AmaStar will transform the monetization of adult entertainment industry and create an intricate ecosystem that rewards all participants. AmaStar is a platform powered by blockchain that aims to tackle current problems in the adult industry and provide individuals with an opportunity to view unique amateur content and get paid for uploading their home videos, as well as provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience via inexpensive and transparent campaigns. In this paper, we outline the details of this vision and how we plan to realize it using the blockchain ideology of decentralization.

AmaStar aims to create an adult entertainment platform that will outperform all current projects in the industry. The main idea is to develop an ecosystem that benefits both end users and content creators, while rendering middlemen and intermediaries that take a lion share of the money obsolete. Imagine a live network where the customers choose what they want to see and play a vital role in sifting out poor quality content without any extra effort, while content providers are financially rewarded based on the popularity of their content. This system will motivate performers to provide better quality uploads, as it will directly affect their earnings. The adult industry has always been at the forefront of innovation, and we believe integrating blockchain will make it more secure, anonymous, fair and enjoyable for all participants.

Anyone can upload their own content – and get paid for it! Our unique algorithm will calculate the reward in AS coins for each content piece based on its popularity, including user ratings, number of views/clicks, length of viewing times, etc. Performers will also be able to receive tips from users that particularly enjoyed their content. Withdrawing the earnings is as hussle-free as it gets – the minimum is an equivalent of $5, which can be cashed out at any day of the month (no more waiting for payout days).

We will moderate each content piece before publishing it on the platform in order to filter out any illegal/harmful content. We’ve chosen to do this in-house as opposed to user curation because in the adult industry the repercussions of posting the harmful content are more severe for all parties involved. This is to make the platform a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone, as well as comply with the
law. All suitable content will be moderated and published within 24 hours, and any user posting illegal content will be banned permanently, will all previous earnings frozen. Every user will have an opportunity to report prohibited content (including revenge porn), and we will aim to review and delete it if necessary within 12 hours.

Content exchange
Everyone has their own preferences, especially when it comes to sex. While creators of pornographic content aim to cater to the most unconventional sexual desires, a lot of consumers struggle to find exactly what they want. AmaStar will create a new platform that will connect consumers with performers that are ready to bring their most intimate desires to life. Let’s say Bob has stumbled upon Alice’s videos on AmaStar and he loves everything she’s uploaded so far, but his true wish is to watch her in precisely yellow stockings and a red top. The chances of that happening randomly or after commenting under her videos are pretty slim. With AmaStar ’s content exchange he can generate a request for her to film exactly what he wants and set the price he’s willing to pay for it. If Alice agrees, he will receive the content privately and AS tokens will be transferred from Bob’s account to Alice’s. Bob can also make an auction-based request that will be available to everyone, and he can choose features of the content makers that will be able to make offers – including hair color, body type, breast size, etc. Similarly, Alice can generate an offer for any specific content she can create and either set the price or hold an auction, and if anyone is willing to be the only one to receive it, they can purchase it through the exchange.

This approach will protect both parties from fraud, as the tokens are transferred via smart contracts only after the conditions have been fulfilled. There are a great amount of instances, especially in the adult industry, when customers transfer the payment and receive nothing in return, or receive something different to what they asked for. Both users and content makers can be sure their funds are safe, and in cases of content not meeting expectations our dedicated team of moderators will review the issue. Since everything is done via the platform, both parties remain anonymous to each other, and completing payments in AS coins eliminates the need to share personal or credit card details.

Why blockchain?

Due to its transparency and guarantee of complete fulfilment of conditions enabled by smart contracts, blockchain is a breakthrough solution to problems in many industries, and the adult entertainment industry is not an exception. One of the most impressive features of blockchain is that the data it holds is not stored in a centralized location and since the information is dispersed worldwide, it eliminates the need for trusted third parties when transacting. The core of this innovation is built around the concept of a distributed consensus ledger, where the ledger is kept and maintained on a distributed network of computers. This ledger makes it possible for the entire network to jointly create, evolve and keep track of immutable history of transactions or other successive events. There are several issues with the current system of making and distributing adult content which can be eliminated by the use of blockchain.

Blockchain and smart contracts will guarantee that content makers will receive exactly how much they deserve.A smart contract will independently verify the completion of all conditions and automatically distribute assets. Blockchain’s immutability and security from unauthorized changes or data loss will allow interested parties to monitor all activities in our system and be sure in the integrity of the information Blockchain provides complete transparency of the financial model of the company. Everyone will be able to see how much AmaStar has received from advertisers and users, how much was paid out to content makers and how much was kept for platform development. Since blockchain is a public peer-to-peer network, a registry distributed between all nodes that continuously records all operations in the form of blocks of information that are protected from unauthorized access, it will ultimately act as a single source of reliable data. Blockchain provides anonymity for both content makers and customers. Confidentiality is a primary concern in the adult industry due to personal safety
and possible stigma. Transferring all funds via blockchain ensures the names and bank details are not disclosed, so the privacy of all users is protected.

How it works
A new wallet will be automatically generated for each user upon registration. Asymmetric key encryption scheme will be used, where anyone can encrypt messages using the public key, but only the holder of the paired private key can decrypt. The public key will kept on the server in the account and the private key will be securely issued to the account holder without being kept on our servers. Users will have the opportunity to store their private keys in our system to be able to use the integrated exchange that will allow them to withdraw their funds fiat currencies straight from their AmaStar account, but it will always be up to them. All added content along with all points and coins earned will be shown in the personal account. All incoming funds transferred to AmaStar from advertisers and users will first go to the ‘aggregator’ wallet, which essentially acts as a transit point for the assets. Each day at 12:00 UTC a smart contract will calculate all funds available for the 24 hour period and distribute the necessary amount of coins to each account holder depending on the amount of points earned. 90% of all revenue will be available for the distribution, while 10% will be transferred to AmaStar ’s internal wallet for sustaining and improving the platform. For greater transparency, the amount of funds received by the aggregator will be automatically displayed on AmaStar ’s website via API.During the MVP stage, aggregator wallet will automatically exchange part of the tokens to Ethereum to cover transaction fees.

In order to make using our platform an even more enjoyable experience, we will introduce premium accounts with additional features. Premium account holders:All pre-ICO and ICO participants will receive a premium trial period for free, the length of which is dependent on the contribution amount: We will also have two membership types for the ICO participants with additional bonuses. Anyone contributing over $20000 will receive a VIP membership and get invitations to our annual Playboy-style events. Anyone contributing over $50000 will become a Platinum member and receive invitations to our private yacht parties. Both types of memberships will also have extra benefits and perks when using the platform.
• will be able to use the platform with no advertising
• will have their feed even more personalized with advanced machine learning
• will have an opportunity to send private messages to other members and content makers
• will have access to all paid live chats
• will be able to request personal live chats that no one else can enter
• and more

Economic model
Each day funds received from advertisers and users will be redistributed between all content makers that uploaded something during that day. AmaStar will keep 10% of those funds for operations and further promotion of the platform.

Every day a total amount of coins the platform receives will receive for ads will be divided by the total number of points collected by content makers, determining the price of each point for this day. Then at 00:00 UTC coins will be transferred to respective participants via a smart contract, and all points will be nullified. Therefore, coin distribution formula will be as follows:
A= total amount of coins received from advertisers
B= total amount of points collected by all content makers
C= total amount of points collected by a particular content maker
D= total amount of coins a particular content maker will receive

For example, in one day AmaStar has shown ads for 1000 AS coins (
A). In this day all content makers across the platform have earned a total of 5000 points (
B). This makes the price per point 0.2 AS
(A÷B). One particular content maker earned 200 points for uploading a photo (C), and will automatically receive 40 AS coins for this day (D).

This model will create continuous demand for AS coins. As the platform grows in terms of visitor numbers and content quality, the price of advertisement will increase and content makers will earn more, resulting in a deficit of coins.


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