• The Alphateca platform is the true meaning of the decryption that NATO Moto Satoshi can imagine. This platform uses decryption features to allow global access to the buying and selling platform. There are no requirements and none. If you sell items with cryptocurrency, you can buy what you want with cryptocurrency, and vice versa.
    The platform can be used anywhere in the world or in certain countries, so you can connect with fellow users, buyers and sellers on the Alphateca platform.
  • What is Alphateca?
    Alphateca can be used by all users as buyers or sellers or to be used as cryptocurrency payment devices to sell or buy various goods or services to the global encryption market. Imagine Alphateca without leaving home when you make your own personal wallet does not take just 10 minutes to give tablets, cars, cruises, their popular songs or rare relics from computer games from composition. A few clicks! Tens of thousands of people
    Try your items every day – someone definitely likes them. A very short time to find buyers paying for wallets and passwords, you can safely buy the products needed in hundreds of categories in the encryption market. There is no need to withdraw calls throughout the encryption system. You can pay for your product or service in an encrypted wallet.
    At Alphateca, cryptocurrency itself can be a necessity. For example, sell several Ethereum coins and specify many other cryptocurrency. This process is similar to password encryption exchanges, but avoids exchange and delay fees. Actually, this is an exchange transaction.
    Advantages of ALPHATECA:
    • In all respects:
      Many products and services are collected on one platform.
      Very comfortable to use. With just a few clicks, you can find interesting cars,
      Seller of equipment and accessories, maintenance services, closest
      You can contact car wash or tuning salon, you can do all this without leaving the platform.
    • Worldwide: Alphateca Platform
      Buyers and sellers from all over the world meet in one place
      . When you visit another country, you
      You can easily find products and services in your city or region.
      Agency costs
      Regions to call themselves when there is no need to exchange currencies and see how simple it is to imagine how to buy or rent everything. Go to Alphateca,
      Choose the product or service according to the accommodation and click the “Contact seller” button.
      Receive warnings immediately on the platform.
    • Fast and cheap transactions:
      Network commission for decryption transactions
      Far less than banks. Cost savings for sellers
      , Buyers can reduce the final price of goods. Transaction
      No additional fees and no loss of interest when transferred to another country.
      Cryptocurrency 는
      Regardless of distance, it will be sent to the seller’s account in a few minutes.
    • Convenient transaction:
      If all the transaction tools you need already exist
      Platform. Safe and fast to buy with just a few clicks
      Available and you can convert one of the existing calls.
    • Extensive marketing coverage:
      Marketing strategies included
      Online and offline advertising is growing globally, and Internet tools are widely used for promotion.
      We also rely on your positive experience with the use of the platform
      , I want you to share it with friends and colleagues.
    • Decentralization:
      The main features of a successful global project. Your transaction
      Banks do not depend on working hours, holidays and weekends. Blockchain technology
      Seven days a week to give
      You can do the most transparent work while maintaining your privacy.
    • Modern support services
      This is provided as a guide to keeping the platform familiar to users at all stages of problem solving.
      You don’t need to create a platform account to get help. All information is available without authorization. Useful information
      This is divided into sections – the following sections: FAQ; In the forum, the project community
      Answer the questions and get fame and achievement.
      Direct support through a convenient form; Video tutorial on website usage; Special section for partners.
      A blog with reviews about innovation.
    • Guarantee Service:
      Platform users always use the guarantor service
      safe transactions to be done. Guarantor is a seller
      Mediator between buyers. He monitors the terms of the agreement and is the first step in arbitration. For example
      Because, you will buy precious metals with cryptocurrency – and you
      I have found a seller at Alphateca. With the guarantor service,
      Transfer the amount to the security account until the transaction is complete. Buyer
      The seller makes a transaction. Guarantor is in accordance with all smooth
      And oversee the implementation of all obligations. Once he gets positive results,
      cryptocurrency is sent to the seller on a fixed account and buyer
      We accept precious metals. If not, encryption will immediately
      Return to account.
    • On Hold Service:
      Buyers can choose to hold their payments temporarily. This
      The buyer cryptocurrency in a secure wallet
      This is a fully automatic system that transmits and sends to the seller for a while (hold period).
      Prevent buyers from cheating if someone holds a transaction
      And on the other hand to check the seller’s serious intentions. For example, Hold
      This is a useful tool when planning vacations and rental housing.
      If the buyer has not canceled the payment for any reason, the suspension will automatically be “closed” on the day of arrival. Presence Resistant
      I guarantee that the seller has paid the full price to the seller.
      Buyer added
      You can confirm the conditions stated in the rental announcement before transferring funds.
    • Private auction:
      All sellers start a private auction
      You can send an invitation to someone you want to see as a trading participant. You
      Assuming you have a rare item, it can draw in a narrow collector range. You
      Fill in the fly page. Time, condition and type of auction – Select “Private”. You
      In your personal account, you will receive a direct link to participate in the auction.
      Email, SMS, telegram, or website
      You can send it to someone you care about. Invited users can create a password account
      You can add or use an existing account. The auction results are
      Participants are invited to e-mail and personal accounts on the platform.
    Crytocurrency has become part of the daily life of Crypto fans. So we can conclude that cryptocurrency must take the next step in evolution. In other words, it is to apply what you need in everyday life to buy and sell. With the Alphateca platform, you can apply it in various situations. This is how Alphateca will change the cryptographic domain and encryption industry.
    For buyers:
    All-in-one for buyers
    This is a good opportunity to find all products or services in one place with little effort. Search by city / category / item to choose the best offer. For example,
    If you buy a scooter, you can get smart tips with related products
    In your city, you can find the right inventory or the right service for technical inspection. Alphateca is a global platform that allows you to do it
    Scooters, oil, rubber and cars
    You can find sellers in your store and connect. Exchange it
    You don’t need to find an office or lose interest in exchange transactions,
    You can use the decryption feature for any service or product in a convenient location.
    For sellers:
    On the Alphateca platform, one can count
    You probably are citizens who want to sell the official online store, smartphones or judicial authorities have many products.
    Alphateca placement is a vehicle for developing e-commerce in the 21st century.
    All-in-one, Worldwide means one thing for sellers. When the seller
    You can find buyers from anywhere. This is a very large product catalog, optimized search
    This system will be facilitated by perfecting your proposal –
    Simply place your product or service in a category and you will get feedback and feedback. Slightly from the Settings menu
    Staying longer can greatly expand your audience’s reach. For example,
    Location; This will show products not only for locals but also for visitors and tourists. If
    You have to sell the items in your city iteotdamyeon, you
    Are you ready to claim yourself on an international platform?
    You don’t have to be bound by geographical features when you sell your product. For example,
    Receive payments from certain countries to show to open cans. Cryptocurrency transaction speed
    Always high and low commission. On the Alphateca platform, fill in the fly page
    Get a response and get paid for a comfortable cryptocurrency. Transaction
    It only takes a few minutes.
    For stores:
    Global features and specific city / category / item searches can be found in stores or online stores.
    Help attract new customers and simplify relationships with existing customers. You cryptocurrency
    We will show customers worldwide in line with progress by proposing to buy
    . Users enter the store page to select products
    Pay with cryptocurrency and the manager is ready to send the product.
    Now you can issue invoices to buyers,
    You don’t need to wait for wire transfers. Fast and inexpensive transactions on the Alphateca platform allow you to use Alphateca
    Commissions are much lower than usual, so you can save time and describe them.
    The speed of bank trading is
    Significantly shortens billing verification time.
    • World
      In any country, you can buy or order passphrases.
    • All in one
      Cryptomarket has an easy-to-use interface that brings together various goods and services. You don’t need to surf the internet and browse your website and bookmarks again. There is Alphateca.
    • Guarantor service
      Doubts about the agreement? We definitely give you security.
    • Fast and cheap offer
      Costs for cryptocurrency transactions will be lower than what all banks can offer.
    • Advanced Support
      In particular, there are the most important FAQs, tutorials, guides, forums, and direct user support.
    • Better sales
      You can hold an auction! And if you know who you might be interested in, please make a personal offer!
    How Alphateca works:
    Alphateca is based on two principles: loyalty to traditional money and global aspirations to disseminate the use of decryption in everyday life.
    It all starts with immediate registration. With just a few clicks, you can create an account, which you can buy or sell globally.
    I will show you how to get a password if you don’t have a password. With Alphateca it’s easy for anyone to enter the cryptocurrency e-commerce world.
    Metric Token;
    By participating in the ICO, you can benefit from three types of benefits:
    • ICO participants can use tokens to purchase Alphateca services with minimal fees.
    • ICO participants
      Special integrated platform services for at any time can resell tokens to other users.
    • ICO participants can use their tokens to launch their own business within the framework of the platform.
      For example, you can buy an ad place with a minimum price in the token.
      And can be sold at a higher price in cryptocurrency.
      As soon as the ICO ends, the paid service price of the Alphateca platform is raised
      But tokens are twice as low as other payment options.
      In the initial stages it supports the project and 25% bonus when it really supports
      You get 250% of money. Every time the price of a paid service on the platform increases, the value of the token
      The most attractive advantage of being a supporter.
      With other users decrypting the special services offered to change tokens for APEC. Favorable exchange rates
      Will be provided by high demand for site services.
      When talking about numbers: 1 During the ICO ETH period
      You will receive 7000 ATEC + bonuses based on the stage, amount and amount of previous time. After ICO
      Token service fees will increase twice. Therefore,
      An ICO participant who provides 10 ETH on the first day will receive 87,500 ATEC at the main ICO level,
      This will be 25 ETH within one month after termination. (Same as other calls)
      Why is Alphateca? That is clear. Our tokens ensure that you get the service at the best price.
      During ICO! So sponsors do not invest in conditional security
      We hope to be open to exchange and to be able to raise prices. Exchange Tokens already
      Platform on you!
      Increasing the cost of tokens further systematically increases service costs for all users!
    If you want to know more about the Alphateca platform;
    You can visit the following.
    Website –
    Telegram –
    btc name Sriningsih22
    btc link profile;u=2303929

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