aQuest is a portable application that rewards any individual who finishes an errand given by the aQuest. Meaning of the application is that basic. aQuest adds to tasks that balanced on paying its individuals. Members of the particular journey are relied upon to finish an undertaking so as to be fit for a reward toward the finish of the mission. An assignment can be a study, Facebook like, airdrop and so on. By the assistance of the aQuest, one can manufacture an extensive undertaking that coordinates on paying its individuals.

The showcasing effort contains straightforward and inventive errands. After finishing these journeys clients will be remunerated with aQuest stage tokens. A portion of the essential errands are given underneath:

• finishing a basic review;

• preferring, remarking, reposting or making a straightforward post in Facebook, Twitter and so on;

• viewing a video and buying in to the YouTube channel;

• joining the message gathering and giving ERC20 address to airdrops;

• introducing applications, rating on application store;

• visiting sites and so on;

The aQuest application gives inventive cloud based devices which causes business people to effortlessly make basic journeys. It is important point that these devices can be effectively available on any gadgets. In this manner makers can deal with their journeys from anyplace. All the made missions are incorporated with Enkronos application framework which fabricates explicit group of onlookers base. Alongside this diverse brand proprietors can likewise connect with one another to increment and improve the client base. In this manner organizations can make their brands prominent.

Then again, an organization through the aQuest can gather significant information from its clients and grow brand consideration. The principle opportunity is to make missions with inventive and natural cloud-based devices. These instruments are reachable from all interactive media gadgets. Thus keeping up and planning undertakings are simple and can be set up from wherever conceivable.


aQuest Features?

With aQuest you can make incredible advertising efforts that emphasis on remunerating its members

• High-Level Security

aQuest is framed over the Enkronos Apps mass and uses brilliant contracts to control marks for ERC-20 journeys.

• Accessible for Everyone

Everybody can join aQuest from all over. There aren’t any requirements or KYC.

• Completely Mobile

aQuest’s portable first methodology enables anybody to use anything easily on cell phones. This is an advantageous and quick style clearly.

• Integrated Enkronos Apps

aQuest is an incredible portal to help develop the Users Pool in Enkronos Apps.

• Diversification

The errand introduced in aQuest can be a poll, an abundance task for an ICO, a Facebook obligation to continue, a notice to watch, introducing an application or getting a Pokemon on Pokemon GO.

• Rewards

Any errand manufacturer can pay its members in ERC-20 tokens. PayPal, charge cards or some other advanced installment techniques will be executed in not so distant future.

Advantages of aQuest stages are:

• it furnishes abnormal state of security with Enkronos application stack and shrewd contracts;

• anybody can join aQuest stage and acquire rewards, there is no KYC required;

• the aQuest stage is accessible on cell phones which makes it simple to utilize;

• makers can expand their client base;

• clients will get remunerates in tokens;


The venture utilizes AQU tokens for making errands on the stage. On the stage clients can likewise change over their AQU coins into ENK tokens, which are additionally be utilized to make assignments. The change proportion is 2 ENK = 1 AQU.

aQuest Token

Token Specifics

Token Name aQuest Token

Type Utility

Ticker AQU

Platform ERC-20

Supply 200,000,000

Token Allocation

Bolted and Reserved 43.89%

Disseminated to Community 36.11%

Authors and Team 12%

Advisors 6%

Bounty 2%

Utilization of Funds

Promotion and PR 30%

Development 25%

Inward Business 20%

Integration 20%

Legitimate, IT and Admin 5%









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