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With the rapid growth of the digital industry, more and more digital companies come up to surface. However, there are some issues that also come with digital companies, including security issues often faced by customers. Amanpuri offers high leverage digital protection to the customers so they can secure their digital assets by utilizing blockchain technology.

About Amanpuri

Amanpuri is actually an ultimate exchange which is supported with high leverage protection to the customers’ assets as well as complete support for them. The digital company provides an ideal UI to make sure that all of the customers, both the professional traders and new players in the industry, will be contented with the services provided.

There will be customer support available for all the clients that can be reached via telephone. This is aimed to lower the level of stress often experience by the customers. Amanpuri also comes with an innovative and smart solution to avoid hacking that often causes damages and becomes one of the main issues in the cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company has a strong commitment to secure the assets of customers up to 100% by working together with major custodians. In this way, the security of the customers’ assets could be guaranteed and give the clients peace of mind.


Why Choosing Amanpuri?

There are many benefits that the customers can get from the services provided by Amanpuri.

  • Ecosystem

The exchange ecosystem of this digital company consists of several things that will be beneficial for the customers. They include complete security with 100% protection to the assets of the customers, trading system that reaches 100 times high-leverage, and a wide range of spot transactions. The operating system conducted within the company’s ecosystem is done through collaboration with major custodians.

  • High Leverage

The Amanpuri Exchange comes in the form of DLT exchange. The project provides a transaction platform that reaches up to 100 times high-leverage. The DLT exchange is also considered as one of the main services offered by Amanpuri. The original token of the digital company which is called AMAL will make it possible for the company to lower the expensive commissions that often become an issue in the leverage transactions up to 50%.

  • Security

The security provided by Amanpuri is unquestionable. It comes with a high level with a reliability that is based on 100% of the clients’ assets. This is done through original security, discrete management, as well as a pool of supplementary funds which are conducted by collaborating with the major custodians.

  • Customer Support

One of the great things that all participants can get from Amanpuri is the customer support system that operates 24 hours and 7 seven days a week. In addition, the customer support system provided by the digital company is also available in several languages that include English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Russian.

  • Simple Navigation System

The navigation system of the application provided by Amanpuri is exceptionally simple. It also has an effective interface that will make it easier for new customers to use the navigation system.

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