ALLABOUT.ME – The social network with a cryptocurrency wallet and a trading platform is a new generation social network based on an advanced principle of fairness and transparency between the social media and a user. It combines the benefits of the digital currency of the future, the Bitcoin, and blockchain technology and gives its users an opportunity to get rewarded for using the service.


The project is represented by a platform intended for interaction of users of the social network and advertisers. The project brings up two problems: on the one hand, people waste too much time on social networks, on the other hand, social networks benefit from it resulting in unfair gain of all the money for displaying ads. The project team sees the solution of these problems in creating a sophisticated, modern and financially fair ecosystem of According to the concept, users which have activated such option are rewarded for the impression of ad units on their page (up to 50% of the amount paid for the display by the advertiser), along with this the advertisement is automatically shown both on behalf of and from the user’s profile. The amount of payment depends on the popularity of the blogger, his activity on the network and other factors.

DQmYm1FsjSXXLSq5zyb5x9z1fiT6ESf5g3AcqiHe7pRPwSf.jpeg is the state-of-the-art new generation network based on categorically innovative philosophies of collaboration between online resort and its users. As a way to show the unification as well as diversification of the bionetwork built around community participation, the set-up is going to recompense its uses for their activity, popularity and content. The main concept of is to reward its users and share with them up to 50% from ads revenues in a fair and transparent model devoid of chauvinism. To implement main concept of the project for peripheral settlements (sale of advertisement as a main project’s service) shall be using Bitcoin and all settlements and rewards insider of platform shall be based on ME as internal tokens of the project. The sketch below illustrates the channel through which the platform will simplify the internal interaction within the circumference of the bio-network, just to give you an insight into the concept.

One of the very distinctive attribute of the platform is that each user acts like an advertising channel and their subscribers are their prospective advertising audience. This way, the more subscribers one has, the more people will see the advertisement block. The reward a user receives is in direct ratio to the amount of subscribers they have. This way, users will raise their participation and reach, thus making more out of the platform.

The project enables users to have two accounts within the platform (one in ALL.ME, the second in Bitcoin) and store funds in a crypto-currency wallet that will be integrated into each user’s profile. The ALL.ME project’s token is the only medium of settlement during processing all types of rewards and one of the means of payment in ecosystem, which provides a number of opportunities for its use (purchase of gifts, stickers, subscription to premium accounts and music, purchase and sale inside the system).

Built-in for every user account
Internal transactions between users carry no fees.
Transactions are instantaneous.
Internal billing
Token transfers to external digital wallets
Internal purchases.


ALLME token-a complete ERC20 utility coin will be employed to interconnect relatively with one another within the ecosystem as well as make transactions and other possible things. In fact, Initial Coin Offering (ICO) was offered to the general public to ensure the total accomplishment of the platform and to let others achieve their dreams through the usage of the bionetwork. The token will be represented by the ME symbol and smart contract anchored on the premise of the Ethereum platform.


ICO details
ALL.ME token

The project attracts funds through the crowdfunding method, producing its own ALL.ME token, which corresponds to the ERC20 standard and is standard for smart contracts with tokens.




10 000 000 000 tokens

Single token cost


Additional emission

Not planned.

Soft Cap

$25 000 000

70% Pre-sales and crowdsale
17% For project functioning
8% Project advisers and «Bounties»
5% Project team

40% Marketing
30% Traffic and servers
20% New features development
10% Opening of new branches and offices all over the world

Pre-Sale and ICO will take effects from the first few weeks of February, 2018 .


Technology stack determination
Team selection
First project concepts
Market research
Project implementation plan

First project prototype
Establishing App architecture
Backend realization
PC Version
Mobile Version
iOS App
Android App

ICO preparations
Test advertising campaign
First users domain purchase
Pre-sale 1
Personal wallet (Me Tokens transfers among the users)

Pre-sale 2
Pre-sale 3
Pre-sale 4
Launch of New PC Version

Premium accounts, stickers, account themes
Start of the marketing campaign
First advertisers’ attraction
Users get their first payments
Multilingual technical support
Our servers deployed all around the globe

International offices
“Showcase” launch of project trading platform
Launch of music tool

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