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aQuest is an extraordinary decentralized application that pays you to complete certain tasks. Simple like that. This is being made by Enkronos. The credit framework is now set on personal records and is a shared asset between each item distributed on its platform. The final goal was to receive AQU tokens as fuel inside, creating an open blockchain record based on the Quest stage.

Smart contract administration is the base for building dApps. Smart Contracts are a collection of codes that are disseminated, stored on the blockchain network. Its use does not require an agent or server assigned by itself. This code was executed dynamically, when activated by a previously adjusted event. the engineer group encodes Smart Contracts using the Ethereum system.

The stage consists of the purpose of implementing the current Token Generation Event. This will be a web-based starting from: March 27, 2019, the utility platform for the Quest platform used in all identified with credit delivered on the stage itself Aqu pursues the standard ERC20 tokens on the blockchain Ethereum.

AQU will be the best way to use PlatformQuest, apart from ENK. The award will directly articulate the estimation of the entire platform. This stage will offer access to various types of computerized tasks, ranging from internet-based life connections to study and input, to just mention a few examples.

In addition, connections between single applications will make the Enronron Application an amazing regular perspective of client information. Target Groups: ICO, STO, blockchain sector, financial services, health care, manufacturing, retail, Large-Scale Retail Sales Distribution Points, Department stores, communication agencies, Fashion, Ho.Re.Ca, Tourists, Mass-Brands, Finance, SMEs.


With aQuest you can create a strong marketing campaign that focuses on rewarding participants.

Participants are asked to complete a simple task to be eligible for safe prize payments. On the other hand, you have to collect important data about your customers and increase your brand recognition.

This term began with decentralized application companies and decentralized self-sufficiency organizations. Typical definitions include the accompanying characteristics.

– Code is open source, supervised by self discipline

– Records and information are deleted using a block chain, providing unreliable connections and avoiding any purpose of disappointment.

– Reward clients who use cryptographic tokens as a transaction tool, approve exchanges, or manage on the network.

– Tokens generated by encryption calculations

aQuest advises manufacturers to encourage attention to paying participants.

Clients must stop being effectively interested in the mission

– Adjustment of the Enkronos Application

– Automatic site

– aQuest can be anything

– security

– Accessible

– First cellphone

Performance and a loose economy have achieved tremendous growth. There has never been an answer to innate robotics to break up computerized tasks.

The monetary process is skillfully identified in one of the advanced uses of the Gig and Freelance Economy.

Example: If this search is an airdrop search, the recipient can obtain a valid ERC-20 token at the end of airdrop.



aQuest built in Enkronos Application registration and use a contract that is suitable for ERC20.


Everyone can join aQuest, without restrictions, without KYC.

The first mobile that

determines our Cellular to answer you easily on your mobile device.

Enkronos Application Integration aQuests is a great way to help build User Groups in the Enkronos Application.

Variability of a

quest can consist of surveys, Bounty assignments, Facebook likes, additional watching, installing apps or capturing Pokemon in Pokemon GO.


You can take participants in the ERC-20 token. In the future we plan to also implement PayPal, Credit Cards and other digital currencies.

Token Sale Details:

Token Name: AQU

Platform Token: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC20

PreICO price: 1 AQU = 0.003 ETH

Tokens sale: 200,000,000

Min. investment: 0.1 ETH

Accepting payment: ETH, BTC, ENK, Fiat

Distributed ICO: 36.11%

Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 39,000,000 EUR



September 2018

The origin of the idea of ​​the aQuest platform. Development of business concepts and plans.

October 2018

Elaboration of the legal model of the aQuest platform in various jurisdictions. Development begins.

December 2018

Preparation for ICO. Smart contract development for the release of AQU tokens. Private sales begin. Continue development of the platform.

January 2019

Private sales end. Pre ICO starts. development of APIQuest. development of aQuest web application. Starting from marketing campaigns to attract end users.

February 2019  – Pre-sale ends. ICO public sales began.

March 2019 – Release beta version of the platform. Starting from the AQU wallet.

April 2019 – ICO public sales expire

May 2019 – Development of AQU wallet.


The official resource of the aQuest project:

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