These issues which have been an obstacle to the growth and use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency prompted some smart high intelligent individuals to form a team and come up with a great idea called ALLSTOCKS. As a distributed global stock exchange platform, Allstocks Network aims to interface with all major stock exchanges and stock brokers all across the globe. Allstocks has a unique platform which will be developed to allow crypto trading backed by financial assets which they represent. Allstocks will create a decentralized system through which stakeholders can trade with its ERC20 compliant token, leaving real financial assets to be held in an escrow account. Also, with blockchain technology, all users of the network will have the ability to trade any form of financial assets like currencies and bonds.

Developers will have the capacity to develop individual tools and apps for investing with the release of Allstocks generic API interface and they can hedge and carry out transactions with the use of Allstocks tokens. Allstocks Network as a unique and well planned idea, gives organizations exposed to fluctuations of cryptocurrency an opportunity to better protect their capital through more stabilized assets. With the Allstock network, there will be ease and flexibility in getting exposed to more markets and financial assets, giving investors opportunity to manage diverse investment portfolios.

System architecture:

– Crypto Exchange Currency Exchange: Crypto exchange exchange will play an important role because they provide users with digital wallets and fiat currency accounts in their local currency.

– Public Blockchain: Because it is still not recommended to rely on public blockchain due to its limitations and challenges (already discussed), secure public blockchain provides necessary support for the ALLSTOCKS system.

– Stamper: Make sure that the tethered token holds the value they want. Indeed, the stamper holds and ties the traditional asset token moored.

– Application layer: A variety of applications that capitalize the ability of a tethered token are developed after they are set. These capabilities include trading platforms, money transfer wallets, and payment processors.

– Stubbed Token: Well, a tethered token is required to create a traditional token with a real financial asset backup. Also, for every traditional asset held at Blockchain, the token is printed.

– Transfer Ownership: After the issuance of the token token, all basic assets can be traded with crypto currency adjustments.


– Buy AllStocks Token

Real estate assets in support of these exclusively issued tokens may be stocks, bonds, futures, or other tradable assets. AllStocks will hold this asset in a trusted, transparent, open, and orderly manner. The token value will always be matched to the real asset value because it can be cashed at any time.

– Trade your backed Token

All published tokens are compatible with the ERC20 standard, which means you can redeem it anywhere and anytime on any Crypto Exchange. You can invest in other AllStocks token and build a perfect portfolio. Cut all middle man fees and broker / bank payments.

– Liquid your token

At any given time, you can redeem your token on AllStock Trading Platform. The platform will then burn tokens and transfer the same assets or market value back to your account.


AST Token prices

April 15 — April 30 (Stage one): 625 AST = 1.00 ETH (25% Bonus)

May 1 — June 15 (Stage two): 550 AST = 1.00 ETH (10% Bonus)

June 16 — June 30 (Stage three): 500 AST = 1.00 ETH (No Bonus)

Token Sale Timeline

Announcement: March 1

Public Presale Start (Stage 1): April 15

Public Presale End: April 30

Public Crowdsale Start (Stages 2 & 3): May 1

Public Crowdsale End: June 30

Finish Token Distribution: July 15

Start Trading: July 31.


Shaul Aharon: Chairman Of Tthe Board

Kobi Aharon: CFO (Co-Founder)

Elad Aharon: CEO (Co-Founder)

Oren Nataf: CTO (Co-Founder)

Sandra Lopez: CMO

Omri Shabath: CDO

Oz Shabat: iOS App Development

Mi Hene: Financial Modeling Specialist

Michal Mizrachi: HR Manager

G.M Al Imran: Team Leader of Infrastructure

Zvi Yamin: Android OS Developer.


Tomer Aharon: Legal Advisor

Yogesh Padsala: Blockchain Advisor

Eberendu ikechukwu: Community Advisor

Sushil Pandey: Marketing Advisor

Amit Lavy: Public Relations Advisor



Q4 2016: Ideation of All-Stocks concept, project plan elaboration

Q1 — Q2 2017: Preparation and start designing All-Stocks Network prototype

Q3 — Q4 2017: Development of All-Stocks Network trading prototype and core platform infrastructure

Q1 — Q2 2018: Preparation and start of crowdfunding via Token Generation Event

Q3–2018: End development core platform infrastructure including interface API

Q4–2018: Brokerage and major stock exchanges integration, launch production level trading application

Q1–2019: Beginning of worldwide marketing campaign

Q2–2019: Continuous stock exchanges and brokerage integration worldwide


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