All Public Art (APA) Decentralized Art Market

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WHAT all art programs

The art market that we know is filled with a variety of products or works, communities and art experts. The Art Market combines traditional values with the aim of increasing market profits.

To anticipate the fraud and forgery of artwork All Public Art has developed a concept that allows investors and collectors to receive information about exhibitions, sales, observing expert judgments, price indexes and more with simple mobile applications.

Based on Blockchain technology All Public Art is a platform that moves in the field of art. Information about artworks, owners and creators of the artwork can be found through this platform. Debut All Public Art will mark a new era of dynamic growth in the art market. This project will be a major platform for dealers, galleries and buyers who want to ensure the safety and authenticity of their art.

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Mobile app; Following People whose artistic tastes you love, looking at artwork, catching up on art news and discovering art events you can attend Artists and art enthusiasts from around the world can be part of our community by signing up for an app or website, AllPublicArt. com.

Affiliate Art Appraiser Service; The certified assessors in the All Public Art affiliate network will be selected from major accreditation bodies including the International Society of Appraisers (ISA), the American Appraisal Association (AAA) and the American Society of Appraisers
(AS). All Public Art will not require tokens, compensation or commissions for the affiliate appraiser service The art affiliation list of art appraisers is awarded to the All Public Arts Community, so the public has an option that will contribute to success
trading in the All Public Art market.

Network Control; The reporting function will alert the All Public Art team to investigate the accounts involved and assess whether any action should be taken. All Public Arts will remove the content, disable the account, and work with law enforcement when we believe there is an original case of abuse on the platform

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Blockchain has tremendous potential and is in line with the art market because it allows a peer-to-peer service for artists, sellers, collectors and consumers, blockchain offers transparency in the sales process. This will minimize the amount of fake artwork and price manipulation by intermediaries in the market.

All Public Art Dedicated to 6 Destinations
1.Support Artists, sellers, collectors and consumers who trade art.

2. Transparent, transactions that can be generally audited between artists, sellers, collectors and consumers through blockchain technology.

3. Utilizing new and exciting Technology to help artists.

4.Increase the quality of transactions by eliminating the role of intermediaries.

5.Reduce the falsification of artwork on the market through modern identification methods and tracking on blockchain technology.

6. Connect the global community of art lovers.

All Public Art aims to create a community for buyers and sellers of artwork with the benefits of blockchain technology. All of APA’s teams are keen to realize the idea of integrating blockchain technology into the artwork market. Improve art trade services and increase economic and social benefits in the global arts community.
All Public Art apps and websites have been successful since they were launched in 2015. Thanks to an ever-growing community of active users, great art is never easy to find and share anywhere in the world. Good reviews of artists and art enthusiasts keep coming because APA continues to develop apps for years.

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Token APA and Sales Program (ICO)

TOKEN APA is an ERC20 standardized token that runs on the blockchain ethereum network and is at the core of this project where a new way of being implemented is expected to make trading more convenient and effective in exchanging art and tracking the artwork itself. all the implications of blockchain technology from art goods belonging to current artists, will minimize fake artwork. rebuilding trust in the art market. improve services in trade. as well as increasing the economic and social benefits of the global art community.

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Distribution / Allocation of Token WHAT

Token symbol: WHAT
Number of Supply: 800,000,000 WHAT
30% of all tokens or 152,000,000 will be allocated to the APA team
2% of all tokens or 8,000,000 will be allocated to APA advisors
60% of all tokens or 240,000,000 will be allocated for platform incentives and organizational and institutional partnerships and tokens allocated above will be locked after the token sale expires.
Pre Sale tokens will take place from 15 to 21 January 2018 this stage aims to build sales momentum token in a brush time to encourage initial investment.

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Bounty / Gift Campaign For WHAT Community

1.5% of the total number of tokens sold is reserved for
campaign for the All Public Art community.
Here are details of APA Token Allocations for Bounty campaigns:
• Bonus Fund for signatures and avatars – 20%;
• Facebook Campaign – 10%;
• Twitter campaigns – 10%;
• Publication on the blog / Making articles on All Public Art – 20%;
• Translation to other languages and community management – 15%;
• Telegram Campaign – 5%; and Others 20%


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For more information about this AllPublicArt Project you can visit the official contact below:









MEW: 0xE2D461B41fADB9491BA19420D08E63d4A01e6B90

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