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About the project
One of the most valuable resources in the world is customer information, which allows some entrepreneurs to make their business more successful and also very profitable, to get the necessary data about consumers’ tastes and preferences to create new products, and third – make products more comfortable and effective.
At present, gathering information about consumers is a procedure that is quite difficult and too expensive. It is important to note that the latter do not benefit from collecting customer information, which is why they are reluctant to provide their own data and share their views.

The solution to this situation is a new platform called Aquest, which will give consumers the opportunity to be able to share their own information, promote trademarks, and get financial prizes.

This application can be used for unique searches that can be done by anyone, from anywhere in the world. All searches can be integrated with the application itself and create collections for users. Thus, you can even increase your audience for any purpose, for example, to interact with your brand. Thus, you can even increase your audience for any purpose, for example, to interact with your brand.

Naturally, applications use smart contracts that govern system tokens. Here the work is transparent and safe. Anyone can join this application, and without any restrictions, even without going through KYC procedures.

The purpose of this project
The main objective of the developer is to be able to provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to be able to create effective marketing companies with the ability to reward consumers for the data provided.

aQuest is a very unique and decentralized application that pays you for certain tasks. This project was developed by Enkronos. The credit system has been marked on the personal ledger and is a shared resource for all products published on the platform. The main objective is to adopt AQU tokens as “internal fuel”, creating aQuest public platform based on the blockchain.

Aquest is a decentralized application with an intuitive and simple interface that allows business owners and large companies to be able to make various tasks for customers and consumers to get valuable information and can promote their own brands.

Following are the categories that use this application :

creator of the ICO
financial services sector
pharmaceutical company
retail representative
famous brand.

Aquest’s main eadvantages :

the high level of security provided by the Enkronos application stack in combination with smart contracts
availability, implying the possibility of completing a search without passing KYC and without regional restrictions
the ability to use a smartphone to complete a search
deserves a prize.

Token Info
AQU Token
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price of PreICO 1 AQU = 0.003 ETH
Price in ICO 1 AQU = 0.006 ETH

Private Sales: 50%
Pre Sales: 30%
Tokens sold for 200,000,000

Investment info
Min. investment of 0.1 ETH
Receive ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat
Distributed at ICO 36.11%
Soft cap : 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap : 39,000,000 USD


The Team


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