AQUA Intelligence is a data-driven platform on the blockchain that enables consumers to monetize and validate their personal data. Based on trusted data and other sources, AQUA Intelligence creates the most comprehensive and decentralized profile for each consumer. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with additional tools, the comprehensive profiles allow hotels and other businesses to improve their sales, boost operational efficiency, increase profits and enhance the consumer’s overall experience.

Consumers can earn AQX, a utility token, by becoming a member of AQUA Mobile, providing data inputs, validating existing information on them and participating in surveys and other activities.
The AQX Tokens can be converted into loyalty points and pay for products and services of participating hotels and businesses. Consumers can also use AQUA Mobile to centrally manage all their travel or dining reservations and loyalty points, have travel related questions answered and interact with other members of the community.

AQUA Mobile will become a popular App for travelers and consumers.


At the core of AQUA’s technological infrastructure is AQUA Chain, a private decentralized ledger warehousing all transactions aggregated by AQUA’s technology framework, software products, and contributing partners. AQUA Chain’s transactional data is designed to be exclusively populated by AQUA, via a Smart Contract that requests data from AQUA’s software products, then is responsible for publishing the data to the AQUA Chain. The Smart Contract is open-sourced to enable transparency into the code base responsible for requesting and publishing of data to the network.


AQUA will initially perform a data aggregation exercise to collect and store available data that is recorded from our current software products and other data sources which will then be pipelined into a standard database. Once the data has been organized and reviewed for quality (i.e., assure that there are no duplicate entries or erroneous information), AQUA will execute the software code in the Smart Contract and allow for an initial set of data to be populated into the blockchain.

This data is provided by AQUA’s proprietary data aggregation technology and is further pruned to eliminate the source of the data such that only the transactional portion of the data is preserved and written to the blockchain. This action helps to anonymize the origin of the data, while still providing relevant and meaningful information about a particular individual.

Access Control Lists

To protect the proprietary nature of the data and the transactions that are posted to AQUA Chain, AQUA only permits permissioned access via an Access Control List (.acl) managed directly by the company. Thus, visibility of the transactional data posted to AQUA Chain is managed and controlled by AQUA.


AQUA Token (AQX) is an ERC20 compliant utility based token that powers the AQUA ecosystem and is the hallmark product of the AQUA brand.
AQX seeks to improve the liquidity and fungibility of the current hospitality reward and currency system by using AQX as a medium of conversion and exchange within the ecosystem.

Furthermore, AQX can be used as its own discrete currency for our retail, travel and hospitality partners along with participating entertainment and leisure destinations.

Token Sale Details

The token sale will fund the full development and adoption of the AQUA Intelligence network. The sale began on May 07, 2018, and will end on September 30, 2018, or when the hard cap of USD $50M is reached.

The total supply of tokens will be 500,000,000: 45% of the total supply of AQX will be distributed during the token crowdsale. At the start of the token sale, each AQX token will be priced at $0.25. Bonuses will be available on a sliding scale depending on the period of purchase (see below).

Total supply: 500,000,000 AQX

Circulating supply: 250,000,000 AQX

Hard cap: USD $50,000,000

The sliding scale bonus is specified as follows for Pre Sale:


There will be no bonus for the final month of the token sale. Tokens will be transferred once the token sale has ended.

Token Allocation

The total supply of AQX Tokens available will be 500,000,000, of which 45% will be allocated to the token sale.


Use of Funds

Funds raised during the AQX Token Sale will be used for the development of AQUA Intelligence and for the ongoing expenses required to support the growth of the ecosystem.



Below is a summary of our intended roadmap. It is subject to change, without notice, and is based on many factors, including the current industry climate, competitive landscape shifts, market conditions, user demand, and regulatory feedback. The roadmap is intended to illustrate our current plan to implement our stated technologies, as we move to solve the issues in the hospitality industry.



The AQUA founding team specializes in a wide variety of fields including real estate, blockchain, finance, legal, and more. To become part of the team, each of its current members had to show proven past performance and were carefully selected by AQUA. The core development team members have years of experience in building scalable projects for users throughout the world.

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