Analysis and evaluation of MenaPay project

MenaPay is designed to comply with Islamic financial requirements. MenaPay platform does not use or care, and demonstrates this through witnesses thanks to blockchain technology. MenaPay platform to share the platform’s revenue with User Card Holder MenaPay according to the approach to Islamic finance. As a result of this structure, MenaPay is expected to help digital area conversion. Placeaay is ambitious and extends the scope. It has similarities with other most prominent projects, Omisego
It focuses more on a specific geographical position, the Middle East and Africa. It is becoming the gateway to pay 420 million people across 18 countries in that region. Menapay has an ace up there which is the sleeve in this regard as it is a 100% Muslim non-bank compliant digital solution.
MenaPay token will be an ERC20 token so that it has a stable Ethereum network that exists and will have unchangeable and viewable transactions to build trust with people and merchants.
The current advantages of MenaPay token are:

  • 75% profit sharing will be paid to MenaPay token holder
  • Quick and inexpensive payment
  • Desktop and mobile wallet
  • Non-bank compliance 100% Islam
  • MenaCash USD tether
  • Face detection for security transactions

Profit sharing is always a nice positive in a token I’m looking to invest in. It has tags out of circulation and increases prices. MenaPay only has available atm, so it is not completely clear but it seems to force MenaPay card on your mobile phone or desktop computer to help secure Network a platform and transaction processing. Having a mobile wallet is huge for the recent electronic money poll that has mobile phone ownership at 75-80% of the Earth population. This will give this people a safe way to store and spend money they have never had before. If MenaPay succeeds, this will lead to mass adoption in this local area and may even spark global acceptance of electronic money in general.
100% Muslim non-bank compliance is a big difference to this code compared to others. This is a huge population that does not use banks because of their religious beliefs and gives them a Platform and a currency that allows them to save and spend money in ways they never had before. If only people who believe in Islam begin to use this, it will be enough to motivate everyone in the region to start using it.
Use the token, the most important part of any electronic money review. If the token is not tied to the full platform, it can never increase value and thus make it a bad investment. MenaPay token is the driving force behind this platform. It is a means of payment, it can be bet to earn rewards, which is payment for P2P transactions. So yes, MenaPay token is tied enough to the platform and will increase the value as the platform.

Some are good and some are average to talk about distributing this token. 64% of the sale of token with 15% bonus is very good. That is 79% of the tokens will be transferred to decentralized hands and will make this token more stable when it is publicly traded. 16% for the Group and the Advisor is a very reasonable amount, the only problem here is that there is no initial time for the Group or the Advisor (hopefully this will be resolved and supplemented in the full report ). The unsold tokens will be burning is always a good thing, fewer cards mean you are more valuable.
The hardcap of 25m is a bit high atm. I do not want to go to negative about this because ICO is not expected to happen until November but is 3 months away. If MenaPay ICO is held today, I will hesitate to invest because a 25 million dollar hat will put MenaPay at 218 on CMC. While I believe this project has great potential, I want to see benefits right from the gate and that may not be possible in the current market environment. Now all this goes out the window if we have some growth in the next 3 months. Desktop apps and mobile devices will work when ICO happens so people will buy active and usable products (very rare).
If we see an uptrend or better a bullrun in this market is an extremely good ICO to jump in. ~ 400 billion marketcap will see this token returned 3 to 4 times from ICO price. With a working platform and the advantages it has with that area is targeted, MenaPay should quickly crack up the top 200 on CMC very quickly after exiting its ICO.
The couple notes the last. This area generally has very poor banking options (for those who will even use them) in many different currencies. Having a safe and easy-to-use currency will make life better and easier for people there. The MenaCash USD tether is a big thing to remember because it will help keep fluctuations down. You will be able to trade 30 large electronic coins for MenaPay token on their platform (They have not listed them, hopefully in full white paper). They worked to integrate APIs and SDKs into their platforms, hoping that they will exist by the time the ICO ends.












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