Aquest – Reward your participants in a innovative way

Developed by Enkronos, Aquest is a decentralized application that seeks to automate the Gig and Freelance Economy sector by rewarding users for completing certain digital tasks such as surveys, social media interaction, or product reviews.

Additionally, Aquest offers creators with a platform for creating powerful marketing campaigns where they can acquire important information on customers and increase brand recognition.

How Does Aquest Work?

Aquest requires participants to complete tasks in order for them to secure rewards. For example, there could be an airdrop quest where the participants will receive ERC20 tokens once the airdrop is completed.

Users can also create quests using innovative and intuitive cloud-based tools that can be accessed from any of the user’s devices, which makes it easy to manage the quests.

All the quests created on the Aquest platform are integrated with the Enkronos Apps and contribute to the creator’s Users Pool. The quest creators will have the opportunity to engage their users with other apps that will improve the user’s engagement with the brand.

Accepted Token

The Aquest token will be the platform’s utility tokens and will be the main payment method for all the transactions on the platform. The AQU tokens are exchangeable for ENK tokens, which are the utility tokens that power “Enkronos Apps” platform where Aquest is integrated. The Aquest wallet will store the AQU and ENK tokens and users can monitor their account balances via the cryptocurrency wallet.

Moreover, the AQU tokens will power all the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding processes on the Aquest platform and making investments in companies registered on the platform.

Benefits Of Aquest


The Aquest platform is created on the Enkronos application stack, the platform also utilizes smart contracts, which facilitates all the quests on the platform.

This ensures that all the parties involved in the transaction fulfill their obligation in that, users complete their tasks and creators of the quests pay the users after they complete the quests.

Accessible And Convenient

Aquest does not have any restrictions or KYC requirements; therefore, anyone can join Aquest and start receiving rewards for their participation in simple tasks.

Aquest is designed to be mobile friendly which enables users to earn rewards from the convenience of their devices.

Integration With Enkronos Applications

Since the platform is integrated with Enkronos application, quest creators can easily increase their user pool in Enkronos apps while increasing their user engagement with their brands.

The creators can also use the platform to create campaigns where they can collect data for improving their brands.


Quest creators have the freedom to create tasks, which could include surveys, bounty task, watching video advertisements, liking a Facebook post, installing applications, or playing a certain game.


Currently quest creators can pay those who participate in the quest using ERC20 tokens; however, plans are underway to make it possible for the creators to make the payments using PayPal, credit cards, and any other major cryptocurrencies.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: AQU
  • Token protocol: ERC20
  • Total token supply: 200,000,000 AQU Tokens
  • ICO sale date: 25 February, 2019 – 09 April, 2019
  • Token price: 1 AQU Token = 0.006 ETH
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, ENK, and Fiat
  • Soft Cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 39,000,000 USD

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