UNNIO is a blockchain powered user oriented social network service. UUNIO provides a platform where users will be rewarded for every contribution they make to the platform, from content creation to communication within users to up votes and share. UUNIO doesn’t reward with a commission system nor charge commission to a user’s generated income. The social network platform is based in Hong Kong, China and is administrated by a team of specialist in business development and Information Technology (IT) services.

Is to create a platform where consumers and producers will exchange goods and services directly without any intermediaries to reduce not only social costs, but also intermediary charges.Here, revenue generated by a user’s content is returned back to the user and not like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Youtube and several other social media platforms generated revenue directly and indirectly off the activities of its users, every subscription, post, like, share and other user-based activities is a stream of income to these platforms. Time spent on these platforms by the users is directly proportional to the revenue generated from such a user. Remarkably, alot of user go unrewarded for all their activities/contributions to these platforms, and this is the vision of UUNIO to change the situation for the betterment of the users of the platform. In UUNIO, everyone has the right to self-control.

Uniful chain is a contract reward platform ecosystem that is based on UUNIO’s own blockchain technology. By using UNIFUL chain’s api, users can participate in the dapps such as UUNIO, ReviewRepublic, etc. and be rewarded with UNIFUL coins. CLET, is the UUNIO’s wallet that allows users to exchange UNIFUL coins into UUNIO tokens and ICO chatroom with airdrop via QR code.

  • UUNIO chain is one of dapps that uses UNIFUL chain’s api, and is a blockchain-powered social media marketplace. Users can receive lifetime reward by participating on UUNIO platform as content creators or consumers.

UUNIO issued a total of 900 million tokens which will be exchange at a set ratio with UNIFUL coin from UNIFUL chain. And only UUNIO tokens will be listed on the exchange platform, and UNIFUL coins must be purchased and sold only by swapping it with UUNIO tokens. The main purpose of UUNIO is to build an ecosystem with a stable token economics, not a platform where money is issued randomly. Both Coins can be redeemed in fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies and users who do not wish to spend it can also store it in their cryptocurrency wallet.

2018 Q1:*
Token sale, 1st Business meet-up at walkerhill Hotels, Seoul (Hey Blockchain), Partnership with major k-pop creators.
2018 Q2:
UUNIO chain payment module partnership with startups, Content creators union education programme Launch, Individual partnership with local and Global Youtube creators, Listing of UUNIO coin at major exchanges, and First product Launch (CLET, June).
2018 Q3:
2nd Business meet up at Shanghai, China. Partnership with Chinese Broadcasting station, Oversea partnership program Launch for startups, UUNIO Alpha Launch.
2018 Q4:
UUNIO Beta Launch, Global Business Agency Launch at Hong Kong, UUNIO fest 2018, Yearly event at Hong Kong.

2018 Q1:
Private sales, Presale 1st, 2nd phase, Presale 3rd phase.
2018 Q2:
Server Development, Blockchain Development, CLET (UUNIWALLET) Launch.
2018 Q3:
Web version Alpha Test, Mobile Development.
2018 Q4:
Web version Beta Launch, Mobile version Launch, and Open A.P.I Launch.

In the current Social Network Service (SNS), The majority of revenue that is created from big data of your behavioral patterns and person information for targeted marketing earns big companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter etc huge some of revenues as you spend more time on SNS. The annual revenue for just Facebook is big and 98% of that income comes from advertising by targeting user. but in this current system (UUNIO), Content creators and users are not fully recognized for their value nor fully compensated or rewarded.

A total token supply of 900million UUNIO coins was issued by the UUNIO team in preparation for the crowdsourcing fundraising tool-The initial coin offering, ICO. The target amount or the hard cap for the ICO is fixed at 20,000,000 USD and the price of the token to be $0.08. Ethereum is the accepted cryptocurrency coin that will be use in the token sale.


  • Advisor and partner Acquisition (10%) 90,000,000
    *Team (10%) 90,000,000
  • Reserve (30%) 270,000,000
  • Token sale (34.86%) 313,750,000
  • Ecosystem Activation (15.14%) 136,250,000.

A private sale of UUNIO ICO was held from January, 2018 till the end of February 2018.The details of this private sale were not published on the whitepaper. And the ICO open to the general public is divided into two stages; I.e the presale and the crowd sale.

The presale ICO of UUNIO coin started from March 2018 to the end of March and the main crowdsale will begin immediately after the end of presale and like the presale, the crowdsale will also run for all one month.

  • Development 30%
  • Legal expenses 10%
  • Operations 20%
  • Contents Provider Acquisition 20%
  • Marketing and Promotion 20%.
    If at the end of the ICO and the target amount is not met, UUNIO coins will be issued to the investors for the amount contributed, figures may vary depending on the result. Otherwise, there is no refunding policy for the fundraising.

UUNIO is the first blockchain powered reward drive system, users will be compensated for all their activities on the platform that generates income. I believe that UUNIO with all their plans will diversify technology to many companies in the near future for the betterment of the users of the platform.



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