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ApolloX could be a platform for building decentralised e-commerce applications and services on blockchain. ApolloX can use tokenization and decentralization to switch today’s rent-seeking enterprise with a brand new model of complete searching protection, information security and least commission

What Is ApolloX?

The advent of blockchain technology brings a brand new system and model for businesses. Before blockchain, firms and organizations that operate for profit should notice some way to bill their users to confirm profit. Also, they need to travel through multiple channels to confirm that they’re clear (which they generally still notice some way to evade).

With blockchain, a corporation will issue its own tokens supported sensible contracts which provides users a surety of transparency and direct involvement within the organization’s selections in line with the accord model.

This change of model is finding its manner into the ecommerce trade. the increase of on-line searching giants within the last a pair of decades are profound. The centralized nature of the trade, however, creates problems that can’t be really resolved if the system stays centralized. problems like unfair rating, hidden prices and knowledge abuse. the aim of decentralization within the ecommerce trade is to make a system that edges the sellers and consumers equally, and conjointly place a superb user expertise over profits.

One project with the aim of golf shot the ecommerce trade on the blockchain is ApolloX, that aims to make a blockchain-based scheme for all things ecommerce.

ApolloX is intended to change ecommerce services and applications in an exceedingly manner that’s truthful and economical on the far side this standards of the trade. ApolloX believes that with the implementation of their model, ecommerce prices are often reduced by up to four-hundredth. Their goal is also to make Associate in Nursing scheme that thrives on community.

The team concerned in PhoebusX has Associate in Nursing existing ecommerce platform referred to as Apollo Box. it had been launched in 2016 and has over one million active users these days.

What Does ApolloX Do?

The rise of the ecommerce business within the last a pair of decades has junction rectifier to the emergence of large on-line searching firms like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba. However, the centralized nature of this business has created problems with unfair evaluation, hidden prices, knowledge abuse and a lot of.

The problems that the e-commerce business is facing ar supported their centralized model, which might be summarized as follows:

  • The pricey nature of trust between consumers and sellers on existing ecommerce platforms. Sellers got to pay substantial amounts for his or her merchandise to be listed on huge ecommerce sites.
  • There ar hidden prices of advertising and promoting that ar centrally controlled. Sellers haven’t any possibility however to abide by this model, that minimizes their profitableness. Also, middlemen fees like transport and storage fees ar pricey on huge ecommerce platforms.
  • Users don’t have management over their knowledge on these platforms. the info is commonly resold to sellers, again and again while not the information of the consumers (who ar the homeowners of their own data).

ApolloX Provides a Decentralized Ecommerce Solution

ApolloX solves the on top of issues with a blockchain-based protocol that empowers decentralization within the e-commerce business.

The ApolloX protocol may be a set of intrinsic functionalities for all essential ecommerce transactions. Developers within the ApolloX community area unit inspired to create on the platform to extend the strength of the scheme.

The following area unit the first options of the platform, as kicked off in their whitepaper:

  • ApolloX has associate degree Attribution Protocol that keeps each group action and ecommerce activity in suburbanised databases. every participant on the blockchain will verify the integrity of the info with permissions.
  • Affiliate sales and referral traffic area unit managed via the Attribution Protocol. this enables sellers to review the performance of ads from all channels. Publishers get paid directly by sellers, that removes third party agencies and their commissions from the equation.
  • The Attribution Protocol additionally helps to trace the traffic supply of every visit on the ApolloX platform, and therefore incentivize community members WHO share retailers or merchandise through their social networks. every community member features a referral link that produces this attainable.
  • The Payment Protocol allows secure peer-to-peer transactions supported sensible contracts, so eliminating fraud.
  • There is additionally a sensible contract for shipping time guarantee. this suggests the merchandise can either arrive on time or the patron are going to be reimbursed for the delay.
  • The Arbitration Protocol resolves disputes between consumers and sellers supported a Deposit-Challenge-Vote system. A customer or merchant will open a case once they cannot resolve a dispute with another party on the ApolloX platform. every party deposits associate degree quantity of tokens and state their case. Once the case is ready up, a broader vote is displayed to a willy-nilly hand-picked cluster of community mediators WHO forged votes with ApolloX tokens to form a choice regarding the end result of the case. when the vote is complete, the losing aspect can lose their tokens.
  • The winning aspect and mediators WHO voted for the winning aspect get a share of the tokens from the losing aspect (as incentive). The mediators WHO voted for the losing aspect gets their tokens back however with no further reward.
  • The name Protocol rewards honest reviews and penalizes deceitful reviews. people who provide deceitful reviews lose tokens, and additionally lose their ability to review different merchandise.
  • The Oracle and knowledge Protocol is employed to produce external info regarding problems like provision, personal info and advertising.

ApolloX Uses

Decentralized Marketplace

The decentralized marketplace with an unparalleled user experience.

Independent Stores

Powers independent stores with blockchain and the ApolloX network , charging minimal fees and producing intrinsic traffic.

E-Commerce Services

Service businesses for the sellers and buyers, such as decentralized shopping data exchange and decentralized shopping insurance market.

ApolloX Token

ApolloX Token (APXT) is designed to facilitate transactions within ApolloX ecosystem and promote positive contribution to the community.

There are multiple ways for each role to earn and spend APXT in the ecosystem.

  • Earn for sharing social accounts. Customers can earn APXT by opening accounts and connecting social networks.
  • Pay for services on ApolloX network. Sellers need to pay for platform service fees such as advertisement and search ranking with APXT.
  • Rewards and Affiliate Program. Members bring in affiliate traffic earn APXT as rewards for affiliate orders.
  • Perks for members holding APXT. Premium members who hold APXT tokens receive perks such as discounts in purchasing and free service.

ApolloX Team

ApolloX Advisors

ApolloX Investors

For more Information,Please see the Link Bellow :

Website=> https://apollox.network/

Whitepaper=> https://apollox.network/whitepaper

ANN Bitcointalk=>https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4650252

Telegram=> https://t.me/apolloxgroup

Twitter=> https://twitter.com/apolloX_network

Facebook=> https://www.facebook.com/apolloxnetwork/

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