Alpha:invest with the future of cryptocurrency

The Crypto world is busy at the moment. Many people in droves want to take part in the development of Cryptocurrency. But very much in pity, many of them do not understand at all from Cryptocurrency itself. The result is that many beginners experience fantastic losses.

Here we offer the Alpha Platform which the purpose of Alpha Platform itself is for beginner learning. Our mission is to educate everyone. Beginners will earn a small amount of Alpha tokens for the learning they have completed. Alpha will be used to purchase advanced courses and access our premium options.

Alpha token

Currently a project done by alpha: , releasing a special token for beginners to understand the ins and outs of the Cryptocurrenci world or the digital currency, alpha is run on the base of ERC20, making it very easy is used and offers lower speeds and fees. Some of the features issued by alpha are:

Fundamentals / Basics: alpha aims for beginners to learn about the basics of cryptocurency and what is blockchain.

Staying Safe / secure: alpha promises that the issued tokens will be free of fraud, so users of the alpha token will always feel safe

Starting Out: alpha provides an understanding to beginners how to mine a coin and provides experience in the field of digital currency exchange

alpha is very unique with coin or other tokens that exist today, in addition to alpha tokens can be traded alpha will also provide courses to alpha users to learn more about digital currency.

Market Overview

Today there are hundreds of thousands of new users coming to invest in cryptocurrency every day. Coinbase, leading the investment platform of cryptocurrency, boasted 100,000 new signups every day in December 2017. These numbers are amazing and will continue to grow.
We see large migrations of ordinary people cryptocurrency for various reasons. Firstly because a lot of profit has been made Many entrants want to make a quick dollar of investment and are eager to get new coins.

Information about alpha

Ticker Symbol = ALPHA
Decimal = 8
Total Supply = 420.000.000
Token Standard = ERC20

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