ApolloX: Decentralized platform for global e-commerce

The ApolloX stage is fusing decentralized online business applications and organizations to make an open and law based biological system. Here buyers and dealers can particularly relate and have an improved web based shopping background without monopolistic delegates.

Each trade on ApolloX is distributed, notwithstanding all go betweens. This spares venders from paying extra charges and gives clients bring down thing costs. Meanwhile, ApolloX convention shields the two gatherings from distortion and question with brilliant contracts and system based affirmation at no extra cost. All shopping data is encoded and approval engaged, only accessible to master associations with the client’s assent, which in the long run lights up security issues and reduces out of line competition.

As a decentralized stage supporting online business shops, the ApolloX convention itself is regulated and checked by all people and kept open source. Each piece of ApolloX, from the token fiscal to the customer encounter design, is attempted to progress and reward positive system duties from buyers, dealers, producers, and expert associations.

ApolloX creator and CEO Will Li assumes that more brands will use decentralized electronic business stages as their basic online arrangements channel since they offer straightforwardness and opportunity.

“The present web business industry powers merchants to pay wherever between 25% to half of the arrangement cost to get development and trust. Blockchain development and token economy is a promising plan. By remunerating positive system duties, ApolloX can lessen the cost of development and trust by finished half and shape a straightforward and comparable online business condition. Things will be 10% more affordable and you’ll never need to worry over traps or discussion when shopping on another site.

The ApolloX stage is being made by the gathering behind Apollo Box, a Silicon Valley based online business association that has in excess of 800 venders, almost 1M dynamic customers in the US and has been incorporated into indisputable preparations like BuzzFeed, HuffPost and TechCrunch. Made of individuals from striking schools and associations like MIT, Stanford, Duke, Newell Rubbermaid and Google, the ApolloX bunch has expansive involvement in cross periphery online business and blockchain establishment.


Nov 2017

ApolloBox passed $1M month to month deals.

Dec 2017

ApolloX Foundation established for investigating blockchain innovation for online business

April 2018

ApolloX discharges whitepaper

May 2018

ApolloX Token coordinated with ApolloBox application

Oct 2018

ApolloX front-end framework beta form discharge

Dec 2018

ApolloX alpha rendition running on disseminated hubs

April 2019

ApolloX decentralized commercial center begins test activity

Q3 2019

ApolloBox moves all activity onto ApolloX Infrastructure


ApolloX turns into a completely decentralized administration

ApolloX Team

Our establishing group are from MIT, Stanford, Tsinghua, Google, and Newell Rubbermaid with broadened involvement in cross fringe internet business and blockchain framework. We are sponsored by legitimate investment from US and China.

Will Li

Co-founder & Technology Lead

Claire Zhou

Co-founder & Product Lead

Dr. Shannon Ma

Marketing Lead

Dr. Yusi Zhang

Cryptography Researcher

Kyle White

Marketing & Community

Bowen Liu

Full-Stack Engineer

Jannelle Garcia

PR Specialist

Arianne Paulino

Logistics Specialist


Zaki Manian

Jun Wu

Huican Zhu

Chris Li

Felix Li

Jennifer Wang

Visit the links below for more information:
Website: https://apollox.network/
Whitepaper: https://www.apollox.network/downloads/ApolloX_whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
Telegram: https://twitter.com/apolloX_network
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apolloxnetwork/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apolloX_network

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