The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is Aqua Intelligence, an information driven stage on the blockchain that empowers shoppers to adapt and approve their own information.


Aqua Intelligence is an information construct stage in light of blockchain that enables purchasers to adapt and approve their own information. In light of this solid information, AQUA Intelligence makes a decentralized thorough profile for every shopper. The profile won’t be imparted to outsiders and AQUA Intelligence will authorize strict security arrangements for information insurance. By utilizing man-made brainpower and different instruments, this profile enables the inn business to build deals, operational proficiency, advantage, and customer encounter. This stage is bolstered by AQUA (AQX), utility tokens.

We accomplish this by utilizing our discrete information sources including, AQUA RMS, AQUA SDK, AQUA Mobile application, and AQUA PMS – our restrictive Property Management System, as of now incorporated with one of the biggest accommodation brands.

Purchasers will profit by our stage also. They’ll get a token to approve and give information to our application, and will have the capacity to spend it through our accomplice arrange like dealers, inns, eateries and other travel accomplices.


The cordiality business suppliers depend on information that is frequently deficient and off base while giving items and administrations to purchasers. With AQUA Intel, shoppers will have the capacity to give information and check existing information and can acquire AQX tokens as remuneration and installment. With precise and confirmed information, providers can give their clients more important and customized offers.

Aqua INTELLIGENCE comprises of 3 parts:

•Aqua Mobile

•Aqua Intel

•Aqua RMS (income administration administrations).

Buyers acquire tokens to give enter, approve existing information, and take part in different exercises, for example, overviews and inn surveys/audits.

They can likewise utilize AQUA to deal with their reliability focuses between various suppliers and the association of movement.

Utilizing man-made brainpower, purchasers can get continuous responses for all movement related inquiries by means of an intuitive interface. They can likewise share encounters and create associations with different individuals.

Utilizing AQUA versatile. what’s more, profiles will be made based on purchaser assets from AQUA Mobile and different sources. Devotion projects and travel game plans will be encouraged. AI will give answers, explanatory and down to earth recommendations for purchasers and providers. AI can likewise produce item information to meet the particular needs of providers. Utilizing client profiles made at Intel and different sources, for example, season and occasions, AQUA enables providers to give customized item and administration contributions and focused on interchanges.

The stage will likewise enable merchants to streamline their devotion programs by changing over AQX. Stages will likewise profit by our stage. They will acquire tokens to give information in our application and will have the capacity to direct them through our system of accomplices, including shippers, inns, eateries and other travel accomplices. also, you can get it: UNIVERSAL TRAVELER PROFILE A protected general across the board framework based on a square chain.

Dedication POINTS, we will utilize the visitor esteem, visitors from the fragment contingent upon the benefit and reinvestment in them.

Upsetting the Hospitality Industry

Current arrangements utilized by the friendliness business contain portioned and off base information because of obsolete programming arrangements worked without information insight. Water is currently upsetting the scene by building up the neighborliness business’ first thorough information arrangement utilizing AI and blockchain innovation. Through this progressive approach, AQUA is helping organizations increment their income through customized contributions to their clients, expanded operational proficiency, and utilizing machine figuring out how to perform proficient advertising. In the meantime AQUA enables clients to approve their information and improve their dependability benefits through investment in our AQUA Token biological community. We achieve this by utilizing our discrete information sources including, AQUA SDK, the AQUA Rewards application, AQUA PMS and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


A protected, complete profile framework based on the blockchain in view of approved information.


Increment income open doors for neighborliness organizations with more important information.


Artifical Intelligence and information produce important

Dependability POINTS

Augment the advantages of steadfastness programs for the two buyers and inns.

Programming interface ACCESS

We intend to make our information and profiles avaiable to be effectively incorporated with different frameworks.


Controlled by our token biological system to compensate buyers for their support and information


Aqua Mobile, RMS, PMS and then some!

We will incorporate AQUA INTEL with every one of our stages, for example, RMS, PMS and more for the accommodation business. Our PMS is right now being actualized in one of the biggest neighborliness brands.


AQUA Private Blockchain

Token Details

Token Name: AQUA (AQX)

Standard: Ethereum ERC20 (Utility based)

Price per Token: $ 0.25 USD

Pre-Sale: May seventh – July 30th, 2018

Pre-Sale Cap: $ 20,000,000 USD

Crowdsale: July 30-September 30, 2018

Crowdsale Cap: $ 25,000,000 USD

Total Hard Cap: $ 50,000,000 USD (225M AQX Tokens)

Token superiority: Platform utility token

Date Launched: Issued after crowdfunding

Step by step instructions to Participate: Visit Medium


We will offer the realization of AQUA INTELLIGENCE through two fundamental stages: Pre-Sale and Main Sales (Crowdsale). We will publish a weekly report on AQUA Crowdfund on our Blog in Medium, and discuss it with the group. We need to keep up most extreme transparency across all phases of the project.

As per best practices from the Crowdfund process, the number of AQUA Tokens has a realistic Hard Cap. AQX token publishing will be done after Crowdsale.

It might take up to 30 days to distribute AQX tokens to contributors.

As per the current regulatory situation, we will lead a KYC/AML inspection to each contributor in AQUA INTELLIGENCE Crowdsale. This procedure is required to ensure long haul compliance of the AQUA INTELLIGENCE project.

Pre-Sale Details:

Hard Cap Pre-Sale AQUA token: $ 20,000,000 USD

Currency received: ETH

Token exchange rate: 1 AQX = 0.25 USD in ETH

Number of tokens per one person: unlimited

Least transaction sum in Ethereum: $ 10 USD in ETH

Most extreme transaction sum in Ethereum: Unlimited (in Hard Cap)

Start date: May 7, 2018

End date: July 7, 2018

The bonus scale is set as follows for Pre-Sale:

15% Bonus until May eleventh

12% Bonus up to 25 May

9% Bonus up to 15 June

6% Bonus up to 30 June

3% Bonus up to July 30th

0% Bonus up to 30 September


AQX is a token for the hospitality industry.

Consumers use tokens to redeem products and/or services from taking an interest hotel partners similarly as hospitality rewards points are earned and spent.

AQX connected in AQUA value proposition – partners can use AQX token or reliability points to pay for AQUA Intelligence service.

AQX can be obtained through dependability, cooperation, social interaction, advancement and more.


45% AQUA Token Sale

30% Platform Reserve

20% Team

5% Bounties & Airdrops


40% Platform Development

20% Research & Editorial

30% Marketing
10% Operational Expenses

10% Legal


2Q15 – 2Q18

Launched web and mobile-based PMS platform for hotel industry

Currently in test properties across Las Vegas, NV

iOS mobile application and web: Improved to V1.1

Partnership and integration with significant hotel chain

Prototype of machine learning based PMS platform


Token White paper release

AQX Token sale

Create a working gathering of in-house blockchain developers and ETH people group developers


Finalize the design of our private blockchain

Initiate the movement of legacy hotel data onto our private blockchain

Develop the MVP for AQUA Mobile

Construct the management team for AQUA

Begin development of the AQUA RMS platform


Dispatch alpha AQUA RMS platform

Complete architecture of the data platform by gathering data feeds across web platforms, mobile apps, and other third parties

Begin integrating tokens as monetization mechanism by means of ETH blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts

Begin development of data feed, based on keywords and topics generated from our machine learning algorithms


Token-based platform beta test

Strategic partnerships and integration

Network Node Architecture, AI, Machine Learning, and Prediction Model

Private Blockchain Beta – Single Shared

Private Blockchain Beta – Multi State


Begin development of AI-based Intelligent Assistant

Develop expansion get ready for Europe-Asia-Pacific

Expand relationships with hospitality and retail partners

Dispatch AQUA Mobile

Manufacture AQUA datacenter


Expand upon AI-based insight and analysis tools, using historical user action data amassed from our client base as preparing set. Begin development of AI-based Intelligent Assistant to help identify, save, retrieve, assess and analyze relevant open data for users





TONY LAU: Advisor


OKECHI ONYEJE: Blockchain Developer



ARTHUR IINUMA: Blockchain & Crypto Advisor

MYLARA SWAMY: Blockchain Developer

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