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The cryptocurrency market is one of the most successful emerging markets that have turned in yearly outputs as large as billions of dollars which is to say that investments running into it will be accounted in it will be very huge.

This is so because the market has been tested and results have proven the effectiveness of using cryptocurrency to conduct business transactions especially payments which are made without having to worry about geographical barrier, or banking issues and other various issues that limits global business deals.

Investors in the cryptocurrency business are however on shaky ground and this is because the market is always changing. For investors just entering the crypto market, they are more prone to scams and frauds which is as a result of lack of knowledge about how the crypto market works in general and for experts, the problem faced is where to conduct their business i.e. trading or exchanging smoothly without hassle.

The APOLLOX platform was therefore created to balance the crypto market by solving all these problems as well as creating a single avenue where all financial services wanted by both new and expert investors can be met to their tastes.

APOLLOX As A Solution
ApolloX is a decentralized platform structured on the blockchain technology with the purpose of creating a more improved and efficient marketplace experience for both merchants and their customers in the e-commerce industry.

This is made possible because this platform firmly believes that only through complete decentralization offered by the blockchain technology can the full potential of the e-commerce industry be realized.

How APOLLOX operates
The ApolloX platform intends to build a strong relationship between sellers and buyers by making activities in the e-commerce platform smooth, highly scalable and making provisions for goods and services at attractive prices for both parties.

To make all these plans successful, ApolloX platform intends to integrate the following features:

Blockchain technology.
Only through the blockchain technology can complete decentralization, smart contracts, proper recording and security be achieved and this is the basis on which this platform is built.

Attribution protocol.
This is a part of the platform’s module that is responsible for traffic control which is a big factor in the success of e-commerce platforms and will be maintained properly on the ApolloX platform and will also make sure that all data such as advertisement data meet required standards at a cheap price that can be seen transparently by the merchants and their customers.

Payment protocol
This protocol is responsible for all transactions relating to payments between buyers and sellers and is also in charge of outsider insurance as well as the possible exchange of fiat currency to the cryptocurrency used by the platform.

Arbitration protocol
This protocol was created by the platform in other to solve disputes or conflicts that may arise between merchants and their customers in the process of purchasing goods. This dispute is solved using a Deposit-Challenge-Vote system where one party can open up the case by depositing a small amount of ApolloX token and the opposite party is also expected to do the same with both of them providing their own argument.

Data security and control
Various data is generated on a regular basis on every e-commerce platform that if not properly protected can fall into wrong hands but in other to avoid this, the ApolloX platform created a data protocol that is permission enabled and fully encrypted. This encryption makes it possible for only users with the passkey to access them i.e. completely safe with users getting to be in charge of all activities of the platform including their data.

Benefits of the APOLLOX
This platform with the use of decentralized blockchain technology provide a better avenue where buyers and sellers can meet to conduct their business securely, enjoy fair prices as intermediaries that increase cost have been eliminated.

Users of this platform do not have to worry about the security of their data as it secured on the blockchain and can only be accessed by only authorized persons.

Token information
The token of this platform is known as ApolloX token and can be gotten as rewards by users who invite their friends and family to the platform as well as for informative posts about the platform on social media.

In Conclusion
I will jump at the chance to state, now, that the thoughts introduced in this article is only a rundown of the colossal potential outcomes that the ApolloX venture holds and offers to corporate elements and even individual clients. I, consequently, firmly prescribe everybody to peruse the ApolloX whitepaper for a superior handle of this tremendous wander.

for more information visit the following links:

Join the Telegram Group: https://t.me/apolloxgroup

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/apolloX_network

Follow on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apolloxnetwork/

Website: https://www.apollox.network/

Whitepaper: http://www.apollox.network/downloads/ApolloX_whitepaper_v1.0.pdf

ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4650252


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