ApolloX Token (APXT) Decentralized Blockchain Ecom Marketplace Launches



The ApolloX platform is incorporating decentralized online business applications and administrations to make an open and law based ecosystem. Here purchasers and sellers can specifically associate and have an optimized online shopping experience without monopolistic intermediaries.
Each exchange on ApolloX is peer-to-peer, barring all middlemen. This saves sellers from paying additional charges and gives customers lower item costs. In the meantime, ApolloX protocol shields the two parties from misrepresentation and question with smart contracts and network based assertion at no additional cost. All shopping information is encoded and authorization empowered, just available to specialist organizations with the customer’s consent, which eventually illuminates security issues and lessens out of line rivalry.
As a decentralized platform supporting web based business shops, the ApolloX protocol itself is overseen and checked by all individuals and kept open source. Each part of ApolloX, from the token monetary to the client experience configuration, is worked to advance and reward positive network commitments from purchasers, sellers, makers, and specialist organizations.
ApolloX author and CEO Will Li trusts that more brands will utilize decentralized web based business platforms as their essential online deals channel since they offer straightforwardness and freedom.
“Today’s internet business industry powers sellers to pay anyplace between 25% to half of the deal cost to pick up movement and trust. Blockchain innovation and token economy is a promising arrangement. By rewarding positive network commitments, ApolloX can diminish the cost of movement and trust by over half and shape a transparent and equivalent online business condition. Items will be 10% less expensive and you’ll never need to stress over tricks or debate when shopping on another site.
The ApolloX platform is being made by the group behind Apollo Box, a Silicon Valley based web based business organization that has more than 800 sellers, near 1M dynamic clients in the US and has been included in unmistakable productions like BuzzFeed, HuffPost and TechCrunch. Made of people from striking schools and organizations like MIT, Stanford, Duke, Newell Rubbermaid and Google, the ApolloX group has broad experience in cross fringe online business and blockchain foundation.

ApolloX Will Bet On A Decentralized Marketplace
The creators of the company really believe that a decentralized marketplace is the right choice for the future of e-commerce because it can solve many of the issues that this industry is currently facing.
One of the main problems that the decentralization is able to solve is that you no longer need to “trust” the retailer because this is a new trustless system. By using smart contracts and the arbitration of the community, trust is immediately established without any need for you to even know who you are transacting with.
These new mechanisms will ensure that the e-commerce marketplace of the future will be a bright place in which all the users will be able to make transactions without fear.
Data access is another issue that the company believes that can be solved. ApolloX believes that the consumers should have the right to do whatever they want with their data. This means to have access to it and be able to control who will get access to this data.
On ApolloX, all data will be encrypted and only accessible if the person who created this data lets the other use it, which means that they can give the rights or sell them.
Finally, by having a decentralized platform, the company will be able to really makes the fees lower. Many platforms take most of the profit from the sellers, which makes them increase the price of their products and the buyer ends up losing too.
By cutting the middlemen and all unnecessary costs, ApolloX is able to really make the price of the fees lower and both sides will be beneficiated from this efficacy which, according to the company, can make the price of the products at least 40% lower.
Not only the buyers and sellers of the ApolloX will be benefited by the platform. Because the company offers a payment, arbitration, reputation, oracle and data protocol, it will support roles for many users from the community and be able to help manufacturers, advertisers, logistics and other actors of the e-commerce industry.
ApolloX’s CEO Believes That Decentralized E-Commerce Is The Future
Will Li, founder and CEO of ApolloX, is betting on the blockchain. He believes that the future of global e-commerce is decentralization. As the decentralization improves transparency and gives independency, it has everything that it needs to succeed.
According to Li, the current e-commerce industry forces the sellers to pay between 25% to 50% of the money they get from sales to use the platforms. By rewarding the community and really creating a good ecosystem, the products will be cheaper and the system will work for everyone.
This new platform was created by Apollo Box, a company based in the Silicon Valley with over 800 vendors. The company already has full backing and has prominent angel investors like Amino Capital and Hofan Group.

Nov 2017
ApolloBox passed $1M monthly sales.
Dec 2017
ApolloX Foundation founded for exploring blockchain technology for e-commerce
April 2018
ApolloX releases whitepaper
May 2018
ApolloX Token integrated with ApolloBox app
Oct 2018
ApolloX front-end system beta version release
Dec 2018
ApolloX alpha version running on distributed nodes
April 2019
ApolloX decentralized marketplace starts test operation
Q3 2019
ApolloBox migrates all operation onto ApolloX Infrastructure
ApolloX becomes a fully decentralized service
ApolloX Team
Our founding team are from MIT, Stanford, Tsinghua, Google, and Newell Rubbermaid with extended experience in cross border e-commerce and blockchain infrastructure. We are backed by reputable venture capital from US and China.
Will Li
Co-founder & Technology Lead
Claire Zhou
Co-founder & Product Lead
Dr. Shannon Ma
Marketing Lead
Dr. Yusi Zhang
Cryptography Researcher
Kyle White
Marketing & Community
Bowen Liu
Full-Stack Engineer
Jannelle Garcia
PR Specialist
Arianne Paulino
Logistics Specialist
Zaki Manian
Jun Wu
Huican Zhu
Chris Li
Felix Li
Jennifer Wang

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