All Profits Channels Revealed: Multiple Revenue Streams of Pieta Ecosystem

The Pieta ecosystem has devised multiple revenue streams for its token holders and investors to ensure that users can get a high rate of returns from all their investments and purchase of Pieta tokens. Here are some of the ways in which Pieta users will profit from their activities.

Sharing in the Platform Revenue

Unlike most other ICOs out there which are running for their profit, Pieta is running for the profit of the community. The Pieta’s aim of “profit for all” will be achieved by providing a sharing to all the investors in the platform revenue. By purchasing Pieta tokens, you’re actually purchasing a sharing in the company’s profits.

Wondering where our profits come from. For one, Pieta will develop affordable and eco-friendly mining rigs for the mining of cryptocurrencies using solar power.

Pieta will offer cost-effective solar energy, smart contracts, and rigs to businesses and miners. The profit generated from this activity will be distributed among the investors.

Integration with Other Blockchain Networks

The Pieta ecosystem has been designed such that it can be easily integrated with other blockchains in the future for expanding the uses and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This will further enable the holders and buyers of Pieta coin to use the same for transactions across multiple networks on a worldwide level.

The integration with other blockchain platforms will also allow Pieta users to mine a large number of cryptocurrencies using the Pieta’s affordable and eco-friendly, solar-powered mining rig.

Trading & HODLing of Pieta Coin

Since Pieta is a utility coin, it has been enabled for trading. The Pieta coin will be listed on a number of crypto exchange where holders can trade their coins against other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC for high profits. The trading of Pieta coins will start soon after the ICO ends in November.

In addition to trading, the investors of Pieta token will also benefit from holding their tokens. The price of Pieta tokens will increase once the mining platform goes live later this year.

After that, the token will trade at a much higher price. Until then, investors are advised to hold their tokens and sell them when the price is high.

Mining of Pieta coins

One of the major revenue sources for the Pieta investors would be the Pieta mining platform. Pieta is working to develop a new kind of mining rig which will run from the power of solar energy.

It will be much cheaper as compared to the existing mining equipment which also harmful to the environment. The token holder can purchase Pieta mining rigs and solar power smart contracts in exchange for Pieta coins.


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