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Aqua Intelligence is here to bring the power of blockchain technology and decentralization into the hospitality industry. Aqua Intel overcomes the limitations of current hospitality trends, such as inaccurate data and lack of transparency, by combining both blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI). To make Aqua Intel’s vision a reality, the platform has recently launched their token Pre-Sale on May 7thwhich lasts until July 30th, 2018. The Pre-Sale offers the official ERC-20 type token called AQUA (AQX) at a price of $0.25 USD each. The main token sale will be held from July 30th — September 30th, 2018.

The Pre-Sale cap is $20,000,000 USD while the Crowd Sale cap is $25,000,000 USD. Distribution of AQX tokens to contributors may take up to thirty (30) days. Payments will be accepted in ETH with the minimum transaction amount of $10 in ETH. Contributors will be able to earn a different percentage of bonuses throughout various stages of the Pre-Sale and Crowd sale, starting with a bonus of 15% until May 11th, 2018.

The founders of Aqua Intel have successively launched an innovative Property Management System (PMS) for the hotel industry and is currently being implemented with one of the largest hospitality brands in the world. The mission of Aqua Intelligence is to revolutionize the hospitality industry by not only solving existing problems but also providing a systematic and streamlined approach. With Aqua Intel, businesses can increase revenue through personalized offerings to their customers, increase operational efficiency, and perform resourceful marketing with AI. By participating in the AQUA Token ecosystem, the consumers can also validate their data and optimize their loyalty benefits.

Aqua Intelligence is the only blockchain platform for the hospitality industry that allows the consumers to earn AQX tokens for validating and providing data with their Aqua Mobile App which will be used discreetly to provide better services, rewards and more. Aqua Intel uses the collected data to create a decentralized comprehensive profile for each consumer together with AI to offer the most effective sales and marketing campaigns for the hospitality industry. The platform implements strict privacy policies and encryption for data protection and does not share consumer data with any third party.

Aqua Intelligence is powered by the AQUA (AQX) token, which can be used by the consumers for redeeming products and services from the participating partners. Participating businesses can use AQX token or loyalty points to pay for services provided by Aqua Intelligence. There are several ways to earn AQX including loyalty, participation, social interaction and promotion.

A total of 500,000,000 AQUA (AQX) tokens will be created out of which 45% will be reserved for contributors who participate in the Pre-Sale or Crowd Sale. 5% will be reserved for bounty programs/airdrops and 20% will be allocated for the founders and the team. The remaining 30% will go towards the development of the platform.

More information about Aqua Intelligence and the ongoing Pre-Sale can be found at

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