Araw – The Decentralised Payment for the E-Commerce Ecosystem

What is ARAW

this is a project which provide end-to-end solutions for E-Commerce Marketplace, Touch & Pay Cryptocurrency Card, Online Cryptocurrency Payment, and Unified Reward System powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.
By introducing the ARAW token, the core of the decentralised biological distribution community controlled by the Ethereum Blockchain, we would like to extend the blockchain choice for traditional people round the world. we area unit the foremost necessary organization within the uk whose mission is to consolidate the advantages of e-commerce and payment companies; provide end-to-end answers for E-commerce Marketplace, bit and Pay Cryptocurrency Card, on-line Cryptocurrency Payment and Unified Reward System on the Ethereum Blockchain, oil-fired by the ARAW token. the aim of the ARAW token is to be a part of everyone’s daily on-line and retail supply.


The customer app
this app is aimed at the daily customers of our vendors / vendors to enable companies to stay in touch with their customers and build a meaningful relationship with them. The advantages of using this application are:
Earn and redeem rewards from their favorite companies.
Discover incredible rewards from thousands of companies in the area.
From time to time one-off unbeatable deals from different retailers

The business app The company app is mainly used by our vendors / sellers to manage requests from the customer app. The main use cases for business app are;

Connect with customers for a lasting relationship.

Give customers more personal experiences – both in and out of the store – and double your earnings with returning customers.

Customers Insight Dashboard Customer insight dashboard gives our sellers / retailers detailed statistics about their regular / sleeping customer base. We provide detailed insight into customer statistics so that they can plan for their business objectives for the short and long term. In addition, retailers can understand customer behavior and communicate with them to bring them back to their business.


ARAW introduces the ARAW token that our customers would use for micro payments at petrol stations, coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and other outlets. This offers them the convenience of payments with ARAW token. That is why, due to the influence of Araw’s cryptocurrency, we impose an unlimited ecosystem in payments and loyalty.

The ARAW token is programmed to adopt the security guidelines and easy access to the ERC20. The ARAW tokens are required for all transactions on the ARAW token platform and represent the reward point for all participating customers or ARAW token holders. For every transaction that is made on the ARAW token platform, whether it concerns issuance, transfer or exchange, the initiator of the transaction pays a small fee for the use of the ARAW token smart contracts.

All transactions on the e-commerce marketplace are often dispensed with the ARAW token, that should be transferred via or in AN ERC20-compatible billfold. ARAW tokens act as medium of exchange for commerce on the platform. It are often wont to purchase merchandise or to create settlements. It will even as simply be wont to certify that a precise deal has been completed.


I think you will get an idea about this project.if you wish to get more information, you can visit website and read sure to join social media for get updates.

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