All you need to know about EdenChain ICO

EdenChain is a platform that’s based on the programmable economy and serves to perform transactions based on blockchain and smart contracts. Its technological foundation allows for fast, secure and reliable trade between businesses and individuals. Any asset (intangible and tangible) can be capitalized and sold/purchased for crypto tokens.

 Main sale

The main sale (public ICO) starts in May-June 2018, and 40% of tokens (overall amount of emitted tokens is 1,000,000,000) will be available for sale. The team’s crowdfunding goal is $24,000,000. 1 EDN token is worth $0.06, which is non-expensive. Potential investors can get whitelisted in April. 20% bonus will be provided during pre-sale (expected to start in May 2018). The unsold tokens will be burnt.

The minimum contribution is $100.000, which is a very high amount of investment even for deep-pocketed contributors. The citizens of Iraq, US, and China cannot participate in the token sale, which means EdenChain loses a significant percentage of potential investors and makes it harder to reach the soft cap. Considering these facts, the number of investors won’t be high.

The project has high interest, but the level of risk is medium: there isn’t enough information to predict the possibility of EdenChain’s success. From one point of view, this is a unique platform for performance of blockchain-based transactions, from another – businesses have the same functions at their fingertips already.

 Guarantee of value 

To preserve the value of coins, EdenChain will start burning coins in 2020 at the transaction, which will decrease the amount of coin volume and circulation. With EdenChain ecosystem activated, the demand will grow, and the price of the token will rise.

Token Allocation

  • 40% – token      sale;
  • 18% – team,      advisors, founders;
  • 15% –      partners;
  • 12% –      accelerator program;
  • 10% –      foundation;
  • 5% –      marketing and bounty.

 Bottom line

What drives investors’ interest to EdenChain is a low cost of tokens and a huge hype around the project. Since American and Chinese investors cannot participate in the public sale, contributors from Europe and many other regions have all chances to get a huge piece of the pie. Hyperdeflation program will preserve the value of EDN token, but the overall potential of the project is still under question.

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