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What is ARAW?

ARAW is a new blockchain company that will soon release a new token. The main goal is to provide end-to-end solutions for e-commerce companies and “touch and pay” crypto cards, as well as online payments with cryptocurrency supported by blockchain technology.


The purpose of ARAW

The company intends to create a transparent integrated system that will be adopted by many people. They want to create an ecosystem that is connected with ARAW Pay and ARAW Touch and Pay Card. Other plans include creating plug and play widgets, cashback options so that clients are protected (which is something that is not common on the blockchain).


Basically, ARAW will be an end-to-end solution because it will provide everything you really need to buy online products for full security or to offer these products and manage your own business yourself. ARAW will be a transparent ecosystem that will bring customers and stores together.


The company’s goal is to launch the platform until 2019 and continue operations during the following year, focusing on the American and Asian markets while initially focused on Europe.


Online business market


Given the structure of our records that have passed, the things that can be accessed for purchase are collected from various parts of the world on the business focus. Buyers and shippers from various parts of the world also gather in conditions that are activated for trade. The customer stage will in this way have the capacity to approach the whole once of a large number of open offers on the focus of Araw’s business. With our help and the Araw Platform, every store owner is permitted to carry out a single arrangement or create an odyssey level electronic business.


Araw Card – Touch and Pay


Araw – Touch and Pay card expects to allow customers to make micropayments in bistros, general stores and regular online shopping. It contains radio-repeat recognizing evidence (RFID) to talk to the peruser card to engage the contactless part. With the Araw Card landing, we plan to increase the Araw division regulated by ordinary customers


Details of the ARO Token ICO

ARAW tokens will become Ethereum ERC20-based tokens which will go on sale during the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which will run from July 1 to August 30. Sales will have a total of 3,500,000,000 ARAW tokens, which is 70% of the total supply.


To participate, you must be whitelisted after the products Know Your Customers that you can make until June 30. The soft limit is 5,000,000 USD and the hard cap is 25,000,000 USD. Only ETH will be accepted as a token payment method.


Token Information

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Q1 2016 Araw Idea Born

Q2 2016 Prototype Araw Platform, Using Virtual Points Without Blockchain

Q4 2016 Araw UK Ltd Company Headquartered in the London, UK

Q2 2017 Araw Mobile Apps Launched in the UK Apple Store & Google Playstore

Q3 2017 Improved Digital Loyalty & Marketing Solution Released Customer Insight Dashboard

Q4 2017 Deals and OŽers Implemented Paypal & Stripe Payment Gateways Integrated in Mobile Apps

Q1 2018 Araw Platform on the Ethereum Blockchain – MVP development


Q2 2018

*Araw Smart Contract & Liquidity Contract

*Platform Security Audit

*Whitelisting & Airdrop


Q3 2018

*The ARAW Token ICO Private & Public Sale

*E-commerce Marketplace

*Unified Reward System

*Peer-to-Peer Transfer


Q4 2018

*Araw Mobile Wallet

*Banking system integration

*Crypto Exchanges Integration


Q1 2019

*Open API Platform

*Araw Pay


Q3 & Q4 2019

*European Expansion

*Araw Card – Touch & Pay Mobile Solution


Q3 & Q4 2020 It’s just a beginning! The Araw Era has begunQ2 2019

*Release Araw Platform in the UK

*Araw Card Licensing Process


Q1 2020 USA Expansion

Q2 2020 Asia Expansion



Araw Team

Hasil gambar untuk araw TEAM



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