ALL-STOCKS: Connecting the Traditional Financial World to the Crypto-Markets


All-Stocks Network is a distributed global stock exchange platform which aims to interface with all major stock exchanges and stock brokers around the world. It also allows the trading of crypto tokens backed by real financial assets.

The blockchain is an open, decentralized technology that is used for recording and putting away exchanges by means of advanced blocks. One of the exceptional innovations to leave the blockchain was advanced monetary standards. A portion of the computerized coins controlled by the blockchain is Ripple, Ether, and Bitcoin.

With advanced monetary forms, cash exchanges happen very quick. The best part about it is that it is carefully designed. Upright up ’til the present time, there has never been a report of an effective hack on a blockchain organize. The blockchain uses scientific calculations and capacities to concoct a safe and appropriated record. The AllStocks organize plans to saddle this capacity to the full.

About AllStocks
The ALLSOTCKS Network has been planned as a disseminated worldwide stock exchange. The last objective is to interface with the main stock exchanges and stockbrokers all around. This stage will enable cryptocurrencies forms to traded, sponsored by genuine money related resources. The system will make a decentralized framework, which will empower partners to trade AST, which is an ERC20 token. The sponsorship resources will be put away in an escrow account. Other than that, the system will give clients a chance to trade in money related resources, for example, securities and monetary forms.

Allstocks Network will likewise uncover a non-specific API interface, which will offer designers greater capacity to create devices and applications to be utilized for supporting, contributing, and be doing exchanges by means of the AST tokens. Decentralized associations, which are presented to computerized monetary forms, can shield their financing by means of stable resources. While this system will make it feasible for financial specialists to deal with a differing investment portfolio, it is likewise going to make it workable for organizations to issue capitals effectively.

How it works?
Allstocks will work in a way that enables basic information to be put away on the blockchain. This information will regularly be the exchanges information and client adjusts. Every single other datum in this system will be put away in the server. Since it guarantees that there is a fast appropriation of CTT instruments, the structure and advancement situations have just been planned.

Clients of this system should have Ethereum wallets. All the CTT smart contracts will be consistent with the ERC20 standard. Accordingly, they will work immaculately on the ethereum blockchain. At the point when this is done, an allstocks smart contract will be used for directing crafted by the CTT smart contracts.

About the CTT smart contracts
Each monetary resource that is enrolled with the allstocks exchange will have a CTT issued. The CTT smart contract will be ERC20 consistent. In this manner, sending the CTTs between clients will be like exchanging ERC20 tokens between wallets.

The Decentral Stock Exchange
It manages how the CTT smart contracts function; the decentral stock exchange will be made. Its sole design is to guarantee the smooth working of these smart contracts.

It guarantees that there is a fast appropriation of the CTT as supporting as well, different libraries and code format will be made accessible for application engineers. The ICO for this venture will begin on May 1 and end on June 30.


SUPPLAY TOKEN : 50.000.000
TOKEN SELL : 25.000.000

1 ETH = 500 AST

SOFTCAP = 2,500,000 AST
HARDCAP = 25,000,000 AST

PRE-ICO (25% Bonus) 15 APRIL 2018 – 30 APRIL 2018
ICO Level 1 (10% Bonus) 1 May 2018 – 15 Juni 2018
ICO Level 2 (0% Bonus) 16 JUNI 2018 – 30 JUNI 2018


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