Often when buying tickets for concerts, people are faced with problems: the more popular the artist, the sooner all cheap places end. Professional sellers pre-purchase a large number of tickets for the purpose of subsequent resale. But the main problem is that when reselling buyers are often deceived, and they remain without a ticket and money.

The Amicorum.Live ICO project creates a completely decentralized platform and peer-to-peer network for reselling tickets to festivals and concerts. The entire internal economy is built on AMI tokens, through which the purchase / sale of tickets is carried out.

AMICORUM (the Latin word for “gathering friends”) is an innovative platform that allows for the decentralization of the ticket resale area, using a blockchain and a secure identification platform. The platform is safe, transparent and free of any transaction / processing fees, for the purchase and sale of only identified tickets in the secondary resale market.

Purchase / resale of tickets 

Project Amicorum.Live offers a completely safe and transparent solution for reselling tickets, with zero commissions for sellers. In turn, buyers can without unnecessary risks and fears to buy tickets, passing swindlers.

Anyone can register on the platform, go through the verification procedure and put up tickets for sale. Ticket prices will be denominated in fiat currency, but the calculation will occur in the AMI tokens at the price at the time of purchase. Tickets will be sold as follows. After identification, the seller publishes information about the ticket (details of the concert, details) and connects it to the wallet. With the help of third-party APIs, the platform confirms ownership of the ticket and helps with the sale of tickets (the process is implemented on a smart contract).

Buying tickets has several differences. The user must select the event and ticket of interest, connect to the platform using the proven Identity and send a purchase request. After transferring funds to the seller, the ticket is moved to the user’s wallet, and is ready for use.

The main functions will include:

– creation of a user cabinet (seller / buyer);

– Integration of Secure Identity platform for KYC and verification mechanisms (USERS);

– validation of the Blockchain registrar with full information protection;

– Integrated ticket purse and ticket resale rules;

– decentralized exchange of tickets between the seller and the buyer;

– coordination of sales and remittances for sellers after the network is confirmed.

The platform automates all business processes related to the sale, re-sale, redemption of tokens, remuneration, redemption of festival or concert tickets, distribution of funds associated with each sale.

Remuneration model

The platform will also reward users for the transfer and purchase of tickets.  

A wide distribution of AMI tokens will be made on the AMICORUM.LIVE platform to launch a reward program. Users will be rewarded in percentage, based on the cost of re-selling tickets and the authenticity of the ticket, once confirmed through a smart contract. Although the tokens will be mainly used for the functioning of the platform, the demand will grow as the number of users increases.

ICO Details

Official site: .

Name of the token: AMI.

Standard token: ERC20.

Total number of tokens: 50,000,000 AMI.

The cost of 1 AMI: $ 0.5.

Pre-ICO: April 1 – June 1, 2018.

ICO: July 1 – August 30, 2018.

SOFT CAP: $ 3,000,000.

HARD CAP: $ 20,000,000.

AMI token distribution

In total, 50,000,000 AMI tokens will be issued, which the company plans to distribute as follows:

• 80% – sale within the basic ICO (40,000,000);

• 15% – reserve for founders (7,500,000);

• 3% – reserve for the marketing company (1,500,000);

• 2% – reserved for consultants (1,000,000).

Project road map   

October-December 2017 – study of the project; team building 

January-February 2018 – development of projects and websites; private sale; launch of Bounty and marketing in social networks 

March 1-30, 2018 – private sale / large investors  

April 1-June 30, 2018 – the second stage – Pre ICO; private investor agreements – KYC 

July 1, 2018 – the third stage – CrowdSale; distribution of tokens for pre-sale; launch of BETA product  

Q3-Q4 2018 – exchange, distribution of tokens for CrowdSale and Bounty; Additional market research, user growth  

Q1 2019 – legal patent for Europe, SE Asia; a global partnership program; global launch of the platform.  

The Amicorum.Live Team 

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