The entertainment industry changes with the times and blockchain provides the cutting edge technology of the day. As technology evolves, lives change and people alter their entertainment choices accordingly. Vaudeville on the neighborhood stage once reigned supreme. Then, radio and silent black and white movies took vaudeville’s audience. Movies became Technicolor talkies in cinemascope. And, radio added screens to become television. Now, everyone owns a TV set. At the simplest level, cryptocurrency provides a new way for the entertainment industry to sell products or to sell tickets.

Apollon Cryptocurrency (APO)’s bold aim is to become a leader in transforming the digital economic ecosystem for global entertainment and leisure businesses.The Apollon Blockchain project aims to develop and support all the related business applications with the underlying Blockchain infrastructure technology. The Group believes that APO Platform is one of world’s first and most comprehensive multi-chain platforms, coving and re-sharping pan-entertainment and eCommerce ecosystem landscape. The re-sharping of products and service offering could mean that it is beyond a customer’s comprehension (never know such a product or service could exist) at this point in time. APO’s vision is to have a “free flow of value”, enabling users or members of the Platform to enjoy the benefits of the rich offering of blockchain technology.

Apollon enables cross-chain interaction technology to allow many different Blockchains to connect and communicate with each other. A variety of systems can run through and to integrate with each other to provide an efficient, convenient, secured, and stable data processing. The Apollon Blockchain system enables a large number of Blockchain data to do parallel processing. The Group is closely watching the IT development of the Pratt & Whitney case of Blockchain deployment which apparently may trigger the change of the future evolution of FinTech deployment.

• Free flow of value
• Cross chain interaction
• Environmentally sustainable

• Community
• Usability
• Robust

• A community marketplace concept based on a host of pan-entertainment offerings with diversity
• Capable and robust technology deployment in the Blockchain, side-chain and Blockchain security areas
• Strong and secured offering on the payment tools and payment gateway
• Structuring a 2-tier currency structure to alleviate a platform operator’s pain points

Total Token supply – 2,500,000,000 APO
Token Name – APO
Total tokens for ICO – 248,000,000 APO
Supply tokens for sale – 458,000,000 APO
Ratio – 1 USD = 1 APO
Pre-Sale: May 7 – July 13 – 210,000,000
General Sales: Start from July 16 – 248,000,000
Accepting: BTC & ETH

Apollon Token Dis.PNG

• Apollon Blockchain infrastructure full process technology development and deployment;
• Apollon ecological construction and marketing / promotion (Establishment of multi-industry main and side chains infrastructure);
• Web eSports and online gaming infrastructure;
• Payment and settlement system + Cryptocurrency and asset eWallet.

Q1 2018: APO Davelopment
• The main network of APO settlement layer starts.
• Log submission mechanism (make it easier for developers to submit error logs or vulnerabilities.
• Community operations.
Q2 2018: Promotion of APO Scalability
• Development of consensus mechanism of APO main chain
• Development of State Channel technology
• Development of parallel Processing technology
Q2 2018: Promotion of APO privacy and security
• Development of Zero Knowledge
Q3 2018: Development of APO Module
• Smart Contract module development
• Virtual Machine module development
Q4 2018: Side-Chain Technolgy Development
• Anchored currency technology development
Q1 2019: Cross-Chain Technology Development
• Release external security ID of APO
Q1 2019: Release the Testing Network of APO
• Network testing and Security audit
Q1 2019: Release the APO eWallet
• Multi-signature transaction development
• Wallet backed design to improve performance
• Integration of Flashing technology
Q1 2019: Super Node Campaign
Q2 2019: Apollon – Main Network launched
Q4 2019: Apollon Token – APO apply for listing in exchanges
• Apply for listing in exchanges within the year of 2018
• Apply for listing in several main exchanges worldwide

Apollon Roadmap.PNG

Alan Lau – CEO
Takuya Hashiyada – CSO
Jimmy Chan – CMO
Robin Fan – CTO

Apollon Team.PNG

Keith Mcdonnell – senior roles within Online Gaming companies
Aviya Arika – Legal Advisor
Marc Gouws – senior management roles within the European & Asian online gaming sector
Kiyotaka Suganuma – Ex-Japan National PoliceAgency, Chief Cabinet Secretary
Joshin Shiroi – Ex-Politician of Tokyo Metropolitan in New Komei Party
Masaaki Mateuyama – CEO of P-Cube Ltd.
Katsuhiko Imai – Luck corporation ltd. CEO
Takahiro Gozu – Xenlon International Co ltd. Director & Incord Holdings Operating Officer
Takaki Harada – Season Consulting ltd. CEO
Seishin Iwashita – World Kyokushin Karate President (Kancho)
Yuji Shimizu – Founder of one of largest Karate Hall in Japan & unique “Music Karate”

For more details on this project, please feel free to click on any of the following links:
Website: https://www.apollon-foundation.org/
Whitepaper: https://www.apollon-foundation.org/static/file/Apollon_Whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/apollonalliance
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ApollonAlliance?s=09
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ApollonAlliance/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/u/ApollonAlliance
Medium: https://medium.com/@apollonfoundation
Youtube: http://apollon-foundation.org/static/videos/apo.mp4

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