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Tokenize a property is basically generating a token on a Smart Contract and give a value to that Token in correspondence to the real asset. It is the easiest thing ever. What matter is how do you want to manage the tokenized property. As in the case of a Real Estate Property, you can tokenize any real-world asset as mentioned above. Let´s take a look what it looks in the Real Estate field.

As we see, not all of them apply the simple “tokenize the property” style. That would be too easy. While all of those projects require a mention, I will focus this time on Alt.Estate.

Alt.Estate is a blockchain platform to trade tokenized real estate. It allows anyone to easily build their own global portfolio of the best properties worldwide and become a real estate tycoon. The Alt.Estate team, with $400m worth of real estate deals in 2016, includes professionals with a strong background in investments, finance, marketing and operations. We are supported by advisors with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3bn.


Low Entry Ticket

The ability to buy a 1/1,000 fraction of a property makes it accessible to anyone.

Low Transaction Costs

Traditional costs of up to 30% of property price are eliminated with tokenization.

Global Portfolio

Individuals and institutions can buy or sell fractions of properties without borders.

Strong Expertise

The Alt.Estate team and advisors have more than $4bn worth of transaction experience in real estate. The diverse team background and expertise inspire breakthrough innovation.

Investment Portfolio

Even a small investor can diversify his portfolio by purchasing tokens of a Manhattan penthouse, a warehouse in Guangzhou, a co-working space in Amsterdam and villas in Bali.

Security & Protection

Due diligence procedures prior to the property token offering and distributed storage of all the collected information provide additional protection.

Investment in Real Estate has always been appealing. So is the creativity of the parties involved. We have now a new window to apply this creativity with the blockchain as a playground.

The Alt.Estate platform will give users the opportunity to own real estate worldwide for personal use.

Alt.Estate Protocol Is Ready to Use Within Current Legal Framework

The token protocol Alt.Estate is a combination of smart contracts, technologies, and legal structures used on the Platform and is offered as a turnkey solution for various players in the real estate market. This protocol allows developers, brokers, investment companies and other property owners to access new markets and sell their properties or improve financing faster and with better requirements.

  • Developers, brokers, investment companies, and other property owners register the property list on the Alt.Estate Platform and / or their own website for sales marked with
  • Property-specific tokens are issued and sold to buyers
  • Custom property tokens are traded in the secondary market in Alt.Estate Platform or other exchange, or in peer-to-peer transactions
  • All token, transactions, management, and other fees must be paid exclusively with special ALT cryptocurrency tokens.

Alt.Estate Platform Structure and ALT Token Circulation:

Alt.Estate Is the First Tokenization Project With a Solid Go-to-Market Strategy

Alt.Estate Will Provide Turnkey Solution to Property Sellers

Developers, brokers, and real estate investing firms will be able to offer tokenized properties on their own websites. Alt.Estate will cover all aspects of property token, ranging from technology and infrastructure to legal compliance and corporate governance. As a result, the sales process for a given property will be smooth and transparent.

Market participants will use their own marketing budgets to sell patented properties like they do for traditional sales. The multiplication effect of the Alt.Estate Protocol extension will be much larger than the token project can reach by relying on its own marketing budget.

Crowd Contribution in Exchange for ALT Tokens :

  • The general public will get an opportunity to participate in Alt.Estate crowd contribution, where contributions are rewarded with ALT tokens
  • Alt.Estate will begin the onboarding on the 1st of March
  • The ALT/ETH rate for the public crowd contribution is 100,000 ALT per 1 ETH
  • ALT tokens will be distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC20 smart contract in exchange for the contribution received
  • The target contribution size is $15m with a soft cap of $1m and a hard cap of $30m
  • Instructions on how contributors can participate will be made available closer to the contribution starting date

Token Allocation

80% of all tokens will be distributed to the public. This will ensure the long-term growth of the Alt.Estate Protocol:

  • 60% of all tokens will be distributed during the crowd contribution
  • 20% of all tokens will be distributed for Alt.Estate network growth
  • 20% of ALT Tokens created will be allocated to the Alt.Estate Team and Advisors; team tokens will not be immediately tradable, further aligning team interests with focusing on the long-term goals of the company.


Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.

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Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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