. Andrey Ivanenko is a specialist in the field of communication project. Elena Mitrofanova is the head of marketing. Natalia Alekseeva – community manager. Vladislav Tarasenkov is the project director. Elina Yaroslavskaya is a specialist in the field of digital strategy. Fernando Muto Brevillieri – the head of the creative arts.


The project has a road map. January 2018 – the project is being registered in Estonia.

Further the project receives the necessary licenses. Consultations with TOP-4 international consulting companies. Launch of the project. Exit White Paper. Launching the site for private pre-sale of platform tokens. Attracting technology partners. Agreements with banks on the opening of accounts. Agreements with banks on the issue of cards. Studying the project economy. Consultations with consulting companies BIG4 on the project implementation mechanism. Development of the project community. Launch of a public pre-sale. Start of the alpha version of payments. Start alpha translation. February 2018 – the completion of private pre-sale of tokens. Start designing and implementing services.

Start preparations for the open pre-sale. The beginning of the office of the platform in Estonia. March 2018 – agreements with banks on the opening of accounts. Agreements with banks on the issue of cards. Consulting with consulting companies BIG4 on the mechanism of project implementation. May 2018 – development of marketing strategies for the platform.

Create video for the platform. Involvement of experts and consultants. Conclusion of partnership agreements. Launching the Bounty campaign and public pre-sale of the Cryptocean platform tokens.

The pre-sale of the tokens will take place from May 15 to June 15, 2018. Soft cap pre-sale 5 000 000 US dollars. Hard Cap pre-sale: $ 10,000,000. ICO: from September 1 to September 25. ICO Soft Cap: $ 25,000,000. ICO Hard Cap: $ 70,000,000. Total tokens: 10,000,000,000 CRON. During the ICO price: 1 CRON = 0.01 US dollars.

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