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aQuest is an extraordinary decentralized application that pays you to complete certain tasks. Simple like that. This is being made by Enkronos. The credit framework is now set on personal records and is a shared asset between each item distributed on the platform. The final goal is to receive AQU tokens as fuel in them, making the blockchain record open based on the Quest stage.

Project objectives

The main objective of the developer is to give entrepreneurs the opportunity to create an effective marketing company with the ability to reward consumers for the data provided.

aQuest offers its makers to make promotional efforts that pay attention to remuneration for participants. The trip participant must complete a business so that he meets the requirements for the installment prize before completing a task. Tasks are confirmed digital activities that the client must complete in order to be effectively interested in a mission
– Enkronos Application Reconciliation
– Automatic Site
– anything can be done
– Safe
– Accessible
– Mobile first

Gig and Freelance Economy experienced huge growth. But until now no one has provided a combined answer and robot for the installation of computerized tasks. The aim of the Quest Platform is to provide answers to this unsolved problem. This will progressively produce proficient and monetary processes identified with all types of advanced tasks Gig and Freelance Economy.

With aQuest you can make extraordinary showcases that emphasize the compensation of participants. Participants are required to complete work immediately so that they are eligible for safe prize payments. On the other hand you as an organization can gather important information about your clients and lift your image recognition. Example: If this mission is to search for air droplets, endorsers can obtain legitimate ERC-20 tokens before the completion of the air bead.

the aQuest application causes you to build your journey with a creative and instinctive cloud-based tool. This instrument is open from all gadgets. To oversee and carry out missions is easy and must be possible from anywhere. All trips coordinate with Enkronos Apps and add to create Pool User makers

Principle of operation

Aquest  is a decentralized application with an intuitive and simple interface that allows business owners and large companies to create various tasks for customers and consumers to get valuable information and promote their own brands.

This application will mainly be used by the following categories:

  • creator of the ICO;
  • financial services sector;
  • Blockchain-sector;
  • pharmaceutical company;
  • retail representative;
  • famous brand.


aQuest built on Enkronos Application registration and use contracts that are suitable for ERC20.
Accessible You
can join aQuest, without limitation, without KYC.
The first mobile that
determines our Cellular to answer you easily on your mobile device.

Enkronos   Application Integration of  aQuests is a great way to help build User Groups in the Enkronos Application.

Search variability can consist of surveys, Bounty assignments, Facebook likes, additional watching, installing apps or capturing Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Your prize  can take participants in the ERC-20 token. In the future we plan to also implement PayPal, Credit Cards and other digital currencies.
Sales Token Details:
Token Name: AQU
Token Platform: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
PreICO price: 1 AQU = 0.003 ETH
Sales of tokens: 200,000,000
Min. investment: 0.1 ETH
Receive payments: ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat
Distributed ICO: 36.11%
Soft cap: 1.000.000 USD
Hard cap: 39.000.000 EUR
September 2018
The origin of the idea of ​​the aQuest platform. Development of business concepts and plans.
October 2018
Elaboration of the legal model of the aQuest platform in various jurisdictions. Development begins.
December 2018
Preparation for ICO. Smart contract development for the release of AQU tokens. Private sales begin. Continue development of the platform.
January 2019
End of personal sales. Pre ICO starts. development of APIQuest. development of aQuest web application. Starting from marketing campaigns to attracting end users.
February 2019 – Pre-sale ends. ICO public sales began.
March 2019 – Release beta version of the platform. Starting from the AQU wallet.
April 2019 – ICO public sales expire
May 2019 – Development of AQU wallet.

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