AQUEST – Utility Tokens, Used for Operation on the aQuest Platform

Hi friends If you are interested in joining the Aquest project, you should read reviews that can help you get information that can help you see their vision and mission. Here’s the review:
What is AQU TOKEN?
aQuest tokens (AQU) are the utility tokens, used for operations on aQuest platform.
aQuest offers its creators to create marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants. Participants to a quest are required to finish a task in order to be eligible for a reward payment at the end of a quest. A task is a digitaly verified action that a user is required to complete in order to successfully participate to a quest (Examples: Survey, Facebook Like).
  • Enkronos Apps integration
  • Automated website
  • aQuest can be anything
  • Secure
  • Accessible
  • Mobile first
With aQuest you can create powerful marketing campaigns that focus on rewarding its participants.
Participants are required to finish a simple task in order to be eligible for a secure reward payment. On the other hand you as a company can gather important data on your customers and boost your brand recognition.
Example: If this quest is an airdrop quest, the signee can obtain valid ERC-20 tokens at the end of the airdrop.
aQuest is built on top of the Enkronos Apps stack and uses smart contracts to regulate signes for ERC20 quests.
Everyone can join aQuest, no restrictions, no KYC.
Mobile first
Our Mobile first approach enables you to earn easily on your mobile device.
Enkronos Apps integration
aQuests are a great way to help build up the Users Pool in Enkronos Apps.
aQuest can be a survey, a Bounty task, a Facebook like, watching an add, installing an app or catching a Pokemon on Pokemon GO.
You can pay your signees in ERC-20 tokens. In future we plan to implement also PayPal, Credit Cards and other digital currencies.
The initial issue of AQU tokens is programmed by a smart contract and will be carried out as you can see on the pie chart.
For a good governance of the aQuest app, transparency is a key value. The overall allocation percentages are the same as stated in the Whitepaper and also displayed in pie chart on your right.
September 2018
The origin of aQuest platform idea. Development of the concept and business plan.
October 2018
Elaboration of aQuest platform legal model in various jurisdictions. Development starts.
December 2018
Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for AQU token release. Private sale starts. Continue the development of the platform.
January 2019
Private sale ends. Pre ICO starts. aQuest API development. aQuest web application development. Start of the marketing campaign to attract end-users.
February 2019 – Pre Sale ends. ICO public sale starts.
March 2019 – Release of platform’s beta version. Start of AQU wallet.
April 2019 – ICO public sale ends
May 2019 – AQU wallet development.
You can join or participate in the Aquest sales crowd through the following links:

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