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The way the world is evolving, one can only pause and ponder, taking a good look at the world today and the world 20years ago, the difference is clear; technological advances in the order of the day. This technological advances have given rise to many possibilities and opportunities all in a bid to ensure life is made easy and simple.

With that being said, in the world today, to promote any project is now made easy as it can be done via social media platforms with a great audience. Owing to this possibilities, the content marketplace has grown tremendously making it possible for participants or parties involved to experience an entirely new way of either promoting services (content creators) or getting a product and services promoted (content seekers).


With the aforementioned quality and unfathomable benefits and features of video content. Aqer is a platform that has emerged to leverage on the use of blockchain-tech and A.I to create a beautiful and effective marketplace where vloggers and various brands come together to fashion a synergy that bring about unfathomable promotional innovations and also help the video makers to build their various profiles as to boost their influence.

The main aim of this establishment is to launch a proficient place where the searchers and the video-makers will meet and thereby communicate via the use of blockchain-tech and A.I abilities.

For some of us that are curious about what is it to Improve in vlogger?

Furthermore, vloggers struggle to secure brands, they no longer work together and even experience delayed payments which are unfavourable to them. In addition, vloggers distribution content rights and ownership tend not to be transparent.

The dollar million question now is, what’s the solution?

To answer this question, a team of experts came together and offered a solution, one which will leverage trending technologies such as AI ( Artificial Intelligence) and Blockchain technology. Thus, with these technologies, a platform was born known as AQER which stands for Artificial Intelligence Quotation for Entertainment Rights. With these technologies, AQER becomes the first marketplace where content creators and content seekers will meet directly, in the long run, becoming an ecosystem of marketplaces for varieties of entertainment categories and sections.

What AQER Offers

In a bid to make the content marketplace efficient for both content creators and content seekers, AQER leverages blockchain and AI, through this way becoming the first smart marketplace for various entertainment rights.

With AI and blockchain, AQER marketplace will be easily accessible by both vloggers and brands, at the same time being transparent and fair to all and sundry.

In order to ensure brands gets connected with a reliable vlogger, AQER via the aid of its technologies will integrate and collect data from social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram etc, through this way empowering brands to select the perfect vloggers for their promotional services. While vloggers, on the other hand, are contacted directly for their services.

As humans are always unpredictable and also in order to ensure terms are not changed midway, all agreements between vloggers and brands are signed on the blockchain, thus with the immutable nature of blockchain any iota of manipulation is removed while transparency becomes the other of the day. Furthermore, with blockchain ensuring transparency, agreed entertainment rights are enforced automatically.

Uniqueness of the stage

What make this stage one of a kind are its better than average and inventive supporters, not just on the grounds that it is a substance creation stage (vlogger), yet in addition in light of the fact that the utilization of blockchain innovation goes past customary substance sharing stages, so this stage is the quickest and generally solid.

Snag looked by AQER venture

VLOGGING faces the difficulties of straightforwardness: It was noticed that some different stages are not straightforward in their way to deal with picking VLOGGERS, and this has prompted lost trust in the framework. This frame of mind keeps content makers from utilizing their framework. Promptly, I told my companion, who is a VOGGER, about the AQER stage, that he was so glad to join and enlist on the stage subsequent to contrasting the stage and some others, since he saw the capacities displayed by the AQER stage, which are superior to those accessible highlights in different stages. There is no uncertainty that a high level of trust and straightforwardness is required for each effective undertaking, and that is the reason I put stock in an abnormal state of trust and straightforwardness in the AQER stage,

High esteem

Another issue that shakes up vlogging: Lot of organizations charged a great deal of cash for giving VIDEOBLOG administrations from organizations and endeavors, where by the day’s end VIDEO administrations and administrations are not worth the value they charge. Today, I am satisfied to advise you that the period of high expenses has arrived at an end essentially in light of the fact that the AQER stage has given another installment strategy, which incorporates the utilization of blockchain innovation, which will help diminish the charges charged. Both contenet makers and substance searchers will be permitted to arrange legitimately, without connecting any outsider administrations, and this will arrange the most minimal deal cost for the two gatherings.

AQER aims to eradicate the issues affecting the VLOGGING through the introduction of blockchain technology that will help both CONTENT SEEKERS and CREATORS exchange services in the best possible ways. It has always been difficult for both parties to exchange services over the years as a result of lack of trust. But now AQER has introduced best possible method that will eradicate all fears of scams in VLOGGING. The VLOGGERS will be allowed to be contacted directly by CONTENT SEEKERS without the need for any intermediaries.


Token Supply => 100,000,000 AQER

Token Type => ERC20

Token Allocated to Private Sale => 35,000,000 AQER

Token Allocated to Pre-Sale => 10,000,000 AQER

Token Allocated to Public Sale => 10,000,000 AQER

Token Price => 0.20 EUR – 0.50 EUR

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