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Altair Project recommended education is today’s future. By create a better future for every children and are willing to put in the effort it takes.

Platform Potential: The result of our work will be a universal platform that is open to the development of derivatives of unique products.
My background is in children’s out-of-school education. Over the past 7 years, we introduced astronomy and other natural sciences to more than 500,000 children in the most remote parts of Russia.
In a planetarium the children see a 360 degree, bright, lively image projected all around them, which creates a full immersion effect. The children become participants of what is happening and and interact with the story.
Visual displays involve children in the learning process and help them to better understand the material.

By the processes this application is Amazing Cinema for the English market, with which any user can visit the planetarium without leaving the comfort of their home, and the Virtual Planetarium franchise that opens access to visual education for children from every corner of the world.
We have worked with everything from large city secondary schools to small rural schools, in which there is no more than 50 students.
Every day we traveled a distance of 100 miles between 2-3 schools, leaving behind children and adults. We also worked in resorts where we served both young lovers and elderly married couples.

Production: The modern world is full of technologies for creating special effects, but at the moment it can’t be applied to really interesting topics by lay people
To create such a simulation you need a huge amount of content. This is where a community of like-minded people who want to give children a visual education in a new format, an opportunity to explore global processes, to study history from different points of view to create their own unique conclusions, can help us. Similar solutions based on the blockchain system already exist, whether it’s the project.

With the help of VR experiences you can:
• See how microbes live, what they do and even fight with them;
• Take a futuristic ship through a person’s blood vessels, seeing the organs from the inside;
• Walk along the red, rough surface of Mars, and then build a virtual colony;
• Go to the edge of the universe and a large explosion;
• Watch the Tunguska meteorite fall from the point of view of the meteorite;
• Take part in a historical battle from the point of view of any of its participants;
• See the structure of molecules and assemble a new substance from them.

From atoms to the edge of the universe
The first axis, the zoom axis, can be depicted as an axis going from the microcosm to the known edge of the universe. Each level, the “floor” – is an open world where the user can navigate in the virtual space, and visit the VR experiences placed there.
Example: at the “Microbes” level, the user can: “Visit” the world of microbes and go through various portals leading to VR applications and microorganisms, learn something fun and new, then go back one step, or move to another level.

Time Machine in VR
By the user is at the level of Earth, the user can “fly” in the era of dinosaurs, see their life up to the smallest detail, and then go to battles in the Middle Ages and take part in them, or stroll through the famous castles, witnessing ancient legends. Of course, you can also get into the numerous versions of the world of the future: there are no restrictions.
The concept of “the time machine” in VR is an infinite space for creativity and creation of VR experiences, becoming a vividly fundamental textbook of history.
The concept of “the time machine” in VR is an infinite space for creativity and creation of VR experiences, becoming a vividly fundamental textbook of history.

Unfortunately, today there are only 10 million sets of Gear VR, so our VR Planetarium franchise is the only way for most children to be able to try virtual education.

In 2018, the release of new VR devices from a number of manufacturers including Apple, Lenovo, and Microsoft, is expected.
They are expected to reduce prices for popular models together with the release of new versions. This being a consequence of the VR revolution taking place.

Distribution on the blockchain
For distribution, we will use a decentralized solution for media distribution, as well as other solutions like CDN for fast transfer of content around the world.
ZeroNet is an open source software and, at the same time, a peer-to-peer network that does not need servers. It uses BitTorrent technology to exchange web pages and bitcoin cryptography to sign the sent data
ZeroNet is used in the project as a censorship-resistant way of delivering information without a single point of failure. This network has been tested by Chinese users. It allows you to bypass the system of filtering and controlling internet content.


Expert evaluation
Throughout the entire process, the company repeatedly underwent expert review and business processes assessments around procedures, products, technologies and the team.
2016 – A complex assessment was carried out by the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovations in the Scientific and Technical Sphere, following the results of the evaluation, a grant was received.
2017 – A complex evaluation was carried out by the Foundation for the Development of Internet Initiatives (Europe’s largest seed investment fund), following the evaluation, investments were attracted.
2017 – An evaluation was conducted by Microsoft on the possibilities of monetization and scalability of the business model and product, following the results of the audit, a grant was received.
The product won various entrepreneurial contests, among which are:

  • Victory at the All-Russia competition “Business Success” in the nomination “The best project in the sphere of services”, 2014.
  • Victory at the reality show “Sharks of Business”, 2015.
  • Victory at the Open Innovation Startup Tour Skolkovo competition, 2017.

This is just a basic list of experiences that can be created with virtual reality technology. To bring them to life, though, we have to create a global community of like-minded people.

Token Distribution:

Road map:
January 2018
Launch of token sale
April 2018
Launch of the first version of the platform
June 2018
Launch of the extended version of the platform with 3 axes: scale, time, space. Location level: The Earth is a valley surrounded by mountains with an area of 1 km2. Distribution of thematic zones. Capsule with the functions of the time machine, displacement in space and along the axis of scale. The ability to download user-generated content in manual mode. Create content for the site in a manual mode.
September 2018
The host of the location, a non-player character (NPC), can explain the world, about the available experiences, and lead excursions.
November 2018
Possibility to write test scenarios and vote for them. System of ratings and tenders for content production. Introduction of content moderation system and Moderator role. Expanding of the Earth location. Creation of locations on other scale axis levels. Self NPC in every location.
January 2019
Crowdfunding mechanism
March 2019
Creation of cognitive excursions on various subjects on the best experiences.
June 2019
A virtual encyclopedia that provides navigation within the platform based on tags and similar experiences with the option of automatic virtual tour creation. The ability to download user-generated content.

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