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ARAW could be a multi-part system that aims to bring solutions to interrupt down e-commerce and payments. ARAW isn’t merely a token, it’s over that. it’s a decentralized e-commerce and payment platform provided by Ethereum Blockchain. it’s several options to boost the web looking expertise and retail for customers, in addition to improving the means merchants operate and conduct business transactions. because of the ARAW notation, ecosystems bring several edges and enhancements to the present e-commerce business. The ARAW token system is represented as Associate in The Nursing all-in-one system for merchants and customers. we’ll currently bear each side of the AOW Token system.
one among the vital “ingredients” of the Arawin token system is its mobile application. the appliance is in Associate in Nursing E-commerce Marketplace wherever customers will look digitally with the ARAW Token. Moreover, mobile applications supply Associate in Nursing electronic billfold for a range of coins and cards, in addition as enactment currencies. This includes ARAW, BTC, ETH, and USD a. there’s additionally a digital currency exchange engineered into the mobile application that enables users to exchange electronic cash with different electronic cash and to enactment and the other way around. Another powerful feature is that the integrated industry on the appliance, permitting users to recharge by checking account and receive a refund on the ARAW card. Moreover, the peer-to-peer feature permits users to send and receive ARAW cards between friends and family,
Customers will be able to patronize actual retail stores exploitation ARAW bit & Pay Card. The means it works is simple: ARAW mobile application users can have ARAW cards in their wallets that they’ll use to create micropayments at stores, cafes, supermarkets and even on. common on-line looking platform. this can permit electronic cash to be employed in “real life”, through ARAW cards. to extend businessperson acceptance rates, the system introduced ARAW Pay, permitting merchants to just accept payments online exploitation the ARAW token. It’s very easy to line up and could be a reliable thanks to receiving payments for client transactions.

Finally, active users taking part in the platform are going to be rewarded with ARAW cards, which might be changed on the market or online at ARAW acceptive electronic consumers as a payment.
PROBLEM problems to grasp

The lack of a reliable international exchange permits people to convert tokens into enactment currencies.
No sensible use for electronic cash in daily operations
Decrease the worth of the token because of group action fees
Excessive or skimpy regulation in several countries around the globe, each damaging the acceptance of the user and leading to numerous fraud schemes wrecking the name of worthy comes. trust
Requirements for specialized blockchain developers
Barriers to entry


The ARAW notification is tailored to receive ERC20 easy security and entry rules. ARAW Tokens are needed for every of the commercialism platforms on the ARAW token Associate in Nursing refers to the reward purpose for every application exploitation an interested client or ARAW Token Holder. for every exchange created on the ARAW token platform, which might be issued, changed or later re-traded, the leader of the exchange pays a little fee to use the ARAW good contract.

Token = ARAW
Price per code = zero.01 USD
Bonus = obtainable
MVP / example =
Platform obtainable = ERC20
Accept = ETH
Hat = $ 2,000,000 (Approved)
Hard cowl = $ twenty five,000,000
Country = United Kingdom
Whitelist / KYC = KYC & Whitelist
Restricted space = North American nation, CHINA





Building trust is difficult as a result of on-line looking centers are monitored by many large entities. there’s a drag in exchanging trust from one trade center to one trade center; there’s a desire to create a solid link with the traders. Tragically, the trader’s history is commonly not recorded, creating it troublesome to trade or sell the suspicious product. nice temperament testing and promotion efforts are required to create exchanging easy and safe for a sure businessperson.

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