The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is All-Stocks network, a distributed stock exchange platform which aims to interface with all major stock exchanges and stock brokers around the world.

The ALLSTOCKS Network is an appropriated worldwide stock trade stage which plans to interface with all real stock trades and stock agents around the globe. It likewise permits the exchanging of crypto tokens sponsored by genuine monetary resources. The system will make a decentralized framework, which will permit all partners exchange with its ERC20 standard perfect token.

ALLSTOCKS trade arrange, with solid geographic reach and impact can be logically created to reach an organization accord with existing trades and businesses. Because of the organization, ALLSTOCKS can house a portion of its fiat saves with such trades to diminish fundamentally the exchange times and charges while giving these trades the truly necessary liquidity.

The cryptographic money trades will assume a basic part as they give clients computerized wallets and fiat cash accounts in their neighborhood monetary forms. All things considered, these administrations help clients to purchase, transmit and offer such digital forms of money and additionally give the required system to clients to change over cryptographic forms of money to fiat monetary forms and the other way around.

A Real resource in reality backs this extraordinary issued token,, it can be stock, bond, future or some other tradable resource. AllStocks will hold this benefit in a trusted, straightforward, open and controlled way. The token esteem will dependably be coordinated to genuine resource esteem as it can be condensed whenever.



Wellbeing, security

Simple to change over, simple to exchange

The globalization advertise

In what manner will it work?

Allstocks will work in a way that empowers essential data to be secured on the blockchain. This data will consistently be the trades data and customer alters. Each and every other datum in this framework will be secured in the server. Since it ensures that there is a quick assignment of CTT instruments, the structure and progression circumstances have quite recently been arranged.

Customers of this framework ought to have Ethereum wallets. All the CTT shrewd contracts will be reliable with the ERC20 standard. In like manner, they will work perfectly on the ethereum blockchain. Right when this is done, an allstocks shrewd contract will be utilized for coordinating created by the CTT brilliant contracts.

About the CTT shrewd contracts

Each money related asset that is selected with the allstocks trade will have a CTT issued. The CTT savvy contract will be ERC20 steady. In this way, sending the CTTs between customers will resemble trading ERC20 tokens between wallets.

The Decentral Stock Exchange

It oversees how the CTT keen contracts work; the decentral stock trade will be made. Its sole outline is to ensure the smooth working of these shrewd contracts.


The ALLSTOCKS NETWORK will be a component of;

Ethereum Blockchain: Allstocks picked ethereum blockchain in light of the fact that it decouples mining rewards from exchanges between the framework’s members. In straightforward terms, Ethereum means mining rewards as Ethereum gas, a value paid to do exchanges on Ethereum, while resource sponsored tokens are influenced a piece of the mining to process.

Ethereum Mining: Ethereum diggers illuminate some cryptographic riddles to win Ether, a crypto token that encourages the framework to run easily. Ether additionally empowers designers in the Ethereum system to pay for charges and administrations.

Digital currency Tethered Token (CTTs): Cryptocurrency Tethered Token are resource upheld tokens that speak to genuine budgetary resources that are held in the ALLSTOCKS framework. ALLSTOCKS wants to help all fiat monetary forms and every money related instrument. The arrangement to include more resources later on has been set up.

Fiat Currencies: ALLSTOCKS will bolster numerous universally tradable fiat monetary standards. These fiat monetary standards incorporate USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, CNY, JPY, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. More fiat monetary standards will presumably be upheld later on as the trade gets its required world prevalence.

Currency Market Instruments**: ALLSTOCKS will offer stable low-yield resources. Financial specialists will have the capacity to purchase tokens fastened to US Treasury Bills. When it is done, the suggestion is that profits and interests will continue collecting until the point when genuine money related resources develop.

Profits and interests, if show, will be given to current CTT holder as fiat CTT. The exertion made in creating ALLSTOCKS is a constant one, so later on, more money related establishments will be consolidated into the system, and monetary instruments will be upgraded to help the recently included budgetary organizations.

Control Compliance: Because CTTs can likewise be implanted to meet certain directions since they can be customized. We as a whole realize that fiat can’t be confined, notwithstanding, the purchasing and resale of other money related resources must be controlled by nation based geology. On the off chance that this is accomplished, at that point they will be completely agreeable.

Escrow Account: All money related resources utilized as a part of the system will be held by an escrow account in the interest of ALLSTOCKS issued CTTs.

Off-chain exercises require the oversight and contribution of approved controllers on the grounds that a vast part of the framework will be off-chain. It is essential that partner cooperation will be opened and all around figured out how to guarantee full consistence without giving up unwavering quality and straightforwardness of the entire framework.

Resources Explorer: This Shows the hidden resources without any difficulty, enabling any client to investigate the connection between issued Cryptocurrency Tethered Tokens to its genuine resource.


Digital money Exchanges

The cryptographic money trades will assume a basic part as they furnish clients with computerized wallets and fiat cash accounts in their nearby monetary forms. All things considered, these administrations help clients to purchase, transmit and offer such digital currencies and additionally give the required structure to clients to change over cryptographic forms of money to fiat monetary forms and the other way around.

Fastened Tokens

Fastened tokens are important to make conventional tokens with genuine money related resources backing. Likewise, for each customary resource hung on the Blockchain, the token is printed. This, thusly, guarantees at whatever point these fundamental resources are sold, the token is naturally pulverized.

Exchange of Ownership

Endless supply of fastened tokens, all the fundamental resources can be exchanged with coordinating cryptographic forms of money. The means of playing out this task are sketched out beneath:

Client sends fiat cash to the stamper

The stamper Okays and returns the ALLSTOCKS fastened token.

Client can exchange or hold those ALLSTOCKS fastened tokens.

At that point, the client reclaims his tokens.

At long last, the stamper sends fiat cash to client’s record.


Expenses dependably apply at whatever point computerized and customary resources are exchanged, and these charges must be accounted.


Any on-chain exchange that is utilized to mean an off-chain exchange of proprietorship must be overseen appropriately and will likewise fulfill both nearby and remote controls.


Part of ALLSTOCKS Tokens

The real business necessity of ALLSTOCKS is for CTT to be fastened to the hidden genuine money related resources. To this far, off-chain resources are examined with the assistance of virtual trade money. Virtual trade cash is required on the grounds that it fills in as the go between on-chain and off-chain installments that empowers the assistance of installment of off-chain charges and additionally framework communication.

CTTs are reasonable for ALLSTOCKS Network to give a committed chain sooner rather than later. The reason being that CTTs must stay fastened to this present reality monetary resources. While ALLSTOCKS tokens go about as the gas of the system by giving access to the important system includes, the ALLSTOCKS Network itself guarantees that CTT is fastened to the genuine monetary resources.


Total tokens supply: 50,000,000 AST tokens.

In current sale AllStocks will allocate 25,000,000 AST tokens. Sale is split into three stages each with reduced exchange rate that represents an early investment bonus.

AST Token prices

April 15 — April 30 (Stage one): 625 AST = 1.00 ETH (25% Bonus)

May 1 — June 15 (Stage two): 550 AST = 1.00 ETH (10% Bonus)

June 16 — June 30 (Stage three): 500 AST = 1.00 ETH (No Bonus)

Token Sale Timeline

Announcement: March 1

Public Presale Start (Stage 1): April 15

Public Presale End: April 30

Public Crowdsale Start (Stages 2 & 3): May 1

Public Crowdsale End: June 30

Finish Token Distribution: July 15

Start Trading: July 31



Q4 2016: Ideation of All-Stocks concept, project plan elaboration

Q1 — Q2 2017: Preparation and start designing All-Stocks Network prototype

Q3 — Q4 2017: Development of All-Stocks Network trading prototype and core platform infrastructure

Q1 — Q2 2018: Preparation and start of crowdfunding via Token Generation Event

Q3–2018: End development core platform infrastructure including interface API

Q4–2018: Brokerage and major stock exchanges integration, launch production level trading application

Q1–2019: Beginning of worldwide marketing campaign

Q2–2019: Continuous stock exchanges and brokerage integration worldwide.

Above you can see the roadmap — how the team sees their nearest and long-term future.



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