We will publish articles to introduce the LOTEO (Digital Era Lottery) project to potential platform participants and those interested in contributing to its development. The information below may not be complete and does not constitute a contractual relationship. The main purpose is to provide information to everyone so that they can determine if they are willing to analyze the business with the intention of receiving or investing in tokens.


LOTEO is an automated digital lottery run over code rather than being operated by humans. The lottery will first draw a random Ethereum address from a pool of users weekly and later every day. The raffle is based on a random generation system that includes the publicly visible code on GitHub and also on Ethereum Network. The winner will receive 75% of the prize pool as a reward, which will be sent to his Ethereum address.
LOTEO will not only make this form of gambling accessible to more people than ever before but also address the issue of trust since it will be executed through a smart contract whose code will be publicly available on GitHub and Ethereum. Combining international reach, transparency and automation, LOTEO aims to become the industry standard in the emerging digital lottery market.
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A digital automated lottery platform that uses blockchain and smart contracts to create a fully transparent lottery that offers unrivalled odds over traditional lotteries.

Trust Regulation by an intelligent contract instead of governments or individuals automates the drawing process
Transparent All transactions and prices are always visible in the blockchain.
The odds of winning Every time you have a chance, the lottery takes place because you are betting against only a certain number of participants. Every game has a winner!

To play as an entry-level table within the regular schedule, how to pull from the desktop of the service with the platform, to win with the selection of numbers on returns as a player, to modify with different strategies as a cast of tools and applications to continue the use Chance to extend as the RNG function to draw return with submission in preparation for the new ticket on the drawing with the scheme to draw from the result numbers on the reference.
Players could also work as reserve funders for donations and meet with friends to relate to recreational games and entertainment.
Details on using inches with desktop feature as a player to work with tasks, as these differences refer to help for users, as well as to execute personal strategies as a qualification for use in managing jobs as they are on the table with The Tasks of Marketing are being achieved on the decision of merchandise to supply offers of the LOTEO company of the online lottery service.


How does the lottery work?
Users participate in the lottery by purchasing individual lots for the weekly LOTEO Lottery with the Ethereum Cryptocurrency or through a third party vendor. Any Ethereum wallet address that has a
Entry is then registered as a participant in the weekly LOTEO lottery. Later, LOTEO will add a daily lottery that is subject to the same rules.
The weekly LOTEO lottery is handled through a smart contract using a certified random number generator (RNG). The pool for the draw is created by another Smart contract and consists only of lottery tickets (based on the Ethereum addresses of the appetizers) instead of random numbers, so each draw must have a winner
Once the winner of the lottery has been selected, a smart contract will automatically send the prize to the appropriate Ethereum address (s). All code will be publicly visible on both GitHub and Etherscan.

The price is divided as follows:

75% for the lottery winner
20% for LOTES owners
Each prize drawn will be passed on to the owners of LOTES, in proportion to the number of LOTES each user owns.
w bought the check mark of the user he registered
1% goes to a charity selected by the LOTEO community



Chances of winning The odds of winning are much higher than traditional lotteries because of our mechanism
Trusted Through smart contracts instead of governments or individuals, the drawing process becomes automated and trustworthy.
Transparency Thanks to the blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies for lottery entry, LOTEO is 100% transparent and all transactions and profit allocations can be viewed at any time, rather than traditional lotteries where you do not know the number of participants and the amount of profit, even though it is fair or manipulated as there is a central authority.
Winners of each draw Unlike the classic lottery, where you must enter the correct number combination, the winner is once a year.
Biggest Criterion for the Winner LOTEO has a strong desire to provide the best user experience that our customers, especially those unfamiliar with cryptography, are used to. For this reason, both credit card payments and payments for mobile messages are integrated.
Speed Thanks to blockchain technology and the use of cryptocurrencies, Loteo is incomparably faster than traditional lotteries.

Why should you keep it?
LOTEO will create 400,000,000 LOTEU marketing tokens, which also include partner bonuses on its platform. All tokens will be handed out to the COMMUNITY in several phases according to the White Paper. LOTEU is a community coin.
The utility feature of LOTEU is a double increase in your chance of winning. Basically, you can have a ticket for 20 euros for 10 euros. If you miss the opportunity to get LOTEU for free, you also have the opportunity to buy it first on the Dex exchanges and later on the central stock exchanges.

However, the future of LOTEU is crucial. LOTEO wants to use the coins directly as full payment options for the lottery after they have been listed on the stock exchanges and have a good volume. You have the opportunity to play LOTEO with LOTEU and it will be amazing.
Not excited enough?
Another reason why you should keep it is THE BURNING OF LOTEU.
On 1 June 2019, the LOTEO platform is set to be in full swing. On the same day the first burning process is started. Every 3 months, LOTEO burns an additional 20% of all coins returned to the LOTEO platform. What happens to the remaining 80%? They are passed on to LOTEO users, to the top partners, and as a reward to community members.
Do not wait for a bull run – play it!
In light of the regulatory, government, fiscal and other market impact discussed here, we believe that a dual token structure provides financial support for long-term transformation visions in a secure and compliant way for all stakeholders.
Current information can be found here:
LOTEU is a utility token that is used for marketing purposes. If you buy an additional lottery ticket with 100 LOTEU, you will double your chances of winning. It does not increase the price, but it increases your ticket number in the pool. There will be more airdrops to this token through LOTEO distributors, and there will be many more contests that reward LOTEU. The LOTEU tokens will also be distributed through bounty campaigns under the LOTEO marketing plan.





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