AQER; The Blockchain Computerized Platform

AQER Overview

AQER is the first blockchain showcase where content searchers and substance makers share administrations and rights effectively and straightforwardly.

Brands can effectively channel and channel vloggers to discover accomplices that suit their objectives.

When utilizing a licensed computerized reasoning calculation, vloggers are viewed as straightforward and depend on various KPIs.

There is no middle person between substance makers and substance searchers, so marks save money and produce more vloggers.

Vloggers can be reached straightforwardly or take an interest in rivalries started by brands to create limited time recordings.

Blockchain offers the most abnormal amount of straightforwardness and the capacity to consequently uphold concurred stimulation rights.

The AQER stage gives immediate and secure exchanges available through AQER tokens.

The objective of the stage

The objective of AQER is to dispose of issues influencing VLOGGING by executing blockchain innovation, which will support the substance and makers web indexes to trade benefits in the most ideal way. For quite a long time, it has dependably been troublesome for the two gatherings to share benefits because of an absence of trust. However at this point AQER has displayed the most ideal strategy that will dispose of all feelings of trepidation of extortion in VLOGGING. CONTL SEEKERS will be permitted direct contact with VLOGGERS with no delegates.

Uniqueness of the stage

What make this stage one of a kind are its better than average and inventive supporters, not just on the grounds that it is a substance creation stage (vlogger), yet in addition in light of the fact that the utilization of blockchain innovation goes past customary substance sharing stages, so this stage is the quickest and generally solid.

Snag looked by AQER venture

VLOGGING faces the difficulties of straightforwardness: It was noticed that some different stages are not straightforward in their way to deal with picking VLOGGERS, and this has prompted lost trust in the framework. This frame of mind keeps content makers from utilizing their framework. Promptly, I told my companion, who is a VOGGER, about the AQER stage, that he was so glad to join and enlist on the stage subsequent to contrasting the stage and some others, since he saw the capacities displayed by the AQER stage, which are superior to those accessible highlights in different stages. There is no uncertainty that a high level of trust and straightforwardness is required for each effective undertaking, and that is the reason I put stock in an abnormal state of trust and straightforwardness in the AQER stage,

High esteem

Another issue that shakes up vlogging: Lot of organizations charged a great deal of cash for giving VIDEOBLOG administrations from organizations and endeavors, where by the day’s end VIDEO administrations and administrations are not worth the value they charge. Today, I am satisfied to advise you that the period of high expenses has arrived at an end essentially in light of the fact that the AQER stage has given another installment strategy, which incorporates the utilization of blockchain innovation, which will help diminish the charges charged. Both contenet makers and substance searchers will be permitted to arrange legitimately, without connecting any outsider administrations, and this will arrange the most minimal deal cost for the two gatherings.

Token Distribution

55% Allocated to sell tokens

28% Allocated to reserve (vesting rights)

10% Allocated to founders and teams

5% Allocated to consultants and partners

2% Allocated to Bounty and Airdrop


10% Distribution on a token generation event

3% Distribution on operating expenses

23% Distribution on a team

6% Distribution on cybersecurity

8% Distribution on functionality and development of a platform

10% Distribution on intelligent entertainment Legal contracts

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