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Project Overview

Wow, this is awesome; we’ve never had it this way before. Welcome to world first best crypto market. This platform gives the true definition if “Decentralization”, both the buyer and the sale come to a better understanding in carrying out their transactions.

By decentralization, we me you can easily buy or sell your items with cryptocurrency under some few simple clicks,  it is available for use worldwide, meaning anywhere and wherever you are in the world, you can connect with fellow user, buyer and seller within the Alphateca platform.

The cryptocurrency crazily reached its most recent peak in 2017. Together with their growth in popularity and interest, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are being applied to different industries, ranging from finance, to gaming, gambling, supply chain, manufacturing, trade, commerce and more.

For instance, Cryptocurrency is becoming the most considered means of transactions in the auto industry, even such giants as Mercedes-Benz is joining with their own crypto-coin and all other players are joining this trend as BMW, GM, Ford and Renault launched joined blockchain research group. Alphateca has the mission is to bring the Internet trade on a new level and provide an opportunity for your best convenience of cryptocurrency use in their everyday life, Imagine how cool it is  that it takes you only 10 minutes to create your own private wallet without leaving your house, go to Alphateca and offer your tablet, car, yacht, song of your own composition or a rare artifact of the popular computer game for sale just in a few clicks!

It works with other types of goods too, for instance, with digital intellectual property. You can circulate your audio, e-books, computer games, photos and much more with cryptocurrency all around the world. Alphateca is a great way to monetize your creative potential. Among hundreds of thousands users worldwide there are those who will recognize your creativity and will be able to buy the copy for themselves.

This platform has several free features: item placement, auction, etc., but there are also paid services such as advertisements, shop making, guarantor, and some others. You can use it with cryptocurrency or tokens, which can be obtained during the ICO campaign. Every user who supports Alphateca from anywhere for a fee will receive his bonus tokens, individual achievements, be displayed in profiles and influence the overall ranking and level of trust in the account.

Guarantee services are very useful when ending a public relations or advertising agreement with media figures and opinion leaders. The buyer provides the guarantor with the requirements for the advertising material: time, place and content, the opinion leader (seller) does his part, and the guarantor monitors the fulfillment of obligations on both sides.

Some other Beautiful Things about Alphateca Platform

Starting your work on the Alphateca platform is quite simple. User-friendly interface, familiar images and simple language will allow you to understand the basic principles in just a few minutes. We have prepared a modern and convenient Support section for you, which include all the necessary material for exploring the crypto sphere through articles and videos. Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) can be found on the website, in the relevant section. You can discuss problems or suggestions on the improvement of the website on the forum. Active forum users receive a rating and a special achievement displayed on their account.

Advantages of ALPHATECA:

  • All in one:

Numerous goods and services are collected on a single platform, which is very convenient to use. In just a few clicks, you are able to find the car you are interested in, contact sellers of car consumables and accessories, maintenance services, the nearest car wash or even a tuning salon – all of this without leaving the platform.

  • Worldwide:

Buyers and sellers from all over the world meet in one place – on the Alphateca platform. When visiting another country, you can easily find goods and services in your city or region. Imagine how simple it will be to buy or rent all that you need without agency fees, or loss of interest when exchanging your country’s currency for local. You just come to your favorite city to relax, go to Alphateca, choose a product or service according to the place of stay, click on “contact seller” button and the seller instantly receives an alert from the platform.

  • Quick and cheap transactions:

The network commission for a transaction of cryptocurrency will be much less than the bank ones. Because of seller’s cost reduction the final price of the goods can be lower for the buyers too. Transaction is not subject to additional charges and does not lose interest when transferred to another country. Cryptocurrency is delivered to the seller’s account within minutes regardless of the distance.

  • Convenience of transactions:

All the necessary transaction tools are already on the platform: secure and fast purchase of cryptocurrency in a few clicks, conversion between any of the existing currencies.

  • Wide marketing coverage:

Our marketing strategy involves gradual offline and online advertising around the world and the enormous use of Internet tools for the promotion. We also rely on your positive experience of using the platform and we hope that you share it with your friends and colleagues.

  • Decentralization:

the main feature of a successful global project. Your transactions are not dependant on banks working hours, holidays and weekends. Blockchain technology is available 24/7 and allows carrying out the most transparent operations, while maintaining the user’s privacy. Modern support service is made in the form of a guide to keep the platform user-friendly at all stages of problem solving. You do not need to create an account of the platform to get help – all information is available without authorization. Useful information is divided into the following sections: FAQ; forum, where the project community answers users’ questions, while earning reputation and achievements; direct support through a convenient form; video tutorials on using the website; special section for partners; and a blog with reviews of innovations.

  • Guarantor service:

Users of the platform can always use the services of the guarantor to conduct a secure transaction. The guarantor is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He monitors the terms of the transaction and is the first stage of arbitration. For example, you are going to buy a precious metal with cryptocurrency – and you have already found a seller on Alphateca. Using the Guarantor service, you transfer the amount to a secure account, which is frozen until the end of the transaction. The buyer and the seller carry out the transaction; the guarantor monitors the observance of all the subtleties and the fulfillment of all obligations. As soon as he made sure of a positive outcome, the cryptocurrency passes from the frozen account to the seller, and the buyer receives the precious metal. Otherwise, the cryptocurrency is immediately returned to the buyer’s account.

  • Hold service:

The buyer has an option to put the payment on Hold for a while. This is a fully automatic system, which transfers the buyer’s cryptocurrency to a secure wallet and transfers it to the seller after some time (Hold period). The presence of Hold in the transaction prevents the buyer from cheating on the one hand, and confirms his serious intentions for the seller on the other hand. Hold, for example, is a great tool when planning holidays and rental housing. Hold is automatically “defrosted” on the day of arrival, if the buyer has not canceled the payment for any reason. The presence of Hold guarantees the seller that the entire amount has already been paid by the buyer, and the buyer can check the conditions specified in the lease announcement, before further movement of funds.

  • Private auction:

Any seller can initiate a Private auction and send invitations to those persons whom he wants to see as the participants of the transaction. Suppose you have a rare item, which can be interesting to a narrow circle of collectors. You fill in the fly page; choose the time of the auction, its conditions and its type – “private”. In your personal account, you will receive a direct link for the participation in the auction and then you can send it by e-mail, SMS, telegram or within the website to those you deem interested. The invited user will be able to create a crypto account and immediately replenish it, or use an existing one. The results of the auction will be announced to the participants by e-mail and in the personal account within the platform.

ATEC Token

ATEC is an ethereum smart contract supported token that will be utilized in the Alphateca platform. Tokens cannot be used outside the website but can rather be transferable by ICO participants from one wallet to another.

How the ICO works

Buyers transfer ETH through smart contracts and receive ATEC tokens, as well as bonuses according to the amount and day of payment in return. Then the buyer registers on the Alphateca website, selects the function to fill the token balance in the personal account and transfers the ATEC token to the address that was made personally in his account, thereby replenishing the account’s internal balance.

Important: A list of acceptable Ethereum wallets can be found on the ICO participant account.

Important: Don’t use exchange cryptowallets for ICO because you won’t be able to get tokens.

KYC and AML Procedures

KYC and AML will be carried out by the Alphateca team. You can read more about this in the relevant section.

ICO tokens and Bounty tokens will not be blocked. Tokens will be paid to all participants two weeks later after the end of the ICO. Gift card tokens will be blocked until the pin code is entered in the user’s personal account

ICO Details

Emission and distribution of ATEC tokens

Full emission – 177 000 000 ATEC

Pre-Sales – 19 000 000 ATEC

ICO – 155 000 000 ATEC

Bounty – 1 500 000 Cards

Gift ATEC – 1.5 million ATEC

Pre-Sales (June 15-25).

Fixed bonus – 25%.

Limit tokens – 19 000 000 ATEC (sold approximately 15000 000 ATEC)

1 ETH = 7 000 ATEC

0.079 BTC = 7 000 ATEC

Minimum  purchase –  0.5 ETH

ICO (1 July – 1 August)

Token Limit – 125 000 000 ATEC (sold around ATEC 100 000 000).

Bonus for time and sum added.

1 ETH = 7 000 ATEC

0.079 BTC = 7 000 ATEC

Estimated cost of a token in fiat – $ 0.075 (exchange rate of ETH 525 $)

SoftCap – 1 000 000 $

HardCap – 10 000 000 $

In the case of a maximum bonus, we can sell 124 000 000 ATEC. Minimum purchase – 0.2 ETH


December 1, 2017 – Birth of ideas

January 15, 2018 – Platform prototype

March 15, 2018 – Turning ideas into technical tasks

April 1, 2018 – Gather all team members

May 1, 2018 – The first alpha version of the project

May 22 2018 – First presentation from the team at the Expo Forum

June 1, 2018 – Technical launch of the project

June 10, 2018 – Launch of a production version with paid service functions, private announcements, moderation and support services

June 14, 2018 – Introduction to shops, auctions, auctions

June 15, 2018 – Launch of Pre-Sales, expansion to Germany, France

July 1, 2018 – Launch of the ICO, an offline event to support the project, add training material to the website

July 2018 – Attract retail stores and buyers for the project, add iOS and Android applications, expand the geography of the project to Austria, Italy

August 2018 – Launch of services for exchanging ATEC tokens and services, adding sales / video video reviews to projects, meetings, joint purchases, expansion of geography of the project to Scandinavian countries.

September 2018 – Adding webinars, new advertising tools, expanding the geography of the project to the UK

October 2018 – Preparation for New Year sales, preparation of events with ticket sales through the website, expansion of the geography of the project to Japan

November 2018 – Carry out events, expand the geography of the project to Turkey, India

December 2018 – Implementation of gift cards and corporate gift products for the New Year

2019 first quarter – Introduction of new sales tools, preparation of the “real estate / goods rental” category, extension of the geography of the project to Latin America

2019 second quarter – Extending the geography of the project to China

2019 third and fourth quarters – Adapt web sites for possible offline purchases.

The Great Team

Alphateca project is initiated and backed with professionals with unquestionable wealth of experiences. Our team believes in the disruptive power of smart contracts, and will dedicate significant efforts to make them accessible. So with them on the Alphateca project wheel, you can be rest assured that your investment is in the right platform.

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