What is ARAW Token?

The ARAW token offers e-commerce and service-providing companies to standardise reward programmes as well as expose the regular people to the cryptocurrency economy. Their solution is completely transparent and strives to make cryptocurrency accessible to the regular people. From the customer perspective, there will be no habitual change. For example, one of their offerings include the Araw Touch & Pay card to be used in tandem with everyday micropayments.

The main purpose of the ARAW token is to build a decentralized Payment Ecosystem for E-Commerce to increase the adoption of Blockchain for ordinary people around the world. The ARAW token ecosystem offers an integrated reward system that can be provided by entities that provide any services.

The e-commerce industry is currently growing rapidly and global retail e-commerce sales are expected to reach $ 4.5 trillion in 2021. For most commercial businesses, cryptocurrency is the preferred transaction mode highlighted by the current stamp of hundreds of billions and expected to rise to trillions. According to research, most of the financial and banking industries are expected to move to the blockchain and therefore the rate of blockchain adoption in all industries will increase in the coming years.

ARAW Platform Purpose

ARAW’s vision is “To be at the forefront of global Blockchain User Adoption” by using intuitive and seamless integration of E-Commerce channels that are widely used with Decentralized Payments so that ordinary people around the world can benefit from cryptocurrency without the need to change shopping behavior or understanding the complexity of blockchain technology.

The Araw platform aims to target several channels to increase the adoption of blockchain technology. There are two main verticals to achieve their goals.

  • E-Commerce: The purpose of ARAW tokens to be a part of everyone’s day to day shopping without the need to change their shopping behavior. This can be achieved with a simple and easy to use e-commerce website that is transparently integrated with decentralized payments.
  • Decentralized Payments: The Araw platform will be a bridge between traders, consumers, cryptocurrency exchanges and Ethereum’s intelligent contracts that manage the liquidity of ARAW tokens.

Their marketing strategy to reach more customers and merchants:

  1. Referral / Tradeshows exposure.
  2. Rewards Time-to-time: This is our main goal where ordinary customers will get used to using the Araw e-commerce platform for their daily shopping and they get time-to-time rewards without having to do anything else.
  3. Encourage customers to use Araw Touch & Pay Cards.
  4. Believe in technology and create powerful solutions that attract leading traders to join the Araw platform.
  5. Mobile wallet integration where customers will be able to exchange ARAW tokens with other cryptocurrency such as ETH & BTC.
  6. Open Platform: Plug & Play e-commerce widget allows third party integration.



 Plug and Play Widget

Design and implement Araw Pay online widget which can be plug and play on any websites


Easily redeemable rewards and rapid cash in will encourage customers to use ARAW card for all their shopping needs.

 Ease of Use

Intuitive user interfaces making it feel like second nature thus user do not notice the advance technology that power purchases and rewards system.

 Merchant Adoption

Targeted and specialist resource dedicated to merchant on-boarding and support to ensure every client campaign is a success.


Specific campaign management assistance to help clients maximise adoption rates.

The Existing Araw Platform

The existing Araw platform, Araw UK Ltd. was founded in 2016. This platform has been implemented using virtual tokens without blockchain support. We provide our clients’ business with services such as:

  • Customer analysis: track their loyal customers, points and redemptions in real time.
  • Customer insight dashboard: connect directly to customer information and change that insight into more sales and customer loyalty.
  • Business brand loyalty card
  • Increase revenue with new and loyal customers: Engage and reward your customers.
  • Get to know your customers better and return them to your business: Differentiate between active customers and loyal customers, and send the right offer to the right customer.
  • Store marketing: we provide in-store marketing materials to promote digital loyalty programs among customers.

Benefits to Investors

ARAW is a utility based token aimed at disrupting the global E-Commerce and Payments industry. Here are many benefits that investors will get:

  1. Strong team of Technology geeks to develop advanced technology products.
  2. Experienced & Proficient e-commerce business development team.
  3. Platform that has been life for more than 2 years.
  4. The ARAW Platform MVP is live for testing.
  5. Team tokens are locked for 3 years so we are committed to providing what we have promised on the road map.
  6. The lowest price for buying ARAW tokens is during ico.
  7. ARAW tokens will be part of everyday customer spending.
  8. Use ARAW tokens to make purchases in the Araw e-commerce market.
  9. On-boarding merchants will buy ARAW Tokens from the early Investors.
  10. Since there are only a certain amount of ARAW token that can ever exist, Scarcity combined with a developed decentralized ecosystem will result in appreciation of ARAW token value.



Token Sale: 10 SEP – 09 NOV

Ticker – ARAW

Token type – ERC20

ICO token price – 1 ARAW = $0.01

Total tokens – 5,000,000,000

Available for token sale – 3,500,000,000 (70%)

Whitelist – YES (15 MAY – 30 JUNE )

Know Your Customer (KYC) – YES

Pre-sale start date – 1 JULY

Public sale start date – 10th September

Soft cap – 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap – 25,000,000 USD

Accepts – ETH

Contact us for pre-sale –


The ARAW team has a roadmap to realize their goals. They will develop and improve the ARAW Token Platform in accordance with the Roadmap.


Website –

YouTube –


ETH ADDRESS: 0x23a1cd7e56C6cbeA5103d66CfeC0A08B3e4ED8c9


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