Advancements in digital technologies enhance our quality of life. The exchange of information is a crucial contributor to such enhancement. The exchange of information allows people to internationally communicate, share ideas, make purchases, and trade from the comfort of their homes.
As more people exchange information, the volume of data transmissions increase.
This trend cannot be ignored, especially by the financial industry. This is because money is the exchange of a certain information: value. Historically, the exchange of value materialized in various forms. At first, value was bartered. Then, coin and paper money was issued to store and represent value. Currently, the most widespread medium of exchange is electronic or digital money.
In 2009, the first cryptocurrency called Bitcoin emerged. Bitcoin is a cryptographically encoded digital currency. Bitcoin allows users to transact with one another without relying on intermediaries such as private or central banks. Bitcoin’s price is entirely based on the supply and demand of the market. After the
initial success of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies followed suit (e.g., Ethereum, Lisk, EOS, Waves, Civic, 0x, Ripple). Digital wallets are used to store these cryptocurrencies (e.g., Airbitz, Armory, Bitgo, Blockchain, Coinbase, Greenaddress, Ledger, Jaxx, Mycelium, Samourai, Xapo). Although the precise number of active cryptocurrency users are unknown, estimates suggests that, in 2013, there were 8.2 million active cryptocurrency users. By 2016, this figure ballooned to 35 million users. This trend suggests the tremendous growth potential and robustness of the cryptocurrency industry.


. EVGENIY MEYTA- Founder and Ceo, Higher Education in Electronic Engineering, 15 years working in IT marketing and E-Commerce’

. OLEH SHPACH- Co Founder,Higher Education in Networks and IT Security, 12 years working in the field of creating, promoting, and selling of IT products.

.ARIFOV ELDAR- Cheif Financial Officer,Higher Education in Finance and Audit,10 years working in the financial sector and 2 years working in the field of blocking and cryptography.

.ALINA LISOVA- Chief Public Relations Officer,Higher Education in Personnel Management and Economics,has 8 years of experience as a public relations specialist with stateowned enterprices.


.Our team aims to create a reliable universal integrated platform that satisfies the
needs of the modern cryptocurrency user.

.The ALTTEX platform allows users to transact and exchange various cryptocurrencies without intermediaries, eliminating the need to pay additional commissions.

.Users will not spend time studying the ALTTEX interface and its functions because it is simple, clear, and intuitive. ALTTEX was designed specifically for mobile devices,
catering to the needs of the modern cryptocurrency user. A mobile platform allows
users to be continually on the go, and fosters the utmost convenience.


Alttex has numerous advantage among which include:

.Decentralized: this means a secure system where the exchange is safeguarded from hackers and DDoS-attack.

.Reliable security system: all data is secured with Touch ID, Face ID, and Pin-code system. Users receive e-mail alerts, the system verifies IP addresses, and users are given various authentication methods;

.Mobile platform: the platform is compatible with mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile;

.Convenience: conveniently trade at your fingertips using your own mobile devices;

.Hassle-free funding: replenish account balances using a cryptocredit or debit card;

.Seamless verification: Connect your crypto-credit or debit card to your account instantaneously. It’s as simple as taking a selfie with your card using our AltScanner technology;

.Crypto-card options: users can select various crypto-cards, such as Xapo. This allows users to withdraw money with minimum commissions;

.No intermediaries: intermediaries are excluded from the process, as transactions are carried out directly between users.

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