aQuest Building solutions, creating system control on marketing campaigns for high-class systems and on this platform focusing on giving the best control to all contributors, complying with rules High and then after all participants have done. This task is received to pay the reward after finishing a task, so this makes all users very intervention to contribute on this platform, about task control all verification performance. very good.

Decentralized applications or dApps are applications that run on P2P PC systems instead of single computers. Applications have existed since reaching P2P networks. This is a type of programming program intended to exist on the Internet in a way that does not exist. It is not controlled by any factor.

Decentralized applications don’t really need to run on the blockchain network. BitTorrent, Popcorn Time, BitMessage, Tor for most common dApps applications run on P2P arrangements, but not on Blockchain as a kind of P2P tool. network. Contradicting simple, simple contracts, in the great sense of Bitcoin, depositing money from A to B, dApps has a multitude of members on all sides of the market.

aQuest is a special decentralized application that pays you to complete a certain task. Such simple. It was created by Enkronos. Our credit framework is currently encrypted on a personal profile and it is the common property of each of the items distributed in its platform. The ultimate goal is to receive the AQU token as its internal fuel, creating a aQuest phase based on the open record blockchain.

Smart contract government is the foundation to build dApps. Smart contracts are a common set of codes, stored on the blockchain network. We do not need to use designated agents or servers. The code is executed dynamically, when activated by pre-customized events. Smart engineer group code using Ethereum systems.

The stage includes the implementation goal of the Event that generates the current token. This will be the site starting from: March 27, 2019, the AQuest Platform utility token used in all exchanges determined by credit transferred on the stage itself. AQU pursues the standard ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

AQU will be the best way to use the Quest Platform, beyond ENK’s trust. We will make clear about the estimate of the entire platform. This stage will provide access to many applications for different computer tasks, from connecting life on the internet to research and customer entry entries from attempts to introduce Airdrops, just to Name some precedents.

Furthermore, connections between individual applications will make Enkronos Apps a great permanent perspective on customer information. Target groups: ICO, STO, blockchain sector, financial services, health, manufacturing, retail, large-scale retail distribution points, department stores, media agencies, fashion, Ho .Re.Ca, Touristic, Mass-Brand, Finance, Small Business.

Enkronos application will allow any engineer or organization to distribute their custom applications in the platform. They will benefit from comparable and secure SSO conditions and RESTful API association of Enkronos Apps.Enkronos Apps has the necessary tools for your organization to get very high customer-related data requests. Your with fun and drawing in the app.

Deploying technology

aQuest high performance for ecosystem control in marketing campaigns because it is deployed with high technology, and then aQuest integrates with Enkronos Application and therefore, helps to create all the quality in build creators on the campaign, and then with the Enkronos Collection app for all users and buildings to join with other users, and then aQuest focuses on controlling the improvement of participation Users to create the best brand in the future, set up and control interaction and transactions also on the platform.

Features of aQuest

Integrating with the Enkronos Application, and then on the Automation website, we can build more rewards when performing tasks, easy to use and learn to contribute on this platform, efficiency and high service, clear mobility for use, very reliable and then highly secure control for all users contributing on this platform, based on all rewards using token erc-20, and more tasks and more transformations for all users to contribute on this platform.

Token information:

  • Token name: AQU
  • Pre-ico price: 0.003 ETH
  • Ico price: 0.006 ETH
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Softcap: 1 million dollars
  • Hardcap: 39 million dollars
  • Previous ico: 2019-01-24 – 2019-02-21
  • ICO: 2019-02-25 – 2019-04-09



aQuest has a strong team:

AQuest’s development team includes the most skilled IT members, marketing, application development, business, management, human resource management, communications, blockchain … with many years of experience in the areas in which they were active. Along with experienced advisers, the development team is well prepared to provide a perfect platform for the global market.


aQuest has breakthrough ideas, well-designed materials and websites:

  • Website:
    Has a beautiful, eye-catching and easy-to-see interface, contains all necessary information about ICO as well as the development direction of the project. Show the professionalism of aQuest team in project operation.
  • The detailed white paper of aQuest in English is available at: . It contains information about the project, development team, route, development direction, operation and ICO. This white paper is very nicely designed, the information is detailed and clear. This illustrates the great effort that the aQuest team has put into this project.


As expected, aQuest will expand its scope of operations outside the world. I believe that with its potential, transparency, security and advantages, aQuest will have a firm foothold in the exchanges in general and crypto circles in particular.

Personally, I rate this project very high. I think I should invest in it. With high liquidity in the market, it will automatically raise prices, this is a very favorable sign for investors to buy these codes in the early days of ICO, the price is still cheap. aQuest Token can be accepted in most leading trading markets, which brings a relatively large discount in transactions.

If you want to invest in aQuest, this is a good time to invest. Join now, visit for more details, and remember to buy immediately before all tokens are sold.

Readers interested in this project can learn more about the project through:

Username : Ozie94

Profile :;u=2103066

ETH : 0xDa2F65ea0ED1948576694e44b54637ebeCA22576


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