What is AQUEST

Aquest is a decentralized app that rewards its users for completing a certain task. Marketing campaigns are created with the focus of rewarding its participants, all required tasks being engaged by the eligible participants and completed by them are being rewarded in the form of aQuest tokens.All tasks are digitally verified actions which is rquired to be completed by the users in order to successfully participate to a quest, this can include a survey or a facebook like.

The Cloud Based Tool Integrated With The Enkronos app

With the use of creative and innovative cloud based tools, the aQuest app helps in building quests. These tools can be accessible in all devices thereby making it easier and simple to create and manage quests at anywhere and any point in time. Quests are a great way to help build user pool in the Enkronos App, and this is made possible with the integration of the quests with the Enkronos App which will contribute to building user pools. With the collections of users building up, the same users can be engaged with other applications which focus on the improvement of the engagement of users with your brand.


` Aquest is Secure

The security and protection of access is made certain with layers of encryption as it is built on top of the Enkronos App stack and it also uses smart contracts to regulate signes for ERC-20 quests


Anyone and everyone can gain easy access to aQuest, as there is no restrictions available, furthermore KYC not needed.


aQuest can be used for various purpose including a bounty task, a facebook like, or a Survey, ad watching, and even app installation.


Mobile First 

AQuest adopts a mobile first approach that enables you to earn easily on your mobile device.



Signees can be paid in ERC-20 tokens. Paypal and credit cards and other digital currencies are soon to be implemented and adopted in the future.



36.11% of the tokens will be distributed to the community,with 2% to be allocated to the bounty campaign, and 6% for advisors, 12% to be allocated to the founders and the team while 43.89% is locked and reserved.




 Token Name: AQU

 Token Platform: Ethereum
 Token type: ERC-20
 Pre ICO Price: 1 AQU= 0.003 ETH
 Token Sale: 200,000,000
 Min Investment : 0.1 ETH
 Accepting Payment : ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat.
 Distributed ICO: 36.11%
 Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD
 Hard Cap: 39,000,000 EUR

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