The popularity and relevance of cryptocurrencies makes you think about the ways and technologies that will ensure their availability for ordinary people. So what does a social decentralized network power AllSesam? First of all, AllSesam is a decentralized social network of nutrition developed on the basis of blockchain. This is the key points and advantages of this class of ecosystem. In modern times, blockchain technology is one step ahead of other traditional technologies. This is not surprising, the technology of digitization, automation, decentralization has already completely covered almost all spheres of human activity. Allsesam token aims to become the main decentralized service that will allow customers to order food from restaurants, cafes, shops, and have a fast courier delivery.

Sesame tokens provide food delivery services based on customer requests through decentralized blockchain technology. As such, it has eliminated the need for third-party providers required by conventional means to offer food services on demand. Sesame Token aims to create a platform not only for customers to access instant food delivery, but also for restaurants and couriers to make direct transactions.
Main problems and solutions:

Food waste because they don’t sell them at the end of the day; often dumped rather than sold at the end of the day with promotion.
Find out when restaurants open and close: as well as about new restaurants in your area or failures in normal service.
Fake reviews, where no one can check up that leads to misleading information that creates an unfair profit for the restaurant.

Development concept. Allsesam expands the capabilities of traditional financial, legal, insurance and logistics institutions, providing them with additional opportunities. As AllSesam is a highly scalable, powerful platform.
Security. First, all transactions are accountable, fully secured and easily traceable.Secondly, with the help of smart contracts, all users can enter into transactions and receive their payments and products in a timely manner.
Reliability. Since the whole system is based on smart contracts, so no one in the supply chain is dependent on each other. all transactions will be carried out without forced pressure and involvement of third parties.
The Sesame project is a decentralized power organization controlled by Blockchain and AI. This increases food intake and reduces losses. It offers a constant search for excess food in restaurants/cafes, Essentials and integrated food stores and encourages them to offer customers at a limited price. Sesame will be a decentralized platform for delivery of dishes ordered in restaurants by courier. The structure of the platform, which is organized with the help of smart contracts. Therefore, it is more safe and transparent. Restaurants or a chain of restaurants can organize a discount campaign for unsold food. Thanks to the “Last minute” and “End of the day” you can get a large amount of food waste at attractive prices. Thus, unsold food products will not be lost and will be provided with both incomes. Prices will be cheaper because it may be due to contacting the owners of the services online.

Easy data sharing and a rewarded “feedback system” in real time helps keep restaurant information accurate and up-to-date. The smart contract power feedback system ensures that only the person who ordered can make genuine reviews to create an honest ecosystem. Offers” Last minute” and “End of the Day” – push notifications to customers ‘ phones for both food order and dinner.Reduce spare abd tables reduce food wastage; promote discounts or offers to followers.Sesame Token will allow millions of people to use and experience the application “running on the blockchain” without the complexity of the technology. With the integration of AI and ML into the delivery system, we will deliver an efficient dispatch mechanism so that users can get their favorite food from their favorite restaurants on demand.
Basic Tokensale details

SST = 0.001$

Soft Cap: 1 500 000$

Hard Cap: 6 000 000$

The team working on the product

Road map

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