Anonymous Bitcoin Born from Hardfork ZCL and BTC

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Hello Everyone, welcome once again to review projects that I find trends, with amazing features and a mission to overhaul the world of Cryptocurrency, the ANON project will provide 21st century solutions to the many challenges that still exist today.
And below is an explanation from me about ANON project, ANON Hardfork, ANON exchange, and others below:

About Anon and hardfork Anon

ANON is the technological advancement of both Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchain through the co-fork of both cryptocurrency. Hardfork has taken place on 10th Semptember, 2018. The fork has provided a 2: 1 ANON ratio for all ZClassic (“ZCL”) holders and 1: 1 ANON ratios for all Bitcoin (“BTC”) holders. And now Anon is in the Cryptocurrency exchange market.

The ANON team is proud to announce on their official Twitter that the snapshot is at 9pm EST on September 10, 2018, at block height: ZCL: 382.307 and BTC: 540,870 have been successful.


The Bitcoin and Zclassic protocols were incredible advancements in security and privacy. This undisputed fact is why we felt the need to create a dual fork combining the best of both coins.

Bitcoin is only pseudo anonymous and lacks transparent governance. Introducing ZK- snarks and master nodes to this legacy blockchain will greatly increase the privacy and speed of transactions.

The ability to effectively communicate is not a skill displayed by previous forks. We strongly believe that the community deserves a transparent forking process as well as exchange support, a cohesive team and a marketing strategy to gain attention from those who have yet to buy bitcoin.

Exchange that supports Anon fork

When Hardfork Anon happens, of course there must be an exchange market that supports the occurrence of an Hardfork Anon. There are 3 exchange markets that support the occurrence of Hardfork ZCL and BITCOIN to give birth to Anonymous Bitcoin. namely the market: Safetrade, Trade Satoshi and Cryptopia.

If you are interested in trading Anon / Bitcoin, just go to the Website page below.

  1. Tetrade :
  2. Trade Satoshi :
  3. Cryptopia : Cryptopia market will open Anon trade on September 24, 2018, they have announced it on their official Twitter.

Why ANON is born

With the birth of Anonymous Bitcoin will make users more secure in making transactions. because the purpose of the Anon project is to protect users and make users satisfied with the technology created by Anon.

The Team behind the birth of Anonymous Bitcoin



Well known in the Crypto-community as “The Crypto-King,” considers himself a blockchain enthusiast with a passion for technology, finance, law, and altcoins.


Dev Team Lead

Blockchain Engineer and Crypto-economist.


Dev Team Lead

Blockchain Engineer.



Founder of BitFinance.

If you want to find out more about the profile of the Team that contributed behind the birth of Anonymous Bitcoin, you can check Website official it here :

And below is an official account owned by Anonymous Bitcoin, please visit the page below to get more information from Anonymous Bitcoin :

White Paper :

Telegram :

Twitter : https ://

Linkedin : https ://

Bounty Round 2 Anon :

Author : Rinaldy

Username Bitcointalk : lutfi-hasan

Bitcointalk Profile address:;u=1290159

Anon address : AneVJzSsT3SLaK425ex1oTrrj53GuF72GKd


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