Having a business is indeed a dream for some people. Quite often they will make various efforts to create all the best possibilities for their business. One of them is this project which has a good strategy to market their products. Well actually there are many projects out there that are good, but this project has a very different advantage that you can use to invest in long periods, therefore I will outline the way the project works …

Being the Best company in the whole world is an ideal for this project, an effective company that is already established. With such a large number of products, of course, it is an opportunity for the community to invest on a national scale to continue to develop its business. this project wants to be the best project in the whole world, not an impossible thing, because the resources owned by this company are very large.

The Best Company in all countries is not a figment, if community satisfaction can continue to be maintained, so that emotionally they will become loyal investors. Investor loyalty will have a positive impact on companies that want to continue to grow. The values ​​obtained by investors from companies that provide the best service will be given a positive word of mouth, both through oral, and through existing media. The increasingly massive use of the internet with the presence of smart communication devices that are always connected (online) to cyberspace will have an impact on the development of this company. The increasingly practical middle class, will find a lot of information from the internet, which means that the use of search engines like Google will be even greater. Thus, the company’s strategy is to make investors interested in using services and investing in long periods. This is one of the right steps if you join us.

As an established company, this company is one of the pride of the whole world. Achievements have been achieved and the international level obtained by this company shows that potential deserves to be “the best company in the whole world”.

Only by buying here will you get these cool bonuses and complete packages that have ever existed for this product. If there is a FREE and get a bonus every purchase every day, why should you hesitate? Introducing a great business and not many people know, Only by buying products or tokens per day, you will get an extra bonus every day. “Wow, that really makes you friend” …


At present, the company’s industry is increasing and continuing to exceed expectations quickly, according to international companies, the global market is expected to reach $ 150 billion in 2018, driven by creativity on other smart devices. revenue is expected to produce high product quality on tablets and smart phones.

This amount will increase income in 2018, which is reported to reach approximately $ 200 billion and will consistently increase by 8.2% from 2016-2020. Based on this growth, revenue is expected to reach $ 250 billion by 2020 with a very significant significant increase.

Platform AmaStar System
A blockchain-based platform where you earn for porn. Anyone can upload their own content – and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the reward for each content piece based on its popularity. Complete transparency achieved by blockchain – 90% of ad revenue is paid out to content makers.

About AmaStar

Adult content has been around for centuries in forms of cave art, novels, print and films. The advancement of new technology brought the industry to a new level – the availability of porn is as widespread as ever, one can view the desired content in all shapes and forms with just a few clicks – photos, stories, clips, movies, live chats, etc. The high demand for this industry is undeniable – over a third of all Internet downloads are pornorpaphic, nearly one in four Internet search queries are porn-related and some adult websites beat giants like Yahoo, Wikipedia and Twitter in terms of monthly visitor numbers.

While there is an infinite amount of genres in the world of adult entertainment, amateur porn is now practically a staple option; few categories have shown the same level of persistence and longevity in the market. The home-video revolution of the 1980s really kicked off its popularity, and development of digital cameras and the Internet allowed for an unprecedented level of low-cost, widespread distribution.

Amateur porn lovers prefer it for a greater sense of excitement because of the ‘realness’ of it. It’s no secret that most of what you see in regular porn is fake – scripted scenarios, excessive makeup, plastic surgery – and more and more people choose to watch someone who’s doing it because they want to have sex and intimacy rather than a paycheck. We share the belief that it’s everyone’s right to create their own vision of erotic expression, and aim to make sharing it as effortless as possible.

Porn revenue is already larger than all professional basketball, baseball, and football franchises combined, and technological possibilities of today are bound to make this $100 billion industry expand even larger. We believe applying blockchain and its underlying principles of decentralization, transparency and anonymity will eliminate current issues with adult entertainment industry and facilitate its predetermined and unavoidable growth.

Vision AmaStar

AmaStar aims to create an adult entertainment platform that will outperform all projects currently in the industry. The main idea is to develop ecosystems that are useful for end users and content creators, while displaying intermediaries and intermediaries who take the biggest part of the money out of date. Imagine a network concert where customers choose what they want to see and play a role in filtering out poor quality content without extra effort, while provider content is financially rewarded based on the popularity of their content.

This system will motivate players to provide better quality uploads, because it will directly affect their income. The adult industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we believe integrating blockchain will make it safer, anonymous, fair and fun for all participants.

Anyone can upload their own content – and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the reward in AS coins for each content piece based on its popularity, including user ratings, number of views/clicks, length of viewing times, etc. Performers will also be able to receive tips from users that particularly enjoyed their content. Withdrawing the earnings is as hussle-free as it gets – the minimum is an equivalent of $5, which can be cashed out at any day of the month (no more waiting for payout days).

AmaStar Blockchain Platform

We will develop our own blockchain platform with no commissions and high volume of transactions, allowing for efficient distribution of coins. Smart contracts will eliminate any human errors and make using the platform safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Why Blockchain?

Due to its transparency and guarantee of complete fulfilment of conditions enabled by smart contracts, blockchain is a breakthrough solution for the adult entertainment industry. Applying blockchain will guarantee that content makers receive exactly how much they deserve and provide complete transparency of the financial model of the company.

How It Works?

We strive to make our financial model as simple and transparent as possible. 90% of all advertising and private purchase revenue is distributed between content makers on a daily basis via a smart contract. 10% will be transferred to AmaStar’s wallet and will be used for sustaining and improving the platform.

About Token

This is a task set by the team AmaStar. to help investors receive stable and regular profits, without investigating the technical details of market estimates. This task is carried out by our Additional Independent Improvement Neural Network, which allows our investors to receive passive income and stop worrying about the price of Bitcoin.

I suggest you invest in AS, for that the main requirement in investing in AmaStar AS altcoin You must first register on the site AmaStar press this link Press Apply for pre-ICO and then you follow registration instructions as shown below.

Token Info

  • Token AS
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • Price in ICO 0.1000 USD


  • 20% during pre-ICO.
  • Tokens for sale 66,000,000

Investment Info

  • Min. investment 0.1 ETH
  • Accepting ETH
  • Distributed in ICO 60%
  • Soft cap 500000 USD
  • Hard cap 5500000 USD

34 days 19 hours left 2018-11-15 – 2018-12-31

Starts in 49 days 19 hours 2019-01-15 – 2019-03-01


This company needs to be preserved and must get attention in order to obtain a balanced situation. there are so many benefits if you all join this company. if you do not pay attention to the balance of this company, you will lose an opportunity that you deserve. The positive impact of this company is to get a distinct advantage for your needs.


That is what I can say about the company that was discussed in this article, of course there are many shortcomings and weaknesses due to the limited knowledge about the lack of references or references that I have acquired in connection with this company. I personally hope many dear readers will criticize constructive suggestions for us and for the sake of the company’s perfection. Hopefully this article can be useful for you as readers in particular.
Thank you, hopefully it will be useful !!!

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